Sleepover Day 1

It’s the very same day our SAM results are out and Jasmin came over for a 2 day sleepover. Although we originally planned for her to come over in the morning, she overslept and came over in the afternoon instead.I called her and woke her up at 9am, the time she was supposed to leave the house. Then, she had to wait till baby Jaydrien ate his lunch before her mom would send her here.

Jyun Narn arrived around 1pm and we started playing Wii without her. We played Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, He seemed to love shooting zombies, I on the otherhand sucked at it. We got tired of dying so many times so we changed to Wii Sports, he beat me at tennis. Somehow the way he hits the balls make it impossible for your character to run to that part of the court and actually have a chance to hit it. After two games of tennis, the bell rung. Jasmin had finally arrived LOL.

Her mom apparently told the guards that she was a resident and they let her in =.=”. Stupid new guards with their new white uniforms are unfortunately hopeless when it comes to the security they provide. I feel so unsecure right now, anybody smart enough to say that they are a resident would easily gain entrance. Its like the chinese saying , “hou tai em hou sek”, nice to look at but not nice to eat <— literal translation from Cantonese to English.

Jasmin had her hand at Wii Sports for the first time. We had to change the settings as she was left handed. She and Jyun Narn battled it out in Tennis and Baseball. Jyun Narn won both though, Jasmin wasn’t used to the timing and Jyun Narn had experience playing Wii. So it wasn’t all that fair =p Next, we played Raving Rabbids 2… It was really funny and all, Jasmin watched the first time though, then we switched to freeplay and the two of them played.  She recorded some of our crazyness with her mobile phone. After Raving Rabbids, I successfully got Jyun Narn’s arms a little sore. He accused me of giving him a disadvantage for Friday when we were gonna play badminton.

We took a slight break after that, Jasmin took over my computer while Jyun Narn & I were playing Raving Rabbids. Since then, the only music my speakers seemed to be blasting out were :

BoA – Eat You Up

DBSK – Mirotic

SHINee – Love Like Oxygen, Romantic, Noona is so Pretty (Replay)…..

and the list goes on for korean artists.

Then she was loading dance versions of SHINee and DBSK’s songs on youtube and dancing to it. She even got Jyun Narn addicted to the videos too. Then, Jyun Narn entertained himself by playing Resident Evil alone while Jasmin & I were having a little karaoke session of our own, minus the mic and add a little guitar. Then, Jasmin raided my harddisk and grabbed whatever interested her. She took quite long but she was making my computer transfer multiple things at once and I was afraid that she would crash my comp so I had to drag her away from it at intervals.

Finally, Jyun Narn was done with Resident Evil for the day, he & Jasmin created their Miis. Jyun Narn’s was named Treee and has half balding white hair, huge eyes and is really tall and skinny. Jasmin’s was named Jas , of normal height and had grey eyes + brownhair. Then, they created SaggyB, who had a mole on his right cheek, dark as an indian, with facial hair and was short and fat. Since it was 7.10pm when we finished SaggyB, Jyun Narn called it a day and went home for dinner.

After our dinner, we spent some time chatting online and destroying Jasmin & Baezil’s relationship in the Sims 2. Jasmin irritated and insulted Baezil and he cried. Poor Baezil. Then we went SKINNY DIPPING in the pool! Of course not!!! We went dipping in the ACTUAL swimming pool in our swim suits, not the sims one.  The sky was clear of clouds and we got to see the stars. There was one star that was twinkling away the entire time and I kept staring at it.We went returned to my house, shivering and soaked with chlorine an hour later.

Jasmin continued simming while I took a shower…


Then, it was her turn to take a shower. When she was done and blow-drying her hair, I turned on Never Ending Wonderful Story… She went “kyaaa! kyaa!” over the guys.. mostly Ryo though.. After a little midnight snack, which we crept downstairs to grab.. we finished the video and went off to sleep.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jasmin
    Dec 21, 2008 @ 18:02:47

    Daite Daite Daite SENORITA! *hip movement*
    then the “ah~” lol!


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