Most of my conversations with my friends back in Malaysia start with “how’s life there?”, “adapted to oz yet?”, “how’s it there?”. I guess that’s the most common thing you would first ask someone who has left the country to study overseas. Since, it’s a whole different country, things are different and most importantly you will have to learn to fend for yourself once you leave home. Unlike in Malaysia, Australians do not have maids who will clean your house, dirty dishes and do your laundry for you. It would cost too much to pay for one even if someone was willing to do it for you for a fee due to the minimum wages here but as a student you would be on a budget and therefore no where near being capable of affording such luxury. I’m just being random as my thoughts are just as random… moving on.

As for the people whom you meet, conversations might start like this “Hi, where are you from?”, “how long have you been here? (I often get asked that and they seem surprised at how new I am to the country for some unknown reason that I have yet to figure out)”, “what are you studying(degree)?” and so on. There I am with no internet or friends, it was kinda boring and I wasn’t quite sure how to spend my time when I had time to spare. I happened to stumble upon something which I took a few pictures of because I was terribly bored.


An actual conversation on a toilet door


Yes, I had nothing better to do...


Which is exactly why I took pictures of it...

I think that going overseas to study is a good experience to have for those who are able to afford it. You will learn a lot of things that you wouldn’t learn if you continue to live with your parents all your life. I for one am a really lazy person and wouldn’t do something if I know that there is someone who will do it for me, for example, my maid. She’ll cook for the family, clean for the family, do our laundry and iron our clothes. That was one main reason why I couldn’t seem to get my ass off the chair to learn how to do any of those while i was back home. It’s when you have to do it that you will do it.

When I first got my room, it was very dirty. The previous person who lived in it was a guy and apparently he never gave a thought in cleaning the room. I had to wipe everything over at least thrice and vacuumed the room several times even though they got someone to help clean up the room before they handed it over to me. Honestly, I feel much better when my room’s clean. I actually felt happy when I cleaned my bathroom and kitchen, don’t ask me why, I just did. Laundry still sucks because I have to feed the machine 3 dollars for each wash and another 3 dollars for the tumble dryer, and the 3 dollars has to be 3 one dollar coins which I would have to go to the library to replenish my supply every time I run out of it. Luckily they had that machine, if not I wouldn’t know where on Earth I would be able to get that much one dollar change other than from my landlord who occasionally has some.

Though my rent is pretty expensive and I have to pay for all utilities other than water myself, the location’s good – a 5-10 minute walk to which ever building my class is in, I have my own kitchen and bathroom -no need to share, my privacy even though the walls here are terribly thin, the people who live here are nice and I have a landlord who’s helpful. Occasionally, I’ll hear noises from my next door neighbour’s TV and hear her talking or conversing with someone late at night. For example, last night I went to bed pretty early only to wake up at 2 ++ am for god knows what reason to hear her talking to someone on the phone. I have yet to meet this neighbour of mine.

Books and stationery here are unbelievably expensive, the books are at least twice the price of that in Malaysia and stationery many times over. If ever you are planning to come over here, stock up on it for you are going to need it. It hasn’t been a month and my black ink cartridge just ran out in a blink of an eye. I don’t remember printing all that much, a good $60 gone for buying one XL black print cartridge. I feel like asking my family to post me a whole box of print cartridges and stationery while they’re at it from home if it’s cheaper that way. Did I mention about my budget? lol I guess not… and you probably don’t wanna hear it. Sticking to a budget is surprisingly hard.

Every time I open the fridge I have to make a mental note on what to get the next time I go grocery shopping. I still need to get a frying pan, failed miserably at trying to make an omelette with my tiny sauce pan as I couldn’t flip it so I scrambled it instead. It didn’t taste the same T.T I’m a horrible cook, don’t expect me to cook up a 10-course dinner for you anytime soon… or maybe even in this lifetime. I’m sure you guys are smart enough to stay clear of my cooking right? RIGHT?

Anyway, having a debit card is really useful. They also serve as your ATM card but the lines to use the ATM in campus are super long and I just don’t like waiting that much. One thing you could do is buy something with the debit card in places like Coles and cash out, it’s really convenient. Though be sure to check your transactions and balance every now and then, you don’t want to embarrass yourself at the counter when you swipe your card and cash out and it says insufficient funds do you? And no, that hasn’t happened to me but I could happen to someone right?

And to grandpa who’s annoyed at my constant apologizing in my posts… I would like to annoy you one last time before I stop doing it =p I’m sorry for yet again making you read my super long nonsense which I have yet no idea why you would actually go through the entire thing in the first place.. I’m also sorry for constantly getting sidetracked from the topic at hand and I’m sorry for apologizing in my posts XD

 Lastly, I would like to share a few interesting videos my Marketing lecturer shared with us on Monday. Enjoy =)

Derren Brown – Shopping Mall

Derren Brown – Wallet

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