Beware of the KING of the ROAD

Its Shu Qing’s 18th Birthday today! =p Happy Birthday to her for the 3rd time I think…

So yeah… almost the whole class squeezed into 3 cars and headed off to Klang for Bak Ku Teh. The 3 drivers of the day were Whay Ying, Yew Kuan and Danesh (King of the road). Julaine, Amelia, Cat, Sheng & I followed Yew Kuan’s car. We dropped by Cake Sense first to get a cake for the Birthday girl. The cakes there looked mouth watering… *drools* Anyway… We all got out of the car except for Sheng. Yew Kuan double parked so we left him there to move the car if he needed to.

So we chose our cake and were waiting for them to write the birthday message on it. We all looked out at Sheng in the car, and guess what he was doing… He was looking in the mirror and touching his hair. We saw and started laughing at him, then he saw and moved the car infront. Then I guess when he was done touching his hair, he reversed the car back and found us there still laughing at him. Then he got out of the car and came into the shop. Amelia said, “you very vain hor?”. Apparently his bangs kept falling and irritating him.

Anyway we bullied Sheng a lot in the car ‘cos he kept pressing the honk and distracting Yew Kuan. I couldn’t remember how many times we almost got into an accident. We followed Whay Ying to Klang and met up with Danesh after the first toll. That was when I finally got a glimpse of his driving skills. He drives like the king of the road man! Swerving from the fast lane to the slow lane then to the middle lane to get in front of all the other cars. He even used the emergency lane to overtake a lorry once. There was once when our cars were next to each other, my classmate Tung Herr was showing us his two middle fingers. Suddenly, his car accelerated and swerved to the left, the expression on his face was priceless! Then on the way back, there was a police car in front and he slowed down and drove normally for a while. Apparently the police were staring at them LOL.

We kept seeing poor Kenny’s head popping up from their car cos Rishi kept pushing him up. Other than that, there were middle fingers poppin up too. Evidently, these people were having fun with the sun roof. At the traffic light, Danesh got out of the car and showed us two fingers then he got back in again @@””.

I think I laughed the most today, major destressing. The whole ride there and back was full of screams and laughter. Though I don’t think I’ll ever get into any of their cars ever again if I can help it. Kenny even said, “You sit Danesh’s car ah, die adi also you won’t know!” On the way back, we shooed Sheng to Danesh’s car and got Tung Herr to sit with us instead. He was so happy to get into our car =p “Drive Safely!” was the first thing he said when he got into the car LOL. We laughed everytime danesh pulled a move on the road that could lead to the deaths of the poor guys squashed in the backseat of the car. We made it back to class half an hour late but we notified Mr Madhavan in advance. We got to our seats and Sheng walked in…

Julaine started laughing like crazy, then I noticed what she saw I started laughing too. Sheng’s pants tore… His whole back pocket was sorta detached and we could see his undies.. Black was the colour for the day LOL… Then later we were joking ” It was a miracle we all made it back in one piece” said Julaine… I added ” Sheng didn’t” and we had another laugh. He used his sling bag to cover it when it was time to go home.

My bro finally found out that I changed his skype msg to “I is gay…” for everyone to see. I think that msg was up for.. a day at least? I wonder which kind soul told him about it =p He was angry when he found out LOL


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SeaL
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 01:11:52

    heh, nice blog!

    and btw… is your brother really gay? 😛


  2. Mel
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 17:24:57

    haha naughty suet mun!


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