It’s a wonder why we have dreams. The things we dream about may be different each time or you can even have continuations which are very rare. To keep a dream diary is not an easy thing as when you get up, I don’t think you’ll have the time to actually write down everything you saw in your dream before rushing to work or school.

I seem to have weird dreams. My most common type of dreams are weird, I don’t recall ever having a normal dream. I’ve had dreams of friends, family but mostly of unknown people. There was once I dreamed about getting on the train with my family… Seems all so normal doesn’t it? but it wasn’t because I was in my Pjs walking around everywhere. The train was crowded, people were rushing in and out and soon after, I lost track of my family.

Some how I got off the train looking for them and the dream changed. I was then driving a car, I had some cube like object in my free hand which was shining. When I pressed it, my car seemed to be moving as fast as the speed of light (or what I think it was =p). I don’t remember much after that… It was pretty interesting.

Another pretty interesting one was that I was in a peculiar house. Every room had a unique theme, the house was huge with a lot of rooms. So many that I think i could get lost in it if it actually existed. One wall had a collection of different ceramic pots of all colours and shapes.

One room, which was the biggest room there-I think- had a collection of very old furniture, there was this HUGE golden mirror – yes it was gold, the mirror I mean, in olden times people didn’t use the current mirror that we see every day, instead they used metals like gold or silver- this mirror was at least 6 feet high and 13 feet wide, it kinda gave me the creeps when i was standing there. I had a another dream where I saw that exact same mirror too but can’t remember much about it. That house was supposedly my cousin brother’s house, and he lived there alone. Other than the huge mirror I saw there, there was this old porcelain bath tub, it was big, white with a touch of gold on top with gold taps. There were many other things there but those 2 were the ones I remember clearly.

I think I might have mixed up the 2 related dreams together because I also remember a part where my friend was visiting and I was carrying a glass pot down the stairs. I somehow manage to drop the pot while going down the last few steps of the stairs. AND…. I had superpowers, I mentally stopped the glass pot before it touched the floor so it didn’t break but since I wasn’t good at using them yet, I held it for a split second and then lost control of it so it hit the floor with a “clank” but didn’t break. I was pretty in to the TV show HEROES at that time, it might be the cause of my weird dream =p.

Do not ask me why I chose to blog about this today… maybe it’s because I have time cos I conveniently forgot what other homework I had last week other than maths


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  1. lyndy
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 19:35:43

    alahh protected =.= post


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