Prom aftermath..

Prom.. the event almost every highschool senior looks forward to in their last year of highschool .. is.. well

I’ll just be frank and tell you mine was SHIET! In a typical setting which we overpaid for to have it in J.W Marriott .. Imagine a stage in front with all the equipment, stereo , speakers, drums and other instruments the like.. plus a DJ and a couple of local bands to make some noise. Then you have the dance floor.. after it is around 2 dozen tables which can fit about 10 people each..Flashy lights and two hosts for the night trying ( note the word TRYING) to create a more suitable and lively atmosphere at the event.

While we were waiting to get inside, waiting was not an issue.. The people who were waiting were the issue. Those smokers who can’t just kick the habit that they have to smoke in an air conditioned area and at a very expensive venue to organize a school prom. I can just say that I felt like pouring water over their heads regardless of how nice they looked and dressed up. They might not treasure their lives but I’m sure that others do. If you dont think about yourselves then think about other people who you subject to second hand smoking. I give you credit for not smoking in the ballroom though.

The food they served was definitely shiet.. Hotel food is hardly edible.. The caterers must have thought. What the heck! Its a bloody teenager event, lets give them shiet food! they won’t even notice. Well SHAME ON YOU IF THAT WERE THE CASE. The local bands were pretty sucky too, and of course except OAG who were great =p. The DJ was great though. He knew what songs were good and did the mixing pretty well. The crowd enjoyed it and danced the night away, yet again me excluded cause I had two things to worry about. One, my shoes were killing me, walking was a pain dont even think about dancing. Two, my dress was threatening to drop every movement I made, unless i wanted to embarass myself in public I could have went dancing.

I enjoyed taking photos of the people I know there rather than taking photos of myself. Out of the 78 photos I took that night, less than 10 had me in it. I shall forward to 1 something in the wee hours when I arrived home and gave my bro a buzz to open the damn door for me. That ass was making snoring noises and stalling, not knowing that KC’s parents were waiting outside for me to get in. Apparently, my parents told him that my date for prom came to pick me up, his mom even came in to take photos of us. AND he bought it completely, my dad told him that my date had buck teeth LOL!

I had to get my bro to help me undo the pins in my hair for me =p. Took him quite sometime to get them out of my head though. He complained about me straightening my hair then curling it. Well thanks for getting the pins out of my hair for me. Okay I’m getting lazy.. So I’ll end it here =p


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  1. Sweater wei
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 18:44:46

    your post had left me in stitches by the time i was done reading it. Your brother’s sad la. ahaha. you parent rocks for actually understanding what the whole deal about prom was. mine didn’t even bother and had complained that i wasted my money (which was quite true actually) :P. and eh, glad u loved the songs from the dj. we shall go dancing one day again. 😀 yeap, I AM GOING TO DRAG YOU OUT WITH ME NO MATTER WHAT. and KC too. 😀



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