Facing Extinction…

What’s facing extinction? It’s not the polar bears in the north pole or the lions or any other animal on earth… Well they aren’t referred to as animals that much, but to me… they’re monkeys. And NO… I’m not talking about monkeys facing extinction… Its the GENTLEMEN that are facing extinction!

Seriously! They are really hard to find now… What happened to ladies first? Opening doors for girls and stuff. Very rare nowadays, even when your boyfriend takes you out on a date… Does he rush to get out of the car first to open your door for you? or even open the car door for you to get in and close it for you when you are in the car? Yeah… that’s SOOO last century.

Just so happened that yesterday, Ju Laine & I were walking through a corridor… half of it was blocked by tables and chairs stacked at the right side of it. So only one person could walk through it at a time. Then there was this guy in formal attire and.. well.. no offense but he did look kinda nerdy with his student ID hanging around his neck and all. He looked like he was rushing, but he stood aside to let the girls pass through first. I was in front so I walked by and thanked him which he said “your welcome” and Ju Laine just smiled at him, after we passed him… there were 2 other girls quite far behind but still he waited for them to go first then only did he go rushing off to wherever he was supposed to go to. I guess… his mom taught him well =) Ju Laine’s probably gonna kill me for typing this out here… After we walked past the fella, she commented on him being such a gentlemen so I teased her by asking her if she wanted to turn back and ask for his number XD

Unlike the rest of the male population who are so rude and selfish plus lack manners like the bunch of guys I saw outside inti. They were dressed in formal wear, smoking and scolding all sorts of profanities you could ever find in any Chinese dialect. Such a TURN OFF man… If you want to dress nicely at least take some time to act the part!

Imagine them smoking and scolding Chinese profanities…

But they are not the guys I saw outside Inti they aren’t dressed as well as these guys=p couldn’t find any suitable picts so I took this one and edited it.. They’re Japanese Salary man.. with the suits and briefcases =p

Overall today was a bad day for me… Ju Laine claims that it was due to my lack of sleep… When I was getting out of the IT lab… my foot got hooked on my classmate’s chair and I fell… the tissues I was holding flew out everywhere… It was such a blur when I fell and I just sat there.. I sighed and said ” What a bad day man..” then I got up and my classmates kept asking me if I was okay… Talk about embarrassment! @@” though one guy laughed cos he said that when I fell.. all the tissue went flying… It felt like a blur when I was sitting there.. part of me wasn’t aware of what just happened… oh well.. whats done is done..

After that it was time for break, I was holding my file or folder.. which is darned heavy ‘cos its filled with past year exam papers of all my subjects. I think I was checking it to see what subject was next or something… suddenly my wrist couldn’t support the weight and I almost dropped it. Ju Laine looked kinda shocked LOL… Then we went to McD.. I was opening my creamer and it flew everywhere… Sigh… then after that I was stirring it.. I gasped loudly and Ju Laine went “What? what happened??” LOL I kinda got my tea on her paper… She finally noticed and said “CHEH! I tot wad happened!”… Such a klutz I can be sometimes… Especially today!

Lastly…I’m been on a very long streak of hiatus because… I was lazy to blog… had nothing much to blog about… and my exams are coming!! But anyway… Anybody wanna go watch Twilight? =p It’s hopefully releasing in Nov 27…AFTER MY FINAL EXAMS and PROM..

Edited : Today I counted the marks on my legs.. I think the current count is 11 out of 15… one more week to go and I’ll have 2 weeks off before continuing the treatment again.. Not to mention I was on a sneezing frenzy while driving kc n myself to college today.. I sneezed so many times that KC lost count.. I just might update on my dream diary.. and it would appear before this post if I ever feel like getting it done =p


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