Lack of sleep contributes to…

My stress levels have been rather high lately.

I’ve noticed a few things that really tick me off, and really easily mind you…

1. The clanking noise of my room door handle (repeatedly cause some asshole doesn’t know how annoying it is, maybe he does but does it just to annoy the shit out of me)

2. The continuous ringing of my house phone, particularly my unit cos it’s chordless and I have 5 of them in the house.

3. People who just don’t know when to stop asking questions. ( they’re really annoying, when u try to help them and they dun really care what ur telling them when they ask you things, its like what they say in cantonese, “ask also a lot of fish”)

4. Incompetent group members. (If I were to start commenting on this one I wouldn’t stop till the next morning)

Well, I guess 4 is enough for now. I’m deprived of sleep, I have eyebags and very dark eye rings and my stomach feels funny. Lastly, my bloody annoying aunt isn’t satisfied visiting me once this month that she just had to come and stay for another week with some lame excuse. Urgh! SOOOO ANNOYING!


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