Hanging By A Moment


Listening to Lifehouse – Hanging by a Moment

“desperate for changing
starving for truth
closer to where I started
chasing after you

I’m falling even more in love with you
letting go of all I’ve held onto
I’m standing here until you make me move
I’m hanging by a moment here with you

forgetting all I’m lacking
completely incomplete
I’ll take your invitation
you take all of me now

I’m living for the only thing I know
I’m running and not quite sure where to go
and I don’t know what I’m diving into
just hanging by a moment here with you

there’s nothing else to lose
there’s nothing else to find
there’s nothing in the world
that could change my mind
there is nothing else”

Even though the song is pretty old (it’s roughly 8 years old =p), it’s still one of my favourites. Gonna be listening to their songs till I finish this post I guess =p. Got 3 albums to go through…

27th of June 2008

It was a day just like any other day but it was filled with fun moments because I was hanging out with my friends and having TONS of fun =) . I was kinda wiped out in the morning for some reason which I don’t know myself. I was so blur during math studies that I couldn’t catch the numbers my teacher was reading out for us ( we had to copy down some questions -I seemed to only catch the words but not the numbers). Maybe it was because I lacked oxygen =P.

I really shouldn’t be wearing any tank tops or low cut clothes.. My ribs are showing!! Sigh, I’ve been trying to gain weight because I’ve lost so much that I can fit into my cargo pants I bought from Romp which were so tight that my thighs looked like they were going to burst out of it a while ago. But now they fit just right, a plus of losing so much weight ( how much I don’t know.. maybe I don’t wanna know even.. Thank God my mom’s weighing machine broke n she threw it out ).

I was feeling pretty sick just a few days ago, my mom took me to the chinese sinseh ( traditional chinese doctor -for those of you who don’t know ) instead of a modern clinic. The sinseh said that I needed to sleep earlier and drink more water, my condition was because I seriously lacked sleep and my body was very heaty. I was burning up not because I was having a fever but because I lacked sleep. So, I have to abstain from cold drinks , anything spicy and oily. You can pretty much guess how my diet is right now =p. By the way, the medicine he gives can either be liquid, powder or capsules. I got the powder which is grinded herbs and YES it tastes damned NICE.

Did I mention that the medicine has some “cleansing” effect? He gave me a small hint not big enough for me to expect what I was in for… The following day which I took the medicine, I went to college as usual but my trips to the toilet were highly unusual. I went to the toilet almost every single period as I drank 3 bottles of water that day as opposed to my normal 1bottle a day routine and had a stomachache because of the “cleansing” effect. It made me miss my dear classmate’s ESL tutorial about reality shows… While everybody was enjoying it, I was suffering in the toilet T.T.



Anyway, I’ll forward to the part where class was over and it was 3pm. I was released from class and walked with Ju Laine to the main gate where we parted =p. Then, I spotted Mr Yam-aka grandpa , tree- sitting on one of the benches so I went ahead and sat next to him. He told me that he didn’t feel like going to Pyramid with us anymore because he was worried about the Accounting MYOB test the next day. Then, I spotted KC and screamed to her that he didn’t wanna go with us that day. So, she tried to convince him to go and I spotted Baezil -aka Saggy-B- who was walking with Lyndy (I hope I spelled her name right >.<).We ALL tried convincing him to go… He finally agreed to go because he had no transport home HOORAY for us =P.

Lyndy & Baezil

Lyndy & Baezil

Off we drove to Pyramid, leaving poor Skyy in SS15 cos we forgot that we were supposed to show him how to get there >.< Sorry about that Skyy! Baezil & I found parking at the highest level and we parked directly opposite each other. Just as we were walking towards the entrance, Jasmin called to ask where we were -talk about good timing =D – so we went to meet Ellen n her at Asian Avenue. They were trying on vests and stuff. Baezil went to get Skyy and told Jyun Narn & me to find them first.

Ellen n Jasmin n Baezil got me a T-shirt that says ” MEN ALWAYS SAY THE DUMBEST THINGS” . That’s so true doncha think?? I can hear the guys protesting right now LOL like Skyy who protested ” I DISAGREE!!” when I showed him the T-shirt XD. While Jasmin was deciding on the garment she wanted to buy, Jyun Narn stood around looking so bored so I told him to go walk around first. Poor him… must’ve been cruelly boring to have him there worrying about his test tmr yet not being able to go home unless we’re done with the day =p. Oh well, being girls, we took quite some time to decide… annndddddddd she bought it !

Jasmin posing

Super cute Jasmin

Jasmin & Me

We were starving so we went to some pancake shop to have blueberry pancakes. It wasn’t too bad =p Jasmin & me shared the pancakes while we forced Jyun Narn to go with Ellen to buy her bread. They didn’t shoo her out even though she brought outside food in. They helped me hunt for KC’s present and we headed off to Redbox after that. I’m glad I bought her something she needed =p.

Jasmin looking through the menu

Jasmin deciding what to order

Ellen enjoying her bread

Ellen enjoying her breadJyun Narn with the huge smile

This is what Jyun Narn did when I told him to smile

The butter I didn\'t touch

The Butter -came with the pancakes- which I didn’t touch

I decided to make a smiley out of it.. which got me the remark “didn’t your mother tell you not to play with food??”

