Hi people! I’m Suet Mun and this is my first post on the blog.. Thanks to Santi for allowing me access to it. I’m a person who gets bored of things easily so sharing a blog is better than having my own one ( might risk abandoning it after a while if i did). *Gives Santi a BIG BEAR HUG*

It’s finally over! YAY! lol okay.. it’s not officially over yet.. there’s still Moral on Monday.. but.. WHO CARES?! Sighs .. stupid trials.. so tiring n stressful.. In a week alone so many pimples popped out T.T sobz.. okay maybe it wasn’t entirely stress, my lack of sleep made a huge contribution to it too. I’m predicting… well i sure hope i pass for my 3 science subs plus Add Maths which i officially suck at.. but I think i’ll fail :S..*pushes the thought away*

Anyway.. I skipped school today. Why? well.. ’cause there’s no tests today = no need to attend school. Instead, me , Kooi Chin, Kimberly (Birthday girl), Suet Wei (Merdeka baby) went to One Utama for shopping. It was really fun ^^. Swei tried to get me to buy an eyeliner.. I don’t do makeup..

1. I’m too lazy to bother – yes i want to look better.. cover up all my pimples n all but i’m just too lazy.

2. There’s a higher possibility of me looking like a ghost using it than some pretty girl who turns heads- like KC- LOL!

We managed to get Kim’s prezzie before she arrived. We bought her a nice clover necklace from Perlini’s Silver, as for Swei, we grabbed the top she tried on to the counter to pay before she could even get there. She was trying to get her RM50 note to the cashier XD but too late! We already took ours out and paid ^^v. I really should do that more often LMAO! Saves us a lot of time thinking of what to get for someone. (birthdays only)

We went hunting for books in MPH. Thanks KC for the belated Bday prezzie! Swei went crazy.. grabbing so many books then thinking how many she should actually get . She bought 3 out of the 5 she was considering lol! Reading is not a bad thing ^^. I bought 2 books and got an umbrella free. Kim bought 1 and KC bought 1 too. Then, we continued to hunt for clothes n stuff =p.

Lalala… Lazy to write already.. Dinner time.. lol see ya’ll. Whoever you are who’s reading this!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. snowbearbear
    Aug 31, 2007 @ 20:14:05

    T_T i want go shopping with my friends too! lol. No pics?


  2. sunnyrainbow
    Sep 01, 2007 @ 20:36:21

    J. Sm dun camwhore much u know.. =/ lol! and u r asking pics? lol.. go sways blog i think she got


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