7th of March 2008

When I woke up today, I was sleepy as usual but didnt sleep back like the last 2 days which I did that made me late. My alarm rings around 5.50am, so I turn it off and sometimes end up sleeping for another half hour before waking up again. Having a slight headache as I type right now.. so please excuse my grammar mistakes n stuff. As I was saying… I got up.. pulled on my cargo pants from ESPRIT, the one with the many many pockets cause I was planning to go to 1Utama today. I can fit my purse, handphone, housekeys, car keys, Ipod and the like in there. It was another boring day in college, I was rather sleepy, spent last night finishing up my accounting homework n stuff till I totally forgot about my moral common test today. When I saw Ju Laine reading only then I remembered that I forgot to study it, screw moral la =.=” so many ppl were referring and copying in LT2 anyway.

My lecturers seem to have all chosen this date to show us our marks. AHHH! I did badly for IT. I screwed my skill task man, so many things i forgot to do. Ju Laine almost got an A though. Today marks the day before I start my long awaited one week break. The week I get to catch up on sleep, relax at home, dont need to climb up 4 flights of stairs multiple times a day, get to release stress. Unfortunately, I have 4 projects (IT, Econs, 2 Moral) to catch up on, maths to finish, accounts to read up on and etc. In SAM you never get a holiday which is a real holiday. Apparently the TER to get into Melbourne U is 95, which is scary. I wonder if I’m qualified :S.

We (Baezil, Chiew Vien, Julaine and mua) went to Secret Recipe for lunch. Baezil produces salivary enzymes at a high rate, so when he speaks, he tends to spill some of it around. LOL.. He was Disco King for SAM Fiesta Night =p. This girl was dragging him to dance with her and all, someone has a crush on you dude =p Don’t try to deny it, she’s making moves on you and you know it! XD Ahh.. Sorry! Got sidetracked again… As I was saying, we went to Secret Recipe for lunch, and we were joking around n stuff as usual, Chiew Vien was suffering from muscle aches so we made him go along with her to buy her muscle ache cream.

Forward to 3pm ++, they were all there waiting for me.. Then we took some time deciding whether to go to 1Utama or Pyramid. In the end we decided to go to pyramid cos Chiew Vien & How Ming didn’t have transport home if we were to go to 1Utama. To have Chiev Vien in the car makes the journey fun and interesting, she can come up with almost everything that you will never come up with and crack up everybody in the car. I wonder what the guys (B & JN) were talking about in the car… We went hunting, then went for archery which will cause the pain I have yet to feel sometime tomorrow or so. Baezil had to leave after archery and he took JN along with him =p. They missed something very interesting though.

I was wondering what KC n Sam n Sherry were waiting for, so I asked her and she told me that Sam said when that girl bends down you will see her black THONG. Yes there were this couple, guy in normal T shirt, jeans.. the girl.. in a black vest, white shorts and this white frilly blouse. Surprisingly you couldn’t see her thong through her white shorts. So when you are preparing the arrow to shoot, sometimes it will drop. And a few moments after KC told me that we could see her thong if she bends down, she really did bend down, and a thong we saw. The 3 of us started laughing, too bad Chiew Vien missed it. Usually when people wear thongs and bend down, you’ll only get to see the strings or so but we got full view of half the back part of her thong and almost her butt. So thank god we didn’t get full view of her butt.

After that we just went walking around aimlessly, so we decided to go eat cos KC was hungry. Decided to go to TGIFriday’s for dinner. Shockingly, I saw a rat run past KC and Chiew Vien. I only pointed and said that I saw a rat and they were both alarmed. LOL. Then, I told the person I saw a rat. Kc was eating at the time, things got abit messy n stuff. Oh well.. The food came.. you guys reading this are probably puking by now just let me add one more bit. I finished my food after relocating to another table. They really need to find another pest control company for services, their previous one obviously didn’t do shit. Oh yes, Chiew Vien had alcohol/oreo for dinner, she refused to eat lol.

After that we went to look at clothes cos How Ming wasn’t answering her calls and we couldn’t go home without confirming with her whether or not she needed a ride home. So we went to Asian Avenue, KC bought a pair of black shorts. We found nothing interesting in Billabong. She finally answered the call when we were in Quiksilver. She went Ice Skating and somebody skated over her fingers and they were treating her fingers for her. She still intended to go back in and skate after that happened. I feel the pain just thinking about it, we thought she was joking. Then we went to take a look at the Ice Skating Ring to see if there was any blood. Well, there wasnt any .. So I think and hope that it wasn’t that serious a case.

Anyway after that we finally headed home. I sent the cheeky chiew vien home and she was commenting on my driving and all @.@. Okay I’m a P driver lol. Can’t I drive like one? =p Thanks for the fun day and all even though I know you won’t be reading this .. nights.. I guess my long posts are back lolz.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. baezil
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 07:01:39

    u saw a thong!?!?!?!?
    witout me?!?!?!?! XS


  2. slvr
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 22:22:18

    yes we saw a thong without u LOL too bad u n JN missed it.. It wasn’t very nice to u though.. the girl wasn’t hot =p


  3. Sweater wei
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 22:39:39

    baezil baezil. don’t be jealous. LOL. mun, good one on that thong part! cracked me up till i almost had my seizures again.

    btw, someone should sue Sunaway’s TGIF for NOT clearing the rats off.


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