Lazy Me

It’s my first post this year. Yes, it’s a little late I know… I’ve had more than enough time to blog a post each day but just couldn’t find the mood to blog.

New Year’s Eve was AWESOME as it was the first time I’ve spent it with friends. We went to the curve, had Sakae Sushi for lunch again but urgh! whatever you do, don’t EVER go to the one in the Curve. The sashimi wasn’t fresh, food tasted below average and took really long to come. I did like the Japanese seating concept though. I booked us a room for karaoke in red box and then we upgraded it to a VIP room for an additional RM40. It came with 4 mics, private toilet, ps2 and the room was big and comfortable. Head over to Jasmin’s new blog to read more + pictures.. 

After the 4 hr karaoke session, I lost my voice. We went to La Gourmet House to have dinner with Tze Haur and gang. Tze Haur/Herng booked a table for 14 or so. The food was not bad, I liked the spicy olio mushroom chicken which the waiter shortened to chicken pasta when he was serving us. When it came to splitting the bill, that’s when the headache came. They had charged us 7.80 for a bottle of mineral water.. when the menu said 5 bucks. I ordered only one bottle but they gave us 2, so I had them take the other bottle back n change the bill. That process took super long, just because there’s a bunch of kids at the table doesn’t mean they’re stupid. We check the bill too you know?

Then we split up and headed to the toilet first before going to the countdown party. The cameramen kept showing Sasha & the gang on the screen. The performances that night were so-so, one was pretty bad. We enjoyed watching the crazy crowd do crazy things and taking picts with Aiman’s camera, Thomas. We got sprayed all over and had a group hug and watched the fireworks while craning our necks. It got pretty hard to breathe when everyone was spraying at the same time. Other than that, random people were spraying random people =p it was really messy.. Everyone had to take pretty long showers to get the stuff out of their hair and bodies..

I traded places with Ju-Laine to direct Tze Haur back to my place and we reached in about 15 minutes or more because we used the Penchala Link. Baezil got stuck in traffic jams so many times because he had to drop everyone home =p all that while watching 200 pound beauty in the car. Jasmin & Ju-Laine finally reached my place around 3 a.m. I successfully got Ju-Laine to fall in love with Yamapi & Ryo by showing her their concert DVDs LOL. We slept around 4.30 a.m. I had to wake up around 8+ to show them how to get home. Then, I had 2 half boiled eggs + a cup of honey while Jasmin had a cup of milo. Then, we went back to sleep.

Around 3pm, Baezil, Jyun Narn, KC & Aiman came to play Wii. We had lots of fun playing Wii, chatting, watching videos. Dinner was McD delivery & lots of gossiping. Catching up with the old times lol… All the old secrets were out. After that none of them seemed to want to go home and they started to talk about a sleepover at my place which I don’t think is ever gonna happen at this rate. Everyone’s so busy with their own stuff now, hardly any time for such things. We even had a battle with a cockroach in my bathroom… which we lost unfortunately. The guys couldn’t take care of it =.=”.

I spent the next week worrying my ass off about my University application, that I was getting headaches from it. The 5th & 6th of Jan were spent in Taylors selling SAM books with Jyun Narn, Jasmin, Ju-Laine, Tze Herng & Tze Haur. I sold off my books successfully thanks to them. On the 7th, I received the offers from Monash. Here was another headache, different from the first one. I had to decide whether I was willing to try something I didn’t really want to do as it was a one in a million chance that they gave me. In the end, I decided to take it. Wish me luck with it… I’m gonna need it.


Since it was decided that I was going over to Australia, I did a lot of shopping for the essentials… On the 12th I went to IDP to accept the offer, currently waiting for the COE. Hopefully it gets through so I can get my visa done. Then, there was more shopping… Shopping is much easier when you know what you’re looking for.


There are still many other bags that were not included in the picture =p. Take a guess on what I bought from here.


After postponing my responsibility to bake the CNY cookies this year, I finally got down to business. Only baked one jar of biscotti though. More baking tmr and without help I think. My maid was so worried that I was gonna burn the house down while baking that she helped do almost everything that needed to be done LOL.


Jar no.1 .. more to come.. damn my phone’s camera sucks…

To  Skyy & Kimberly, 

GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Jason
    Feb 12, 2009 @ 11:11:23

    AHHH…almond cookies 🙂


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