Greetings from Melbourne

Hello people… after 2 weeks of not having proper internet access, I mean I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY FREAKING INTERNET CONNECTION YET!!!! Currently utilizing the library’s internet service for various purposes that have no relation to academics *pulls hair out* I really miss my friends on skype, msn. Mostly you people back in Malaysia whom I usually hangout with.

If you would like to know how my flight was… it was horrible. I couldn’t sleep a wink on that 8 hour horrible flight. There was turbulence and a kid behind me who was constantly kicking my chair. Not to mention the babies on the right side of the aisle crying at certain intervals and I boarded the plane with 3 hours of sleep or less the night before. So yeah.. I think you get what I mean.

I’ve found a place to live which is directly opposite the uni’s main entrance and the bus loop. That makes it easier for me to get to lectures on time despite my horrible sleeping habits. There will yet again be no pictures in this post because I’m in the library but when have I been a person to put many pictures in my post anyway? I guess when I’m lazy to describe something or an event I’ll spam my post with pictures but that takes significantly longer to get things done which is mainly why I usually have super long posts without any pictures. I’m sorry if it damages your eyes because you take such a long time to read this =p I got sidetracked again. Do forgive me. LOL

I met many people who did SAM in Taylors and don’t really remember seeing them around. I guess it’s kinda hard when there’s about a thousand students or more last year. That aside, the asian population in Monash is about 50% and it’s interesting to guess where the person is from judging by their accents and sometimes distinctive looks. Some of the tutors and lecturers have thick accents which will take some time to get used to.

The weather now is cold, most people are now warmly dressed except for some people who can still wander around campus in only a t-shirt and shorts. I consider those people to be amazing and I personally do hope to gain some fats so I won’t die of the cold in winter but that’s easier said than done.

When you’re living alone you really have to think about a lot of things, what you’re gonna do about your meals, is there enough food in the fridge, when you’re gonna do your laundry and clean the room, toilet… that kind of thing. Also, when you’re out shopping here you buy household things like laundry baskets, water jugs…back in Malaysia, shopping = clothes, shoes, accessories and the sort. You buy stuff that you need instead of stuff that you want.

One thing about Melbourne is that the public transport is efficient unlike Malaysia. The buses are mostly on time and they have proper facilities for the disabled. Trains and trams in the city can bring you anywhere you need to go but you mostly walk. People here are very environmental friendly, when you go to Borders and buy a book they don’t give you plastic bags. You can choose to buy a enviro-friendly bag from them for a few dollars if you have too much to carry. There are recycling bins everywhere and people actually use it. Though one thing I still do not like is that most shops close at 5, which is such a drag when you have a nap and wake up late and starving.

I miss the food in Malaysia a lot, I can’t really find any spicy food that is actually spicy. If you’re thinking of trying the food here, go for anything other than Thai food. The Thai food here has been westernized to suit the tastes of the angmohs, making it not taste like Thai food at all. The Japanese food here isn’t too bad, there’s a good Japanese restaurant in South Yarra called Kagu Ra Zaka. Try it if ever you happen to go there.

I’m not sure if I’ll be going back in July, I don’t fancy sitting in the plane for 8 hours. Then there’s the packing and unpacking. If I don’t go back then I’ll be enduring the winter here. Though I really should decide now because I have to book now to get cheaper tickets.


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  1. tegolover
    Mar 07, 2009 @ 16:29:25

    =O Maybe coming back in July ah? Must inform me ya!

    Suet Mun… I’m not sure if i’m going Aus or not. Maybe I’ll be staying here =\. My mom don’t let me “FLY AWAY” =.=||. Last time she wanted me to go but now she suddenly changed her mind. Then if I were to major in accounting and finance and go to Clayton’s campus I gotta go there for 2 years. My parents allow me to go for 1 year only. So I’m really lost now. Then there’s the requirements… I must study hard!

    How r u? Made lots of frens? Got to know any cute guys? Intro intro IF I go there ya. I miss ya!~

    *sings Gan Gan Ganbatte!~*


  2. tegolover
    Mar 07, 2009 @ 16:33:37

    Oh ya check out Skyy and my blog for my LATEST GUY *wink*


  3. Jason
    Mar 09, 2009 @ 22:30:11

    Latest guy??? Must be Jasmin already this one!

    LOL. Anyway gambateh ya Suety! XD it’s really different right? when you live on your own. Deciding what to eat..where to eat and etc etc. but it’s gonna be a good experience 😀 All the best to you!

    ewwwww…..latest guy..yuck yuck.. :p


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