Happy Valentines

I would like to thank all who came to my party the other day, thanks for your time, gifts and for being my friend.

Belinda, Li Wei, Aiman, Nawwar, Jasmin, Skyy, Jyun Narn, Jia Le, Baezil, Kooi Chin, Alex, Sasha, Sham, Mei Yin, Min Feng, Yuan Xiong, Johnson, Amelia, Lydia, Siew Mun, Kenny, Ju-Laine, Ikram, Lynn Shane, Kah En, Chee Shan, Wen Dee, Jia Yi, Chiew Vien, Tze Herng, Tze Haur, Shaun, Danish

I will be flying off tomorrow morning to Melbourne.

Most probably would not be back until November or December =p

I’ll definitely miss you people, and of course my favourite Malaysian food.

Special Thanks to

Li Wei,

for the laundry hamper and helping me fit in in 5U when I transferred in. You’re a great friend to have and I’m really grateful to have met you. Keep up your excellence in everything you do and don’t forget to take a break sometimes. Hope to see you when I’m back =p


for the scarf and the treat on Friday, it’s been enjoyable knowing you for years and years. I missed being in the same class with you for the last 2 years in high school but a year in Taylors kinda made up for that. Looking at the hardworking you always finishing your work and revising in class made me feel guilty all the time, it made me study and want to be like you too but my laziness isn’t fully curable sigh >.<” That I really thank you !  Also, don’t stress yourself out too much, your face has always been so clear compared to mine and suddenly I meet you after a while you have pimples popping up because of stress. You better remember to turn your skype on whenever you’re on =p


Thanks for the photo & note >.<” which I really really think I look horrible in… Come to Melbourne for a visit someday!


WOMAN! Your dated letters are making my hands so itchy that I feel like opening them before the dates actually arrive! LOL Thanks for the surprise, pretending to change your foreign currency and stalking guys just so that I wouldn’t realise it. Though you did slip out some stuff lol. Thanks for the bear and the picture!

Jyun Narn,

Thanks for the card and the super long message you wrote in it, though the part “shower you guys with wonderful gifts from Aussie” part I may not be able to fulfill LOL. Though because the card didn’t have an envelope almost everyone who saw it read it. I DO NOT appreciate the fact that I am soooo very light that you guys have to lift me up at any given chance you have. Thanks for the badminton sessions, the bear and for being yourself =p


Thanks for being such a good pet bro, fetching me to JN’s place for badminton, the bear and for being blur sometimes =p I wonder why you wanna have such a weird sis in the first place. Also, =.=” I’ll say the same to you about the lifting part, I’m gonna try my best to gain weight!!!

Kooi Chin,

If you call that writing messy… Then what do you call mine??! LOL Watch the drama till your eyes swell only syok mar =p Though your friends might think you got dumped and cried the whole night on Valentines day. Thanks for spending time with me, the prezzies and surprises.


My dear daughter which I never knew I had. Thanks for the card you almost gave me =p It wasn’t hard to guess which soft toy you got me… It was too easy to guess… only you would get something like that I guess LOL . Sorry for not being your valentine this year and also eating chocolate fondue without you but thanks for your time when you could’ve went out with someone else. Though I must say… you do look abit gay in the photo.


My dear future love novelist, thanks for being crazy about NEWS with me and entertaining me with your cute, funny, innocent but sometimes horny love fantasies. I hope to see you in Melbourne in the future. Of course there’s more I want to say but I guess I’ll just type it out in Skype!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jason
    Feb 15, 2009 @ 23:03:48

    This post seems like an oscar award thank you speech 😀

    Have fun there in Australia 🙂 Do take care of yourself ya? 🙂


  2. slvr
    Feb 15, 2009 @ 23:27:47

    Thanks! lol oscar award? omg…


  3. lyndy
    Feb 16, 2009 @ 01:17:23

    take care suet mun! all the best!


  4. Julaine
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 00:02:49

    *sobs* 想当年…… hehe remember to eat more, sleep more, play more and bring back a ah mo! 🙂


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