Full Fare or Concession?

I went to Clayton Town or Clayton Shopping Centre to do some grocery shopping with Kelly today, we bought quite a lot of stuff from the Hong Kong grocer alone mostly instant stuff…So anyway, after getting our bread n stuff from Bread Top, I went to the shop to buy a metcard -> train, bus & tram ticket since I just used my last 2 hour fare for the bus ride there. Here’s how it went…

Me : I would like to get a 10 x 2 hour zone 2 metcard please…

Lady : Which are you getting? the concession or full fare?

I wonder how old she thought I was… The only people who could get concession cards were.. well the elderly or children under the age of 12. Did you know that International students aren’t eligible for student concession cards??


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  1. sunnyrainbow
    Apr 01, 2009 @ 23:43:22

    uhz? what do u mean by I would like to get a 10 x 2 hour zone 2 metcard please??? u mean the blue ticket?? why u didnt buy the black and red ticket?
    HURM..I didnt know that international students arent eligible for student consession cards..
    COZ i went to the metro station and buy the ticket bfr .. and they gave me the student concession cards ah~~~~ So are you sure you cant get it?


  2. slvr
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 11:49:06

    I think things work differently in melbourne… only local students are able to get student concession cards… and I don’t know what black and red ticket u are talking about…


  3. slvr
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 11:56:06

    Eligibility criteria
    To obtain a VPT Student Concession Card you must be:

    Attending a normal course of full time study at a school / institution registered with the Victorian Department of Education & Early Childhood Development as shown in the Victorian Public Transport Approved Schools and Approved Courses in Tertiary Institutions Register.

    A citizen or permanent resident of Australia, a student with refugee status, a student studying as part of an approved overseas exchange program, or a student with an Australian Development Scholarship (proof such as a letter from your school/institution is required).

    Unfortunately, you can’t get a VPT Student Concession Card if you’re:

    Enrolled in a masters, doctorate, or other postgraduate course
    An overseas full-fee paying student (primary, secondary or tertiary)
    Enrolled in a tertiary course which is less than 10 weeks duration
    Enrolled in an apprenticeship course
    Studying off-campus
    A New Zealand student on a Special Category Visa


  4. sunnyrainbow
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 11:39:27

    uhz reallly?? But yesterday the ticket officer guy who check my bus ticket and my student card is ok lor… yea maybe it works differently in Melb.. 😛 neway~~ you dont have to worry about bus tickets la~ you live so nearby to the uni =.= .. unlike me .. everyday travel by bus to uni >.< aihz~

    red and black ticket? you dont know?
    black ticket cost around $7.+ which can be use during weekdays from 9am-3pm..
    red is available for all time.. ($13.80)

    so people like me who travel by bus everyday can actually use the black ticket to save a little sometime.. .. oh well better than nothing~ 😛


  5. slvr
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 12:58:47

    Of course I don’t know about those tickets.. the transportation service in melbourne is different from adelaide.. well I still need my metcards to get around like go grocery shopping or to the city.. that kind of thing =p


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