Wish List -BOOKS

To be fulfilled during my next trip to 1utama XD

1. Inkdeath

2. Brisingr (when the cheaper ones come out)

3. The Blonde Theory (Its chick lit – also when the cheaper one comes out)

4. A Thousand Splendid Suns (I guess I’ll give it a try)

5. Kite Runner (I could borrow Jyun Narn’s if he’s done with it)

Books to finish :

1. Philip Pullman’s- His Dark Materials- Trilogy

2. Cecelia Ahern’s-Thanks for the memories (halfway through)

3. Stephanie Meyer’s – The Host

4.Brian Bloom’s -Neanderthal (Dad’s been wanting me to read it.. I forgot where i stopped.. at less than 10 pages I guess)

List of things to do during the holiday (may or may not be done)

1. Go for actual guitar lessons

2. Aikido lessons

3. Japanese Lessons

4. Work somewhere?

5. Go on a trip with friends


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