this blog is kinda dead no?

It’s been quite a while since our last post.. santi’s been busy with lots of stuff. e.g. her club activities, assignments, T-shirt design, exams and the like. She’s been working hard mostly on adventure club stuff. And you know what? people don’t appreciate it! That’s what.

I know u spent a whole lot of time working with the mouse and photoshop to draw the characters and the backpacks. God knows how long u spent drawing each and every one of that. What you got in return was that SOME people said it was ugly. In my opinion it was cute and if they had any complains about it they should go ahead and design their own. If they can’t do that they should just piss off since they’re not considerate enough to think about how much time you spent designing it for them.

Okay, with that settled.. I think i’m gonna stop ranting after this particular one which is gonna go on all year long (cos sum1 came back from down under and is annoying the hell out of everyone in the house, particularly me). Now seriously what 24 year-old to be (male) takes his sister’s hair pins and puts them on his dirty and smelly hair just for kicks? Hugs people’s pillows then throws them around. Sleeps in/messes up everyone’s beds after the maid just made them when you haven’t even taken a bath and u smell real nice . Plus, sprays ur smelly cologne on them. Did I mention it stinks? Men have bad taste in cologne.. I could state another good example who had me choking in the car when I sat next to him.

Hmmmz.. Santi and KC bumped into each other in Genting last week. According to KC .. they both couldnt recognise each other but thought they looked familiar. After standing there and staring at each other for a while did they ask each other “Are you KC?” “Are you Santi?” =p U LEFT ME OUT!! HOW COULD U ?? T.T wuu wuu wuu!! Bring me along would ya? next time? lolz

To end this post..

there is one word I could use to describe my Raya Holidays..

aannnnd that word is..








3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jyun Narn
    Nov 30, 2007 @ 09:55:31

    yes, i know. It’s actually the end of november now and yet i’m writing a response for an october post….probably too late but heck…not my problem.

    anyway, no, this post isn’t dead…yet *cough*. Kidding. You know what I think? I think of this blog as a pet. You have to:

    1) take care of it
    2) feed it (with your post)
    3) let other people have a look at it

    in my opinion, yup, pretty much like a pet. Wait, i forgot what i was talking about…..silly me.

    Anyway, post more please since it’s holiday now. I’m dying of boredom at home. You can practically see my rotting flesh everywhere on the floor. Have to vacuum everyday….*sigh*

    Last thing, even though you think this blog/pet is dying, just know that someone out there is always stopping by once in a while to check up on things. *hint hint*…i’m talking about the person writing this response right now. Muahahahaha.

    Starting to miss Addmaths tuition now. No Tian Sia, no you, no Kooi Chin, no Mr Chew, no….the other guy. Sad, isn’t it?

    yeah yeah, my response damn long but so what? It’s interesting. Isn’t it? I bet you’re gonna tell everyone how long this is. I bet 10 cents!!


  2. slvr
    Dec 11, 2007 @ 11:46:15

    thanks for replying to this post =p
    Maybe I’ll start blogging more frequently now..
    but college is starting in January..
    not much of a holiday for me =p


  3. sunnyrainbow
    Dec 13, 2007 @ 14:28:03



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