5 out of 15

Five down 10 more to go…

Just went for acupuncture, after I was done my mom asked me…

“so how many times already?”

“5 lar”

“Oh so this one u count la”

” I have 5 sets of holes mar.. of course I count”

I have five sets of needle marks each now, I’d doubt that anybody would even lose count of the time he/she has already gotten needles stuck into their body for half an hour. For that half an hour you just lie there unable to move, staring up at the ceiling waiting for the time to pass. Since I’m not one for meditation, I never succeeded in clearing my mind. So with lots of stuff going through my head I stare at the ceiling or whats on the wall – which happens to be a diagram of a man with acupuncture points ; there’s front view, side view and back view , yeah obviously it looks like what something you would find biology textbooks .

This time instead of thinking of stuff, I found myself dozing off and waking up, having minutes of dreams each time and a different one every single time. I don’t remember how many times I woke up and tried not to doze off again -when you have needles stuck into your hands and legs, the best thing to do is stay awake in case you move your body n hit the needles- but luckily that didn’t happen. That’s what happens when I’m just tired from coll n stuff.

The doctor told me that I could use hot packs to get rid of my swollen red patches or blue-blacks. Funny that it only swells on my right hand while both sides will be greenish. The hot packs helped, my blue-blacks are gone and the red patch reduced to half the size. I think the treatment is helping but on cold and rainy days my nose will be running like a tap and its no fun at all. If I don’t get enough sleep, the same thing happens. Sigh, I hope it will go away soon.

It seems that people have been google-ing the names of people I know and ended up in my blog… That’s just interesting, because they google full names, you see. I miss my darling Hunter! T.T Oh well I guess I got used to not having him around anymore, we still haven’t collected his urn because my mom said she needs to pick the right date. Sigh, superstitious people =p it runs in the family.

Maths CT4 was the most horrible paper I’ve ever taken in SAM. So don’t ask about it.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. sunnyrainbow
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 01:06:40

    how many more to go? fully healed?


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