SE Traffic Jam

For those of you who don’t know what my usual sleeping patterns during weekends are.. here’s a little info =p I’m a pig during the weekends.. Its the only time I can sleep till the afternoon comes.. (e.g 12 pm , 1 pm) LOL … I know its not good =p but I need it anyway.. its the only time I can recharge fully =p

I was having my lunch when my bro came running down telling me that Jasmin had tickets….

Bro : Jasmin has tickets!!

me : What tickets?

Bro : Daughtry la!

me : huh? how u know?

Bro : She messaged you saying she had 4 tickets.. and I replied for you saying that you are asking your parents now..

See how excited he was???!

after a while… he went out to get a hair cut.. aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddddddd

he called back…

Bro : So… you going anot?

me : why? you want to go ar?

Bro : I’m asking if you are going anot..

me : you want to go izzit? If you want to go must fetch ppl 1 wor..

Bro : cheh.. of course la.. but I want 2 tickets..

me : ok … i ask her first..

So I called Jasmin up since she wasn’t replying me on msn or skype =p Asked her if it was ok and then she agreed so i called my bro to tell him that I got him the tickets n stuff but he didn’t answer =p So I waited for him to call back.. which he eventually did.

So we were good to go..

we were quarreling on the way to pick Jasmin, I can remember the way there pretty well now.. only.. I did forget to ask him to turn one time.. that cost us some time.. and we were already quite short on time =p.. but we got there in time anyway..

we meet up with bro’s friend and then went to have dinner in A&W at bro’s expense..

after that we went to line up…

I bumped into Wen Dee there though =p

We were so bored waiting in line.. my bro’s phone was low on battery so he used mine to take pictures of nothing interesting whatsoever..

our shoes..

Our tickets

Spot anything wrong with this? It would be better if I rotated it =p too lazy to repost it.. look at the shadow..

The event was from 8-12..

we waited till 11 for Daughtry to finally come out

The Malaysian music industry really needs some major improvements..

The Asian Percussion – something something – was pretty good..

The 2 dudes Leah or something were horrible..

we were shouting BOOOOOOOO!

someone else shouted ” GO HOME!”

next was Daniel Lee =.=”

Sigh.. he gave me the chills singing on stage.. but he had his Malay fans to back him up

Next up was Stylistix (don’t know how they spell it) , made up of 3 Djs..

The club music they played for us wasn’t too bad.. my bro said he kinda messed up the ending though..

Finally Daughtry came out…

That was when all hands with handphones and cameras alike shot up to snap a picture of the long awaited band’s appearance

Bad quality.. my phone sux..

couldn’t really see him much.. cos I’m short n the people in front were too tall..

What’s important is that they sounded great live!

They performed quite a few new songs… The crowd sang mostly to their hits “Over you” , “It’s not over”, “Feels like tonight” and “Home”. They only caught on to the chorus of “What about now”.

It ended around 12++…

We went to have a drink and then sent Jasmin home..

My bro and I met up with his friend for mamak.. It was already 1.50 AM then..

Took his friend longer to arrive though..

We had Tandoori Chicken and Garlic Naan..

Finally went home around 3.15 AM..

We were dead tired =p

but we enjoyed ourselves.. ALOT



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. snowbearbear
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 20:27:15

    U’re welcome!!! I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOO! MUAX! ❤


  2. Jason
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 03:39:20

    JEALOUS until i don’t know what to say already >..< stupid event practice…sad..they were surely great..


  3. Megat Tariq
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 23:04:54

    damn! u went to daughtry!!
    this time didnt offer ticket to me yea haha!!


  4. sunnyrainbow
    Aug 06, 2008 @ 22:34:41

    ‘sw wei megat.. its nt me.. everytime u read a post in d blog pls read la who write one.. > < got 2 host in this blog.. me and my fren, slvr ^^


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