Education in Malaysia

    I’m so bored of my life these days.. and apprently.. sleep deprived too. Every holiday I get, I’ll sleep a lot (even on those self-declared ones like today). The school syllabus is completed. Nothing much to do in school anyway, I don’t really see a point in going afterall. In this school, there’s a system or so the principal says that if we skip more than 10 days during our SPM year they won’t give us our forecast. Well what the heck? I’ve skipped more than 10 days already.. So I won’t be getting my forecast? Only way to find out is after SPM or so..

The biggest fault in the early days of Malaysia’s education system is that they made Bahasa Malaysia a compulsory subject to pass and get whatever certificate of education’s exam you’re taking that year. This most of the people only focus on BM which is our first language in the country and left English neglected. Soon after, they found that most of their grads can’t speak a word of proper english, much less understand it well when they went overseas. Yes, the bumis do have a much better chance at getting a scholarship than any other race in the country, and the qualifications needed to do so (for them) are much lower. Other races have to score well in exams ( straight A1s) and be active in Co-corricular activities (have a post or be an active member plus a large number of certs). I’m not saying that the bumis can’t score well, just that they’re entitled to a lot more than the government reveals. There are a lot more things that they have an advantage over which I am too lazy to mention here.

Up to the batch before mine, our Mathematics, Sciences were in Malay. They have finally realised their mistake a couple of years earlier and finally implemented English in those subjects during my batch. I was very happy to hear that those subjects were going to be in English for my batch. Thanking god that I didn’t jump a year after PTS. I would’ve had a huge problem switching from Mandarin to Malay for those subs if they hadn’t changed it. The standard for my year of PMR was relatively low. Too many people scored straight As, and yeah.. some bastards weren’t happy with that and were complaining that some people couldn’t have scored straights as they did badly during their exams in school n stuff. Lucky for us there was no remarking as for those kiasu people, GET A LIFE. Just because people don’t score as well during school exams doesn’t mean that they can’t study and score in exams. It’s just that they’re a tad lazy and only get serious during the real thing. And yeah they were VERY lenient that year, if you don’t count the people who are in the city, have good teachers, attend fairly good schools and have a good grasp of the English language, the rest of Malaysia did pretty badly. The amount of As that year just speaks volumes about how our batch did in the other less developed states.

They will do anything to make their plan succeed which meant pulling down the passing mark n setting the marks for an A. They will gather the results and plot a graph with it, from there they decide at which point of the curve is the passing mark, and the rest of the grades up to the As. The year after ours didn’t have it that good, there was a large decrease in the As that year. Apparently it involved a lot of bumis getting straights and a lot less of the other races getting straights. Things like that are hard to miss, but I don’t have to point out what it actually means. And I for one am not a racist person, I’m just stating the facts. Life ain’t fair, anyone alive could figure that out at any point of their lives.

The drawbacks of that plan was that, the people in the rural areas weren’t coping too well with English. There are those people who are well educated in the cities and also those in the rural areas who can’t even cope with BM but now have to cope with English. They are yet again thinking about changing it back to BM. Now, how in the world is that supposed to help? Don’t they know how to think longterm? To change everything back to BM again, when will our country ever advance more than our current state? (which is going nowhere if you ask me, with politicians making a big fuss over car dealers not selling posh cars to them and backstabbing one another in the newspaper, making false claims.. then there’s that Mongolian murder case) To think that the people we entrusted to rule and stabilise our country aren’t making too much progress now, how are we to advance further when even the education system is failing?

There was a student who scored 12 staight As and aquired a scholarship to one of the most prestigeous universities in the UK but failed miserably in the entrance exam. That i’m afraid they were to embarassed to publish a big article in the newspapers. Our Education system is too Exam orientated. It doesn’t help that there are also some incompetent teachers who can’t teach for nuts. I’m not talking about all, there are some excellent teachers I’ve known but there are also those who can turn an interesting subject into a total bore which takes away our interest in it. We have 4 exams a year, two monthly, one mid year and one finals. A lot of the straight A scorers count on memorization, my dad was once flipping through candidates who they’ve accepted for an interview. He was looking through for some sports achievements and stuff, when I asked him why, he told me that there were many grads these days who could only answer questions from a book, when you ask them something that’s not in the books they just stone there.

We really should thank Malaysia for their state of the art education system. I’m even more devastated thankful that amongst our compulsory subjects, there’s Moral and History. Morale in their opinion is to make sure that those non-bumis don’t turn out to be criminals because they aren’t educated to have certain principles on whats wrong and whats right, also they should go out and do some community service or charity work which will in turn help them to become better people. They also educate them to write goodie essays and memorize all the “nilai murni”s in the book which will make them better people, more polite, courteous and more united. To me, thats a big load of horse shit, they just wanna give us one more subject so we have the same amount of subjects as the bumis who have their religion as a compulsory subject. I don’t really mind doing community service and charity work willingly but making us do it AND writing horseshit reports about how thankful we are and how much we’ve realised we’re taking for granted in the world after doing it is just a waste of time. Seriously, is that supposed to help us? Any student in Malaysia will unwillingly memorize the blardy book of “nilais” and take the exams so it won’t look bad on their SPM cert.History can be interesting sometimes but frankly, I’m not one for it. Which clearly explains why I only get a PASS for it every exam.

I think I’ve done enough insulting stating the facts about our faulty education system. It’s just my point of view of it, just so you know, I didn’t force you to read this long long post I’ve written today =p. Come n flame n state your views and of course, no spamming please.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. snowbearbear
    Sep 16, 2007 @ 20:24:46

    Lol. I read it all and I totally agree with u! =/ Oh well~ Life’s really unfair =(.


  2. slvr
    Sep 17, 2007 @ 19:56:38

    Wad to do? we cant do anything to change it .. so time if the edu system is still like this.. and u have enough money.. make sure u send ur kids elsewhere


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