Ways to get your car scratched

1. Double park in an area full of parked cars with P stickers, and constant traffic + motorcyclists.

2. Park to the extreme left/right of a box or in between 2 boxes.

3. Park your car near a junction, ensure that you ARE blocking the way of other cars.

4. Park your car in a no parking zone, on the side of the road where many cars often pass by.

5. Drive an expensive car with a P sticker. (joking okay I’m not one of them who has so much free time to scratch people’s cars)

Here’s another topic…

THE Modern way to get lost

1. Rely on annoying GPS which is not up-to-date and asks you to turn into non-existent roads. (If you’re trying to get to KLIA you’ll end up in Seremban)

2. Assuming you’re on a first date with your girlfriend and you are on the way to pick her up for dinner but you don’t know the way there. Call her on the phone and ask her and her alone for directions.


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