Thank God It’s Friday

Today’s the last official day of college for many of us who were studying SAM in Taylor’s College. In the end you’d want to do something that you would remember for the years to come wouldn’t you? It’s been a fun year somehow, it just flew by so fast. We met many people, experienced a lot and most of all had fun being friends. Though there’s the final exam coming up real soon and the coroboree after that, which may or may not be the last time everyone would be dressed up nicely and meeting up officially as SAM students – The last night together. We had a blast at TGIF today, almost everyone was there except for Samuel who gave the excuse – no transport home-.

The whole day started with IT class, it was our last class and free time for us. We did whatever we wanted and chatted with Ms Sue. She brought pineapple tarts for us to eat XD. When it was time to leave we went to give her a hug, she’s a very nice person to hug =p. Then, we went to Maths class where Ms Christine had us sign her yearbook. We had a page all for ourselves! I apologized for sleeping in her class all the time =X. Her daughter came in and took a picture for us and then went to her class. And that was when Yew Kuan walked in… The whole class WOI-ed him and then Ms Christine said ,”Why couldn’t you come in earlier?? Oh nevermind, its just Yew Kuan.” I think I’ll miss her a whole lot, she’s by far the best maths teacher I have come across though I have to say that I still do not like the subject much.

Next was break, we had breakfast at Peppercorn – English breakfasts-. I ordered waffles, wrong decision. I ended up drooling at other people’s sunny side-up eggs instead. Sigh, I could always cook myself some next time =p. Then, it was time for english. Miss Azreena made us a powerpoint slide show that was motivational and stuff and wished each and everyone of us who were present for her class all the best in our finals. She was really nice and stuff… Then, there was the photo taking session with so many cameras lying around =p. 

After that was another break, we went to AC’s pool area to play pool. I’ve been there for a year and haven’t played a single game of pool there. So there we went to play pool, I must say that I have no talent what-so-ever in that section =p. I was horrible at it!! Thats all you have to know =p. Chermine was a pro compared to all of us, Sheng joined in the game halfway through because we were taking far too long to clear the table. Shaun was being annoying by calling us losers and stuff but he was teaching Lydia and Amelia how to play at another table. Sheng was also playing a game with Danish at the next table and Tung Herr, Shu Qing, Poh Vian and Siew Mun were playing at a nearby table. Yew Kuan, Rishi and Arjun were also playing at the table behind us. Everyone who was present today was playing pool.

Mama Nor’s class was full of snapping photos with her and everyone else. She even brought her own camera. After she left we drew stuff on the white board for people to pose and take photos. There was an angel, a devil, a king and a lion being attacked by 3 men with spears… There was a whole lot of laughing in the process of the drawing and taking pictures. Accounting class was also filled with a lot of talking and photo snapping.

The day in college was over and the girls headed off to Pyramid for shopping. Some went for movies while others went to crash Yew Kuan’s place for Karaoke. We went prom dress shopping, it was a tiring process. My legs felt dead much faster than usual for some unknown reason. Ju Laine tried on countless dresses and found a few that she actually liked but did not buy. We walked until it was 6.40 or so then we met up with the rest of the people in TGIF. We saw Shaun sitting at the bar alone drinking ice water like some lovelorn fella watching the bartender perform tricks. So then, we turned back and walked to somewhere else because he was alone =p. Then we saw Vivienne and gang so we went there together.

The table was really long, made up of many small tables joined together long enough to fit at least 25 people. And so we sat there, Mr Madhavan came quite early and sat there to chat with us. Yew Kuan’s gang was late for an hour or so because of a few complications which I’m not too sure about – a few accidents here and there and some traumatised people. We all ordered our meals and drinks. I wasn’t able to finish my 3 dish meal because it was too filling. So I tarpau-ed home the dessert and half my entree. Lydia who ordered the 3-dishes because she wanted to dessert finished everything as usual. I so wish I had her appetite.The restaurant people mixed up quite a few of our orders and some of the dishes were eaten by others. One of us made a big fuss until they got the manager to come out and stuff till we got free desserts on the house.

When some people started leaving it was yet again photo taking session because 24 people in the class were there out of the 25. A few of them broke the lamp shade in the process of taking photos, somehow we got away with it because our bill amounted to 1k plus. The service charge (95) and taxes (35) were enough to kill. The organizer, Shaun had to absorb the additional costs we were short of that time.

Then, we were sending people off and stuff. Shu Qing was staying over my place so she went to Yew Kuan’s car to get her stuff and then meet me at the level where I parked my car. I followed Shaun and Scott up to his car for Scott to get his stuff and then Scott had to get to my level too cos Tung Herr’s car was there. Then we all went up to that level and saw Tung Herr and Poh Vian there. At that time, Shu Qing came down from CP7 and Swarna came up looking for Yew Kuan. Tung Herr had some problems with his car, saying that it was unable to move. God knows what the real problem was but the rubber that was supposed to block the water from entering was detached from the bumper. It already had a hole in it because he didn’t notice that it was already loose and just drove on.

Apparently when we were up there, Arjun got molested by 3 gay guys. That was really funny. Arjun and Rishi were supposed to be Ju Laine’s bodyguards. Instead, Arjun got molested LOL. In this era, its not only the women who should be aware, men too. After settling Tung Herr’s problem, Shaun walked Shu Qing and me to my car. He was nagging me along the way that I should be alert whenever I was in the parking lot yada yada yada… He basically repeated everything my mom had told me before. Then, when we were near my car, I passed this car and saw a couple making out. Then, I turned to him and said “I saw something I shouldn’t have seen.” After they discovered that we were there, they turned perfectly normal with some distance between each other.

We got to our car and Shaun added, “I think I saw the girl pull up her pants or something.” Now that I didn’t notice… He left after that and walked a few steps then turned back, opened the door and scolded me T.T . “LOCK THE DOOR LAR!!” SWT man… He’s like my dad for goodness sakes. I seem to have too many dads already and I think I only need one =p my real dad is good enough. So then we got to Shu Qing’s place to take her stuff and then set off to my place.

END OF STORY… I can’t believe that you read till here. Thank you for your time =p. Pictures will be added later when I get my hands on them.

Edit : pictures can be found here… uploaded by Catherine

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mel
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 17:20:13

    Haha believe it or not? I read the whole story! Sigh I really miss that day.. Sobs Sobs..


  2. slvr
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 19:15:29

    Thanks for reading =p
    oh well.. i guess i’m gonna miss the class =p The year just flew by like that…


  3. catherine
    Nov 11, 2008 @ 15:24:48

    i read the whole story too! haha, but I din mange to blog bout the whole day la…too much to say and alot pics too =)
    thanks for linking my photos…hope u got all of dem…and i blogged bout shu qing’s birthday…u can read my version if u wan too =D

    gonna miss u girl =(


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