We had a blast at Redbox!! I couldn’t hit any high notes that day because I was having a sore throat and there was only cold drinks there.. which didn’t really help my condition. So, I sang mostly with an awfully droning voice =p Ellen was great as usual, Baezil was high and entertaining , Jasmin hit the high notes that day singing Good-bye Days by Yui with Baezil n me *applause* and isn’t that shy to sing anymore , KC sang a few songs which I didn’t know how to sing with Baezil =p, Skyy & Jyun Narn were singing Linkin Park songs with Baezil (they coughed at one point due to overuse of their vocal chords by shouting ), they also sang Superman by Five for Fighting. Not to mention , the last time the guys had a Hilary Duff encore, this time it was a Kelly Clarkson encore lol. I have a video of them singing “Behind These Hazel Eyes” which Baezil got high but was emo in the end cos we gave him the thumbs down lol. They’d probably kill me if I put it up on youtube.

KC singing

KC singing , she hardly sang throughout the karaoke sessions =p

Baezil , Sky & Jyun Narn

Baezil( I wonder what he’s pointing at LOL) , Skyy & Jyun Narn (looking pretty bored)Me smiling like an idiot

Me smiling like an idiotEllen & Baezil

Ellen & Baezil posing =p

Jasmin, Ellen & me had fun singing the sound effects when Baezil n KC were singing Barbie Girl =p. We missed one part though lol. It doesn’t sound the same without it lol!

Ellen choking Baezil

Ellen Choking Baezil for singing horribly XD


We had to leave early because we were making 2 people wait for us to have dinner. So we left Redbox before our time was up & headed to Italiannies for dinner. The 2 people waiting for us were Aiman & Ellen’s bf . Unfortunately, they already ate when we got there 😦  and there were no tables which could fit all of us… So we got a table outside the restaurant. Luckily for us it wasn’t raining that night.


This is Aiman =p

Kc & Aiman chatting away

KC & Ellen shared Cabonara while I and Jasmin shared Shrimp pasta & Mushroom soup – I finished most of it-. KC saw my mushroom soup & ordered one for herself LOL. Skyy ordered Pizza while Jyun Narn ordered some Steak. I don’t remember what Baezil got but I think he shared the pizza with Skyy. I forgot to take pictures of the food T.T aihz…. It tasted delicious as usual =p

Baezil Posing

Saggy-B in da house yo! Poser la he

Jasmin & Ellen

Ellen & Jasmin =p

Jyun Narn & Skyy

Jyun Narn & Skyy & Baezil

Baezil & KC

Baezil’s being gay again =p Aiman was supposed to be in the picture too but I couldn’t fit her in from my angle I’m such a lousy photographer!

We took a long time to actually leave the restaurant once we were done because we were practically standing around & chatting… Did I mention that I got squashed by Baezil & Skyy?? Baezil was strangling Skyy & then they looked at me n started walking my way =.=” ANYONE could see that they’re obviously up to something with the mischievous looks on their faces! They pulled a london bridge on me =.=”” which is their so called tradition…

Ellen started the joke on them asking me if I smelled the BO so I played along.. then Skyy went.. ” I put on deodorant today. So it’s not me.” Then, Baezil was like ” I put deodorant before I came here too…”. And he asked me.. “was it me? U smelled BO just now?” & then I said ” I didn’t smell anything la” & Ellen piped in ” We were just joking!” LOL. That sent Baezil choking her.

Then, I had to send Jasmin home… We drove all the way to Puchong.. I still cant remember the road way there lol.. only parts of it @@”. The way home was worse.. Baezil was relying on his GPS & he did some abrupt turns n stuff lol I couldn’t remember the way back because I was mainly focusing on his car.. Didn’t take time to notice the way we were going.. Lousy me @@. But he led me back to the USJ area which I was familiar with so I knew the way home after that. Thanks for leading us back there Baezil!!.

I need to apologize to several people whom I’ve inconvenienced because we got home late, KC & Baezil >.< I’m sorry I got you guys into trouble… Thanks for the day =) We had TONS of fun ^^


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. snowbearbear
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 21:39:30

    =) Thanks for sending me back again…
    You better take care of ur health ok? Eat more healthy food and have a balance diet also. Don’t always eat bread only.
    See you tomorrow ^^.

    ps I’m not super cute lol.


  2. Sweater wei
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 01:09:04

    YOU… possessing a pair of pants which make your thighs look like over wrapped dumplings…? WHAT KIND OF CLOTHES THEY MAKE THESE DAYS? Mun, next time I see you, I’m making sure you gain at least 20% more weight. It’s unfair. How can you manage to lose weight so much while I’m just the opposite?! lol.

    Anyway, I read everything. 🙂 Took me about 10 mins. My speed of reading is SLOW. lol. I see you had so much fun on your birthday. I’m happy for you. Keep it that way.

    And btw, you should have walloped the butter instead of playing with it. Butter gives you your much needed fats and protein.

    And and about your cleansing body experience… now you know how it feels like to have your bladder being flooded. I always have that once in a while everyday.

    Mun mun can sing. WHOA.

    see you soon. xx


  3. lyndy
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 18:12:30

    hahaha!! hELLO!!!
    know this is kinda late but..


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