Max Pro Hunter

In loving memory of the best and friendliest rottweiler in the world,

Max Pro Hunter

March 2003~ July 2008

We bought him from a breeder when he was about 2 weeks old,

His mom gave birth to 8 other siblings…

one Saturday morning,

Mom carried him into the house in a box,

he was so smelly.

my grandma picked him out because he was sleeping stomach down like the picture below..

but he still slept like a human after that much to her dislike =p

he had an unexpectedly long tongue…

lots of saliva…

when he took his first look around the kitchen,

he slipped and fell on all fours..

it was so cute that he was so clumsy..

He didn’t like the HL milk my bro gave him then =)

we put him in the bathroom for a while,

the smell was unbearable when we opened the door after that,

we gave him a hot bath,

towel + blow dried him (didn’t quite like the hair dryer)

He was a very smart dog,

very greedy,


loved to make my grandma angry,

by peeing on her plants – especially the newly planted ones

he even threw her slippers in the drain a few times

but repents whenever he knows that he did something wrong.

he loved car rides…

there was once when we opened the car door of my bro’s kancil,

he jumped in and sat on the passenger seat…

all set and good to go =p

my shoe is his pillow 🙂

He’s a lazy dog, loves to sleep…

can’t stand the hot weather..

always trying to creep in whenever he has the chance..

We built him a dog house back in Subang,

He was clean,

never did his business in his own house,

waited for us to let him out everyday so he could do it in the garden (much to my grandma’s dismay)

his favourite targets were her precious green children

2nd favourite were the 4 wheels of all our cars

or even the front number plate..

He loved going for walks,

whenever he came in, he would go to the store room

and drag his leash out =)

but he was too strong for most of us to handle,

its mostly him walking us… not the other way around.

Back in the old house,

our neighbour had a shitzu,

he would stand on the fence/wall,

to look and see if it was out,

then they’d start barking at each other..


notice the long tongue =p

just yesterday he brought my maid’s slipper into the house,

my old maid went home on Saturday,

he didn’t like the new one..

never paid any attention to her…

he misses my old maid…

used to follow her around like a baby chick would follow a mother hen

He was an attention seeker,

If you sat there and didn’t take notice of him,

he’ll come over to the chair,

use his snout to lift your hand so that it would be on his head.

He would welcome me home everyday,

standing there,

shaking his butt and waiting for me to pet him before going back into the kitchen…

he loved placing his head on my lap,

then lie down sideways, lift his paw up,

and ask me to scratch his belly…

He didn’t like being alone…

if you were in the kitchen, he’d lie down there…

he would go and lie down in my grandma’s room when she was watching TV

back in 2007 he started getting sick,

had multiple lumps…

the vet said it was Lymphoma,

cancer of the lymph nodes.

The vet was afraid of him …

Rottweilers are known to be aggressive afterall..

We had him go through a 19 course chemotherapy,

the vet said it should hold for a year or two..

but the cancer came back after 2 months.

the vet who was handling him quit his job..

we got a female doctor to help this time..

We gave him steroids,

the lumps got smaller,

after two weeks it was back again..

we decided that there wasn’t much that we could do..

so we waited it out,

gave him some medication that could help control it for a while.


His breathing got heavier,

lumps got bigger…

he got skinnier and skinnier,

until we could see and feel his skull,

his hands became as small as mine…

but he still had an appetite,

we gave him everything we knew he could eat..

as treats… lots of fruits (he loved those)

his favourite was durian

I came back today to find him in the kitchen,

he didn’t welcome me home today…

didn’t seem like he had strength to get up..

he was even skinnier than yesterday…

didn’t eat anything, hardly drank…

and vomited everything he had yesterday

his breathing was really loud..

it really pained us to see him suffer like that..

we called the vet for an opinion..

she finally arrived around 3.50PM

she said he was really weak,

he was hurting really bad…

So we made the decision to end his suffering…

couldn’t stand to wait till the next morning at the rate he was breathing…

brought him to the clinic in the car cos they didn’t have the van today…

we finally let him go at the clinic…

We hope that you’re at a better place now…

a place where there’s no suffering or pain…

you were the best pet we could ever have…

You’ll always be in our memory…

and we’ll always love you

may you rest in peace


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mel
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 20:00:50

    hey suetmun. sorry to hear tht (ur doggie).
    Actually I also have 2 rottweilers, but not as friendly as urs. hehe. (and they are not allowed to enter my house)

    Oh and i’ve linked u already. thks for linking me too! i’ll read ur blog! 😉

    See ya! Cheer up!


  2. sunnyrainbow
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 23:18:58

    awww babe…
    I am so sorry to hear about this..
    and forgive me fr being the bz one who cant be there for you when you need me..
    cheer up aite~ and i know how much u love hunter.. fr example sometime you will put his pic on d dp and etc la .. oh well.. sometimes some things you have to let go and face the fact.. aite babe.. take care.. HUGS!!!!!!!! you need more hugs! cheer up asap.. and i hope i can update our blog asap.. ><” so sorry for not updating much..

    love ya..
    c ya in msn..

    san san~


  3. Coke Guy
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 19:39:10

    hey suet mun….
    so sorry for ur loss…=(


  4. Sweater wei
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 00:51:49

    omg and i was so ignorant just now! i’m sorry for the loss of your dog mun. 😦 i didnt know and was so obsessed over looking for my mp3 that i didnt stay to chat with you. i hope you’re not too depressed mourning for it. you and your dog must’ve been close. cheer up alright. stay strong and i’m sure it’s gonna be weird without hunter greeting you after school but still, somehow you’ve gotta move on. love you mun. don’t get too beat up over it okay? loves.


  5. Jason
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 15:30:32

    I had many pets in the past and I had lost a few of them. I have always been a dog lover since I was young. Sorry to hear about your loss. The way you talk about your reminds me about my late dog, Tiny. Durian eater, attention seeker, sneaking in the house. Full of funny memories.

    I can understand what you are going through. Whatever it is, he is surely at a better place..looking down on you, smiling. Cheer up.


  6. slvr
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 20:38:29

    Thanks ^^ sorry I forgot to put suetmun instead of sm in ur Cbox =p Thanks for reading my blog n linking me! and thanks for the comment

    @San San
    update when u r free u bz woman =p
    apology not accepted!!!
    cos there’s no reason to apologize anyway =)

    @Coke Guy
    =P I didn’t see u in coll… Thanks for the sms.. I was snoozing that time lol

    What you don’t know doesn’t make u guilty la..
    I think i’ll managing … quite well… despite flowing like a river for a whole day.. gonna take some time b4 I won’t flow while thinking about it…

    @ Jason
    Thanks ^^… Loved him alot … him just being there used to make the whole family smile =)
    I wonder why santi isn’t an animal lover =p hope u can change her views on that someday lol.. or is it just cats that she doesn’t like?


  7. lyndy
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 17:28:09

    hey suet mun…
    sorry to hear about ur doggy.
    hope you are doing fine =)


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