Sleepover Day 2

We woke up around 12-ish after staying up to watch NEWS’ concert videos till 4-ish. The day before we had somehow managed to bug Baezil to go shopping with us in 1utama because grandpa said that he may or may not be going to 1u. The first thing Jasmin did was turn on MIROTIC upon leaving the bed and danced to it. Since lunch was ready we had to eat first before going so our plan to leave around 1+ was delayed to almost 2+.

We reached 1u around 2+… had to go to the highest floor for parking. We went to mph to scare grandpa and then the rest of them spent around an hour or more reading their birthday books while I was browsing interior design books, kitchen, toilet and penthouse designs. I saw this really nice Japanese themed bathroom which looked really relaxing. I wonder when I can have a house like that XD. Jasmin bought a magazine from Mph you can see it in her new blog.Then, the real shopping started.

We stopped by Roxy, I took a really long time looking around before actually deciding to buy some stuff. Then, I saw this really nice ipod cover which I’ve been looking for quite some time and bought it. Of course there were loads of places we stopped by, the guys were going on and on about Batman, Iron man and what other superheroes whose names end with “man”. I guess that was a good way to keep themselves entertained while we bore them with our shopping because neither of us understood their conversation.

The Jazzband performing that day was pretty good. They had a nice stage too =p.


We had this sudden urge for chocolate fondue and begin our search for it. We went searching high and low for Häagen-Dazs in the old wing but it had moved to the new wing. Then, I spotted a takoyaki stall and dragged them there. The takoyaki wasn’t as good as the one I had in Takashimaya in SG a few years ago but it was ok. Then, we went to speedy to pick up some stuff. I saw Kurosagi the movie DVD there.


Jasmin bought some Korean drama and Mamma Mia! for her parents to enjoy =p. She was the one who bought the most that day. Finally, we went for dinner in Sakae Sushi. I gave them a Japanese trivia to see which one of them understood more Japanese. Baezil kept blurting out anything he could remember.

Me : How do you say you’re welcome?

B : Tadaima( I’m home!) ! Irashai (welcome!to the store.. ) ! Ittekimas (I’m going out now!)! Okaeri( welcome home!)! (this fella.. tembak only pandai)

Me : How do u say I love u?

J : Aishiteru!

B : No! That’s wrong!

J : It’s correct la..

B : Oh really? What was it again?

And so the convo goes on and on.. I don’t really remember that much already. After dinner, we went walking around for a bit too. We walked to Sasa to get some stuff which I prefer not stating what it was =p and the guys were standing outside talking about their superheroes again. We finally found where Häagen-Dazs was. It was directly above us when we were looking for it yet we didn’t realise it at all. And then we stood there contemplating whether or not we wanted to eat chocolate fondue.. The votes were, a NO (grandpa) , a “anything you like” (baez), a definite YES (jas) and me another anything… in the end we decided against it because of the price. It costed around 65+, we tried to force grandpa to join in so it would be cheaper but he didn’t want to.. =(

We watched Resident Evil Degeneration in Baezil’s car on the way home. I felt kinda dizzy after a while. We didn’t do anything interesting after that.. but I slept around 3 while Jasmin snored her way shortly after announcing that ” I don’t think I can sleep now lah.. do you?” 10 minutes after that I heard her snoring.. then coughing and rubbing her nose all this while staring at the ceiling wondering when I was going to fall asleep.


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  1. Jasmin
    Dec 25, 2008 @ 00:54:01

    B: Suki?

    Jasmin & SM : No that’s like.



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