I got tagged by Jasmin =p almost forgot about it..

Part 1 : on THE outside

Name : Chan Suet Mun

Date of birth : 28.06.1990

Current Status : Single and loving it!

Eye colour : dark brown

Hair colour : Black but slightly brown under the sun due to straightening

zodiac sign : Cancer

Part 2 : on THE inside

Heritage :Chines ,Cantonese

Your Fear : a bit of heights, teacher’s voices, ghosts maybe

Youe Weakness : Procrastination, manga, anime, high quality japanese food

Your perfect pizza : Crispy thin crust, pineapples, cheese, chicken and excellent sauce! + some spice

Part 3 : yesterday ,today and tommorrow

your thoughts first waking up : Yesterday, (I wanna sleep more T.T), Today, (What time is it?), Tomorrow ( Well now if I knew I would be running a business by now ;p)

your bedtime : yesterday [4am], today [3am], tomorrow [3am]

your most missed memory : Being with Ju-Laine

Part 4: your pick

pepsi or coke : coke

Mcd’s or burger king : Burger King !

Adidas or Nike : Nike

Lipton tea or Nestea : Nestea

Chocolate or Vanila : Mint Chocolate =p

cappucino or coffee : Cappucino [no foam]

Part 5: Do you

Smoke : I don’t wanna die young!

Curse : All the time and mostly when I’m pissed

Drink : I can’t stand the smell along with the headache it gives me

Part 6 :THE past month

drank alcohol : None

Eaten sushi : Xenri, well it wasn’t exactly sushi.. It was even better!

Dyed your hair : Never, mom won’t allow it

PArt 7: Have you ever

played a stripping game : Nope.. What you want me to streak? Hell NO!

change who you were to fit in: Nope.. I am who I am, your opinion doesnt matter.

Part 8: Age

You’re hoping to be married : Not anytime soon =p

Part 9:In a guy

Best eye colour : Any colour.. Angels eyes would be great but then he’d be a white.. hmm

hair colour : Doesn’t really matter as long as its not green, blue, purple or a mix of everything

short or long hair : Short hair

PArt 10 : What were you doing

One minute ago : downloading raw mangas

One hour ago : reading manga

one mouth ago: SPM

one year ago : I was in Shanghai on holiday with my family

Part 11: finish The sentences

i love : My family, friends and Hunter

i feel : dehydrated

i miss: my seafield friends

i need : sleep, water, more vitamin C and music

If you read this.. Tag you’re IT!!


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