Shopping Craze/ Times Warehouse Sale Till 1st September

I went shopping with Jasmin on Wednesday =p . Had the big potato pick her up from her place cos i was too lazy and not willing to get lost on the way there and back. After dropping her stuff at my place and her exploration of my “my music” folder and “movies” folder, I drove to 1Utama.

It was Mega-sale carnival day, it meant FREE PARKING. I mean free parking is good but it also meant less parking spaces =p. Took us a while to look for one, we got tired of looking in the lower levels so i drove straight up to the highest floor and there were plenty there. I chose one nearest to the entrance, took a picture of the location and headed of to find our “lunch”.

Lunch came about one hour + after our search for it. Because in the mean time of searching for it, we went into Esprit, WH, Diva, the cinema and others which I can’t really recall. Went to Italiannies for lunch =p after choosing between so many other restaurants.. I was craving for pasta and mushroom soup ! The mushroom soup there is always the best =p.

Refer to Jasmin’s blog for picts =p

After stuffing ourselves full, we went to Padini Concept Store. We spent god knows how long in there looking for clothes and trying them on. When Jasmin and I tried the same type of clothing on, it was too tight for her and too loose for me. If I took some from her we would be just the right size she said =p.

Then I saw this sweater.. well you would hardly call it one.. it looked super interesting cos only the turtle neck, wrists and the bottom of the sweater was fully covering any skin. The rest were holes.. ya know.. holes… The MINUTE I saw it I thought that I needed to try it on – Which is exactly what I did XD and gosh! did it look ridiculous LOL.. not only was it baggy-god knows what size it was- it was horrible.. Jasmin was looking at something else so I called her to look at me.. And she laughed so loud that almost everyone in that section was staring at me @@” So embarrassing man!! I regret not going to the fitting room to try it on…

A Pair of wings =p One wing for each of us

So in the end we bought a few things and wanted to head home.. but stopped by MPH before going home. Why? ‘cos it was on the way to the car park. So I bought 3 books from there and Jasmin bought 1. Breaking Dawn is really thick, even thicker than Eldest or the rest of the twilight series. I also bought “How to sleep with a movie star” by Kristin Harmel, author of “The art of french kissing”. I like her books ‘cos they’re funny and there aren’t any R-rated stuff in it, however the title might sound =p.

Behold! LOL The Twilight Series =p

By Kristin Harmel

Breaking Dawn =p


After that we went home for dinner, then Jasmin fooled around with my computer grabbing whatever goodies she found. Then we decided to go swimming. Yeah I only swim at night =p. But when she wanted to change , there was this HUGE “Siew Keong aka cockroach” in my toilet. It was atleast 3cm long. She didn’t dare to enter my toilet and closed the door lol! Did I mention that my toilet door should not be closed from the outside? cos the lock is busted? But I’ve got a way to get it open anyway =p I took the free Klue mag I got from the Dance Arena and smacked the critter. The head detached from the body n it was practically… squashed.. EWW! I used lots of tissue to wiped the remains of it and disposed of the mag =p Wouldn’t wanna see it again! EVER!

Then we went swimming… My sinus only got worse after the swim. When I got out of the pool I sneezed like nobody’s business. Sigh.. shouldn’t have gone I guess… Jasmin only explained to me the next day the reason why she was holding on to me when we were getting out of the pool… =.=”” She said that “since its you-know-what month, maybe we shouldn’t have gone swimming at night.. I was holding on to you in case when we got out of the water some THING pull my leg…” After the swim we took a bath and stuff, while I was bathing.. Jasmin was decorating the house in the sims2.. where she created 4 female characters for her and her friends and then another 4 guys as their “boy toys”. Again.. go to her blog for the details =p

We were on skype with Baezil when she was playing.. and I was reading my “how to sleep with a movie star” book as well as munching on famous amos chocolate chip cookies… Slept around 4 =p That’s when i finished the book.. The next day.. we went to plaza damas to look for something… couldn’t find what we wanted so we were about to leave.. but I went to times to see what they had to offer cos there was this huge sign saying SALE UP TO 90%… Wanted to buy a book by Cecelia Ahern but the sales girl told me downstairs were selling it at 30% off and told me to check there..

So there we went to the Times warehouse sale at Hartamas Shopping Centre aka Plaza Damas =p It’s TILL 1st SEPTEMBER 2008 by the way .. books are going for low prices, some RM10, 12 and so on.. I bought quite a few =p including – Rich Dad Poor Dad for Ju-Laine , Men are from Mars and Women from Venus, Why Men are from Mars and Women from Venus Collide for my bro =p Don’t ask why.. I also bought If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern, Thanks for the Memories wasn’t on sale so I didn’t get that one oh well.. There’s always next time…

Times should pay me for advertising lol!

I don’t get how people can read my ultimately boring posts =p If you do.. You’re the best LOL..


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nic
    Aug 26, 2008 @ 19:13:17

    hey santi.. 1st time visiting ur blog. hehe. the wings u got is the same as mine but mine is a pair of earrings while urs is necklace… =D they r nice though…


  2. nic
    Aug 26, 2008 @ 19:17:45

    so sorry i din know there were two bloggers until i read ‘about’… so sorry santi and silver…


  3. Slvr
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 09:08:00

    Haha no prob! I’m not logged in right now cos i’m not at home =) I tot the wings were cute so I got it 😉 do you have a blog? Thanks for stopping by.. hope you enjoyed ur stay @@


  4. sunnyrainbow
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 20:34:31

    haha 🙂 slvrrrrrrrrr …. :))))) dun be mad.. i was bz shoppings and went dentist today.. i will be free tmr.. lol so i am sowli fr not helping to update our blog 🙂


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