Happy Chinese New Year

First off, a very Happy Chinese New Year to all you people out there, may you receive abundance in ang pau and hampers and of course luck to get through the recession. I’ve been lazy again, not updating and stuff…. So, now I’ll give you a summary of what I’ve been doing lately.

I’ve been into this Japanese boy band called NEWS, collecting pictures, videos and watching their concerts etc…I’m not gonna spam our blog with their pictures and get killed by Santi for polluting her precious blog but if you’re interested, head over to Jasmin’s blog and you’ll see them in every single post. I’m not kidding XD.

The first day of CNY went by peacefully, collect ang paus, eat, drink, spent time with relatives. Same goes for the 2nd and 3rd day, this year it was quite boring. It seems to get worse every year you get older, less things to look forward to somehow if you get what I mean. On the fourth day, I woke up pretty late because I slept too late. My stupid midnight reading habits kicked in again sighs.  My stomach wasn’t all that well but a trip to the toilet solved it supposedly. So off I went to have a light lunch and then my dad dropped me off at Jyun Narn’s place for badminton with the guys again.

We spent 3 hours + playing badminton, mid way my stomach felt funny again. After that we stopped by McD for a meal. That was when Baezil said to Jyun Narn who sat next to him, ” Jyun Narn, you’re so pretty”. He got a “thank you” in reply to that, Skyy & me burst out laughing when he said it. Gosh! I wonder what he was thinking. I had dinner with my relatives that night at a Thai Restaurant. I hardly ate anything except the tom yam soup because I was filled with the prosperity burger.

Hell started around 11pm, I had a stomachache and rushed to the toilet and sat there for quite some time before I came out and went to bed. I had diarrhoea. The day I rushed to the toilet 2 other times… I started to feel cold and stuff even though the fan or the air conditioner were not turned on. I took one carbon tablet in hopes of stopping me from visiting the toilet that often and went to sleep. I was unable to sleep because of the splitting headache I had. So there I was all wrapped up because I felt cold but was burning a high fever and couldn’t take panadol for 3 hours because I drank something my mom said would stop me from getting a fever in the first place.

My bro took my grandma & grandaunt out for dinner and came back without buying bread for me. When he came back, he got scolded by them to buy bread. So there he went out again to buy bread and because he took such a long time, I had to endure more than I could take. Having two worried and super paranoid grannies next to you when you’re having a killer headache isn’t a good experience to have, I have to say that no matter how bad it makes me sound. I was partially saved for a while when Ju-Laine called me and talked to her on the phone.

So my bro returned in the nick of time when my grandma was about to call him to ask him where he was and why he took so long. As I waited for my maid to toast the bread, I couldn’t take it anymore and just swallowed 2 panadol actifast and felt much better shortly. When asked how I felt, I replied “terrible” which was the truth not knowing the uproar it would cause. Then, they started to want to either take me to a clinic which was still open at that hour or the hospital. I was in a ultra-crappy mood because of how I felt and the added headache from what I wouldn’t want to mention, I yelled at my bro and my mom that night. Finally, I went for a ride in the car, to the 24hr clinic and back.

It’s day four now, my stomach still feels shitty and I feel dizzy all the time. Did I mention I currently have constipation instead of diarrhoea? This is just the best BEST CNY EVER! I hope my bad mood hasn’t affected your festive mood though… If so.. sorry about that.

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