I have to admit that I am NOT the sharpest tool in the shed. God, how silly I can be sometimes! Thing is I made some mistakes and got my brother in trouble even though it had nothing to do with him… for making that happen..

I’m so sorry that you kena T for no reason when you were at work.  

m( _ _)m

Anyway… that aside… My Visa has been approved today & my medical check up shows that I’m normal. Though the urine test wasn’t fun, I hope I never have to do it again lol. I met this really friendly JPA scholar there though, she was heading to UWA. I enjoyed talking to her while waiting to do the X-ray examination.

I went shopping today again, bought 2 pairs of shorts (one black one white), a cap, pencil case, and a packet of ginger snaps for my mom to appease her anger. Shopping seems to be much easier when you know what you want and need, or else I’ll be loitering around the shopping mall for hours and return home empty handed as I always have. I still haven’t found myself a good new pair of walking shoes which are essential since I’m going over there… I had trouble fitting my foot into a few pairs of shoes even though they were size 6 and I usually wear 5.

There was this clown who was excellent at his job working for Alliance Bank’s opening today at Pyramid. He made a flower for Ju-Laine and a Teddy Bear for Siew Mun upon their requests. We walked out of Roxy and were chatting there when he suddenly asked Ju-Laine, “you want my number?” lol.

On Wednesday, I went for my haircut – my hair is much shorter now compared to before- and after that my mom brought me to a boutique in Bangsar called Twisted Theory. They sell clothes, bags, shoes and accessories there. It’s a really cute store and most of their items come from Hong Kong, Taiwan and US. That’s where she got me my ring in the first place, they also sell some guy shoes & clothing.

Also that day was the day where I found out that Baezil didn’t know what CNY stood for.

It all started when he asked me why I cut my hair.

me:  CNY’s coming and I’ll be going over to the shorter the better

B : hus cny? but WHY cut ur hair?

me: cos its already kinda TOO long.. if I dont cut…

JN: did you just ask “whose CNY”?????

me: omg he did!!! LOL

JN: hahah!!

B: i dnt see anyting funny by it… Seriously who is CNY?

so I unintentionally pranked him when he asked “who’s cny?” which I claimed was my fiance, that we were getting married on the 27th and our wedding anniverssary  would vary each year. Then, I said we were eloping when he said he wanted to attend as best man which he objected to-. The rest played along naturally , we’re such great friends lol. 

JN: she did really well to cover up that piece of info though, had to buy sm lunch, dinner and movie tickets to get that guys’ initials only.

KC : she wont even tell me till i call her every night, till she got so annoyed.

Skyy:   ive met him b4, i caught them red-handed… i saw them dating.. so she couldnt deny it.

We took him for a ride hoping he would realise what cny stood for by dropping super obvious hints which he did not take.

The first one was from KC who suddenly had a boyfriend by the name of HAJI 

B: erm kc, haji is a title not a name… liar

 Next was Skyy who recently got together with a girl named VALENTINE,

B: omg! such a nice name!

and Skyy suggested a group name called HOLIDAYS.

me: so how can we get to see HAJI, VALENTINE , CNY together on sunday?

Skyy: we shud name our group HOLIDAYS

B: y would we name ourselves that?

sounds like something form the happy days gang

Then I suggested that JN’s girlfriend be called DEEPAVALI in another convo.

KC: i think JN likes a girl’s name DEEPAVALI !!!!

B: huh? isnt that a celebration??? =.=”

KC:  noo thats her name..they are from the same condo apparently

Skyy: very multi racial here….


B: wait…



He went “OH!!!!!!!!” so many times but those were all false alarms while me & KC were groaning over it on skype. He finally got it when I typed it all out in one line…


He even asked ” have they kissed? omg u hv??!!!!!”

To certain people who want access to the actual conversation, send me a pm on msn (applicable to close friends only)


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  1. SWei
    Jan 17, 2009 @ 22:42:03

    that’s. so. funny!!!!! baezil’s soooo blur!!! hahahahah


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