7th December 2007

To make this blog not so dead, I’ve decided to end my lazy streak and post something..

Well, on Friday the 7th I woke up early around 8 something.. yeah thats early for me =p. I can sleep till noon if my mom would let me.. we went to Taylors to register and stuff. First we went for the Pre-U studies talk.. they had representatives from each program, SAM, ICPU and A-Levels to go up and talk. The people were definitely very different, The SAM grad spoke with an accent and read his speech from a piece of paper like a machine gun.. well, literally.. The ICPU guy was entertaining, dissing the SAM and A-Ls ppl and praising the Canadians =p he was the only one who could pull off a speech without refering to the paper (or what i thought he was holding it was small tho) the A-Ls gal was apparently from bangsar , also spoke with an accent.. but wasnt entirely entertaining.. At least they all spoke better than the man who was conducting the talk.

We walked into the lecture theater 1 when they were starting to talk about SAM , not long later, Lynn Shane and Yi Lei sat a row below us.. and didnt notice us for until the talk was almost over.. Even though I sent her an SMS saying ” I See You” she still didnt spot me.. Instead turned to the wrong side lol.. When it was almost over, we spotted Ju-Laine, her bro, her mom , Pauline and her parents. Then we went to listen for a while to the accounting talk. We left early cause we had to pick my dad up at the airport but then found out that the counselling session was at 1pm.. so we went over to Little Taiwan to eat. The food there wasn’t too appetizing I must say.. maybe I’m just too picky =)

Forwards to registration for SAM –>

After deciding to take Psychology instead of IT studies (the man adviced me to take it cause he’s afraid that I wouldnt be interested in computing =.=”) we went to pay and register. There was a sibling discount of RM 500 + early bird discount of RM 200, so thats RM700 less for us to pay. Then we headed off to the student centre to take picture for my student ID card and collect the college starter pack.. ( A Taylors T-shirt and bag)

So then we went into this shop opposite Taylors and ordered drinks to wait for the driver to come n pick us up… the drinks never came =.=.. make drinks also so bloody long! do what business lar yorr! So we went b4 the drinks came.. Obviously the man who was working there didn’t look too happy when my mom told him that our car was here and we’re leaving..

So then we, I rested till about 5.30 then I drove to subang for the 3 Damai class reunion. That journey was one hell of a journey which i never want to repeat. I was depressed cause of it, the screaming and all.. I don’t know how to stand it .. Maybe I really shouldn’t drive at all and I NEVER want to be in a car with my mom when i’m driving EVER AGAIN. She just starts screaming at everything, she makes me feel tense the more she screams. I dont even feel like driving anymore thanks to her. I might as well take the bus to Taylors every morning =.=lll Bro if ur reading this you better shut ur mouth!

The party made me feel better, it’s been a while since I’ve seen them. We had steamboat at Jing Jing’s house =p. Many who said they were coming didn’t turn up and there was just so much food. Only Tze Herng, Haur, Chee Shan, Ju-Laine, Kah En, Wen Dee, Jia Yi, Jin Hong, Bryan and Tse Shyuan turned up. We tried our best to finish the food and all Tse Shyuan even agreed to go over again to help finish the food the next day. So we ate and joked, took pictures, played uno, watched tv, Jing Jing did my nails for me and Kah En but didn’t manage to finish the job cos it was time to go home. Tse Shyuan took the glitter nail varnish to try and help paint Ju-Laine’s nails lol! of course he did a horrible job..

The photos are in my facebook photo album, if anyone is interested to take a look =p



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