My Chemical Romance Live In KL Stadium Merdeka 9th December 2007

IT’s a DOUBLE POST AGAIN! =p Santi u better post something after ur exams are over.. So I’ll refrain from posting here =p Meanwhile, I might as well create a section in this blog to promote PARAMORE! =D

Woke up pretty early again in the morning to go to Taylors again to submit my proof for the sibling discount and my photograph but bro was still asleep when I was done getting ready =.='” So we went around 11 submitted the thing then went home.. had a few detours to drive past car showrooms. (He failed to find a Honda car showroom)

Around 4.30 I started to get ready for the concert cause KC said she was coming to pick me up around 5. Then, her dad asked her to ask me for a few small plastic bags to keep our handphones in case we got wet. So he dropped us off at Stadium Merdeka’s entrance and all.. it was drizzling that time.. so we went to get an umbrella from his car. We as in me, KC and her 2 brothers. Her second brother was really excited so he went to check out the gates and all for us =p, pretty useful I must say ^^

MCR Ticket Red Zone

We reached there around 5.30.. got to the right gate around 5.45 or so I think.. Then stood around till it was 6.10 and then we found out that the line wasn’t where we were standing. We were reluctant to get in line cause it was so damned long, then later we finally convinced her bro and ourselves that if we don’t get in line we might not get in at all. So we went all the way to the place where we thought was the END of the line.. But there were still so many ppl who just came late, so we weren’t one of the last to get in line after all. Then the people behind us were talking saying that the red zone fits around 5000 people and we were shocked. I’m glad I picked the red zone to go to . It was definitely worth the money =p.

When the line finally started to move.. Guess who I saw? Santi’s panda cuz.. Mr. Loo-ugly dyed mohawk haired-Wen Harn who didn’t see me when I called out to him. He did look but didn’t see =p. I think he needs new specs so I sent him a message calling him an Ass for ignoring me lol! We were still In line when One Buck Short was playing. We missed their whole gig standing outside in line. Then, there was this thick skinned ang moh who came and cut in, we saw him so we asked KC’s bro to go closer to the front as we hoped he would cut in behind us. And he did cut in behind us, so the people behind us went ” hey the line’s way back there, go get in line!” and he had this I don’t give a fuck attitude so somehow they got in front of him and were behind us again.

Finally the sky was getting dark and we finally passed the check point having to leave the umbrella behind us ( which we dumped on the ground with the other umbrellas there). We didn’t bring any cameras though, better to enjoy than struggle to get a good recording of the concert =p. We went to stand at the center of the red zone directly in front of the mic =p best view for us, even better if I was taller :S. Pop Shuvit was up when we got in. Then we bumped into Angeline May with the form 3 caucasian kid who got kicked out of SMKSH for negative merit marks and bringin porn and condoms to school. Damn he was so tall I wished he’d give me some of his height, it would be great.

We waited… should I say DAMNED LONG for MCR to come on stage? =p Their performance was awesome!! The staff was checking everything first before they came on stage. That took damned long and the crowd was getting impatient. They would whoop and make noise whenever the lights were being tested or it looked like the band members were finally coming on stage . There was this group of ang moh chicks who brought a sign and they raised it when they thought MCR was gonna come on. But this guy behind shouted ” Oy you bitches at the front! Put the fuckin sign down! People are trying to see here at the back!” the crowd agreed and shouted ” YEAHH!!” when the chicks sorta ignored it the man started again ” You put the fuckin sign down or I’m coming to beat you up! ” Then he started counting 5,4,3,2,1. They quickly put the sign down and the man who was trying to get to the front to beat them up saw then shouted again ” YEAH! YOU LISTEN TO ME!!”

It was funny =p Some entertainment while waiting for MCR to get on stage and rock the stadium.. When it was darker I spotted Mr.Panda again then pointed him out to KC. Who later spotted him jumping so darned high when MCR was rocking that she pointed at him everytime he got crazy =p. The first thing you spot when he jumps is his hair =.='”. I wonder how he managed to keep his specs on while jumping and shaking his head so much. MCR played most of the songs from the black parade album and a couple of songs from their earlier albums which I didn’t know. The crowd sang the loudest when they played the black parade =p. Gerrard let us sing it and we were actually in tune for such a large crowd ..

At one point he pointed the mic at us to sing cos I think his hair got into his mouth and he had a hard time getting it out =p. He also said “Kuala Lumpur, this humidity is messing up my hair.. but what are bands doing if they don’t sweat? would you like watching bands who don’t sweat? what are they doing? are they hanging out? did you come to hang out?!” the crowd replied with a “NO!!” =p He’s great at keeping the atmosphere up . My RM323 wasn’t wasted at all =p It was worth it! We got to see the guitarist do a solo for about 2 minutes too. I loved it when he shouted ” the whole city’s behind us!”.

They played famous last words last, which is my favourite song on the album =D. The crowd went hyper when they played it .. Of course everybody wanted more after that but it was time to go home.. sadly.. =p getting wet was great cause there were a whole lot of nut cases smoking. There we are in a hot and humid place with 5000 people crammed in the red zone alone and you smoke. Doesnt that make it even “better” ? Then there were 3 crazy people dancing/jumping and crashing into everybody around them when Gerrard asked us to jump. As if they weren’t bad enough.. It was so disgusting that the guy just picked up a bottle he spotted on the ground which my guess is that it was stepped on by numerous other people and drank from it.. then he dropped it and picked it up again and drank from it, passed it to his gf and friend to drink too.. eugh!!

My first rock concert was the best ever! =D


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