I’ve never been good with organizing events and hosting a party. I think I’ll never be good at it. I would like to thank all those who came to my CNY party cum farewell, I do hope you guys enjoyed yourselves despite what happened that night. I’m sorry for being such a lousy host and for having to make you guys leave early because I wanted to rush to some other place. I really hope to see you guys some other time next year maybe or sooner if you’re able to… Do keep in touch, through msn, skype, facebook and look forward to updates in my blog ( no promises about updates).

I’m afraid I overlooked the part about taking pictures on the event … I totally forgot.

I woke up around 10.40 a.m. checked my computer for messages from the group as usual, spent some time chatting with them then went to get ready to go to KC’s place for lunch. We waited till 11.30 a.m. , the time Baezil was supposed to reach Jasmin’s place to pick her up. It turned out that he overslept and only woke up around 11.11 a.m. when Skyy called him. The plan was delayed, KC picked up JN and hung out in my house for a short while and then we headed off to her place when it was close to 1 p.m.

We hung out in KC’s room , watched videos in youtube while waiting for them. When the TV was free, we watched the recorded episodes of American Idol which were hilarious. They arrived when we started to watch AI. After that we ate either laksa or spaghetti. Aiman’s laksa was super dry because she kept drinking the soup instead of eating the noodles. After adding some more soup, she still drank the soup only LOL. Then, they (Aiman & JN)  fought for the jelly with the forks and Baezil joined in. When he successfully got the jelly, he looked at her and said “well… if you want it that badly..” and threw the jelly back on the plate. It landed on the plate with a splat.

Then, the guy who was supposed to deliver the tables and chairs didn’t know the way to my place. I ended up shouting into the phone giving him directions. Around 3 p.m. we left for my house, left Jas & Aiman in my house while we went out to buy ice and extra drinks. My parking skills really suck nowadays, haven’t been driving for some time after getting sick and stuff. SO EMBARRASSING MAN! Then, I went back home to handle the tables and chairs. After that, it was time to chill out at home until it was time for the party.Jasmin and I stayed in the room dancing to NEWS concerts while the rest played WII outside.

The food for the party came late but the Hanchon chicken we ordered arrived early so they ate those first. It was abit too spicy for Jasmin though. For those who are interested, the shop’s near the sri hartamas petrol station and on the same row as Eon Bank. You could also call for takeouts since that’s what most people do, I haven’t tried much of the menu there though. My friends started to arrive and some of them even brought gifts. Most of them arrived after the food came.

KC who was having a headache was overjoyed and headache-less when she ate the chicken and her favourite roti jala. The catered food was SUPER spicy, sorry about that. We didn’t think it’d be THAT spicy. Since the people who arrived all knew each other and were mostly from hartamas, we squeezed into one table although there were other tables. It started to get dark and my friends from Subang and Taylors arrived together. One of them got lost along the way apparently, as usual LOL. Ju-Laine led them all the way to my house instead of the clubhouse when i specifically told her to go there.

On the phone….

JL: what should I tell the guards?

Me: just say that you’re going to the clubhouse..

JL: drop house?


JL: har? just say drop at your house?


JL: Ohhh! ok…

And I had to call her to ask her where she led them to park the cars… There was no space near my house already… so they ended up going one big round back to the clubhouse. They thought she brought them sightseeing LOL. I was wondering why they took so long to get to the clubhouse and walked out to see what they were up to. They were taking pictures and stuff… Then they walked to the clubhouse… kinda looked like they were marching because there were just so many of them…

The hartamasians looked kinda shocked to see so many of them walking in at the same time lol. For the rest of the party, the Seafield gang hung out in the baby pool, Lynn Shane & Jia Yi & Chiew Vien sat on the beach chairs as if they were moon bathing. Sorry about the mosquitos though… couldn’t do anything about it LOL. My usual crazy gang were splashing and pushing each other into the pool. The rest were scattered around, some playing cards at the table and stuff.

Baezil was the first to get pushed into the pool. Aiman & Skyy somehow managed to convince him that they were going to jump in together. So the 3 of them ran at the same time towards the pool, when they got near, Aiman & Skyy pushed him in. He got up and chased them all the way to the place where the tables and food were. Then, he slipped and fell. He got up after a little shaking and continued to push people and jump into the pool. Jasmin who was in jeans was reluctant to get into the pool because of her contacts. She probably felt like she was missing out in all the fun so she got in herself without them noticing and was walking around the shallow area.

KC spotted her and shouted ” Jasmin’s in the pool!!!”. All the zombies turned in her direction and started splashing their way to her. They carried her and threw her into the pool and she screamed like she was going to get raped or something. After that I went over to talk to the 3 moon bathing girls. 5 guys crept up behind me and it was too late when I noticed.

” Suet Mun hasn’t gone into the pool yet”, they said. ” You have an obligation to get wet”. When I shouted that I still had my handphone in my pocket, they told someone to take my phone out. Up till now, I’m not sure who took my phone from my pocket. Then, the 5 of them carried me and swung me into the pool. Skyy went down with me. The water was so warm that night. I wish I spent more time in the water. *shivers* T.T I got carried by 5 GUYS! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

After I got out of the pool, Chiew Vien said ” Ooooh sexy!”. So, as wet as I was, I walked over to hug her and she ran away LOL. Then, as I was drying myself, tze herng called. There I was giving directions again. At first i asked Johnson & Yuan Xiong to help but they couldn’t figure out where they were. In the end he said that he was in Mont Kiara & saw the pondok Polis. It was easy to direct them to my house from there.

The second & last time I went into the pool that night was when Skyy came up to me and said ” My sister”. The next thing I know my feet left the floor and he carried me. “So light” he said and jumped in. Sigh, I really need to put on weight. Each time I got out of the pool I was sneezing like mad. Couldn’t smell a thing after that. After everyone except RISHI who turned out to be the only one who ffk-ed me, arrived and were done eating. We started to pack up and I had them go to my house for a while. They played WII and watched videos in my room plus talked to Tung Herr on msn and taught him maths online. When it was 11p.m or so I had to make them leave due to some situation.

I’m really sorry about that, hope you guys enjoyed yourselves. Look out for pictures in facebook, not from me but from my guests. Don’t expect to find picts of me in them though… I’m good at avoiding cameras =p

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julaine
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 00:10:02

    Now everyone knows how blur i was…anyway i had fun that night!!! 🙂


  2. SWei
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 00:36:24

    sounds like a great party. too bad i missed it! T.T ehhh, i want moar details! 😀 i’m very curious to know what happened. good job la the gang for pushing you into the water. heheheh.


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