Sleepover Day 3~ Last Day

I set the alarm at 7:30 am…the chosen song was ” Famous Last Words”. I hit the snooze button at least 4 times and continued to sleep. Jasmin got up first, after washing up she went to the comp and turned on “AMIGO”… =.=”

“COLD HEART BABY! COLD EYES BABY!” urgh the cheesy lyrics! *shivers*

Then, she pulled my blanket and tried to wake me up. I barely slept 4 hours or less and I’m gonna have to drive them to Taylors to get our results. She didn’t want to bathe first and played pet society.. So I went to bathe first and was ready by 8.20. Jyun Narn messaged me and said that he would be ready soon. So when Jasmin was ready, we left to fetch him and went off to college. We had to go to the admin office to get our results, then stopped by IDP. The lady told me that I couldn’t do anything but wait, so I submitted my results.

Went to Mac centre to fotostat my results, told the guy I wanted 3 seperate papers, he gave me 3 sets of the 3 seperate pieces… Sigh.. nevermind.. I would need it later on too.. I think.

After that we went to Jasmin’s favourite place.. Little Taiwan for brunch, she ate the tan-tan mee and I ate spicy chicken chop rice. Our pearl milk teas were huge.. Mine tasted funny though, the peach taste was horrid… Jasmin’s one was better tasting. When our drinks arrived, we both drank a sip of our own drinks and then exchanged to try each others. Jyun Narn was puzzled and asked us.. “did they get it mixed up?” Jyun Narn only ordered a bowl of wantan I think and iced water.

We sat there talking about random stuff, it was quite nice hanging out there. After we were done, Jasmin went to AusEd to submit her results and then off to home. I KIDNAPPED Jyun Narn to my place because I forgot to use the overhead bridge which goes straight to his place and went down instead… He had fun playing Resident Evil alone again. Jasmin was dancing to Mirotic again and playing pet society. Then, we showed Jyun Narn the funny moments of NEWS’ concert documentaries. 

He especially enjoyed the part where Ryo gives a flying kiss to the fan which he watched twice. Then time passed and Skyy arrived. We hadn’t even changed or packed for badminton yet. So I told Jyun Narn to go down to welcome Skyy in first while we got ready. Jasmin borrowed my t-shirt because hers was white = see through when wet. When we were done, I opened the door to find Jyun Narn teaching my otouto how to play Resident Evil. Then, off to Jyun Narn’s place we went.

We arrived around the same time Jia Le reached and went up to the court together. Jasmin & I had a rather long warm up =p Skyy and Jia Le were done with theirs and already finished a game and we were still warming up. Jasmin was rather lazy to run, but at least she played. It took sometime to iron out the weird things her body was doing in response to the falling shuttlecock. She could catch the fast shots but not the slow ones, weird. Then, we got Hong Shen sifu to teach her =p. She was getting better and better.

Though the sifu was a little blur as he didn’t hear me say ” Left handed sifu teaching left handed student” because about 6 mins into teaching her, he said.. Eh? ur left handed too! We played a few games of doubles , I played one game against Baezil and won =p. I was dead tired after that. Baezil sent us home after that, and stepped into my house for the first time. Though he took over my comp and loaded some sick video on youtube which we rather not mention or even think about.

He tried out Wii, played Resident Evil, Raving Rabbids and re-designed his own Mii and KC’s which he named Kuching. He complained about the dark skin and the huge mole on his left cheek XD. Also, the ugly hair and eyes, fat and short body and pink coloured shirt which he changed to purple instead even though we told him it looked gay. He left around 7+ and it was dinner time. I slept around 10.40+ that night shortly after Jasmin left.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jasmin
    Dec 25, 2008 @ 00:52:43

    U missed out the “PAY ATTENTION” and the part where everyone didn’t watch Baezil’s gay video. LOL


  2. slvr
    Dec 25, 2008 @ 01:59:42

    Oh right.. I’m getting old =p but it’s already so long… the post I mean =p


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