Hello earthlings who bother to read my posts, I’ve been rather lazy yet again. It’s freezing today… Well, not literally freezing but the temperature’s between 9 degrees C and 16 degrees C. That’s not the worst part, it rained and the wind’s super cold. Anyone who isn’t dressed warmly is just waiting to freeze their asses off. I need more fats in my body, my body’s insulation system just seems to be non-existent.

Time flies whether or not you like it, Friday’s good friday and I’ve a week’s study + assignment break. Then, I’ve tests on each subject and a assignment deadline. I’ve noticed how deadlines affect how I spend my time, the effects are not good. As a student I’ve never been overly hardworking and finishing my work before the deadlines, it’s always last minute work. I wonder if I’ll ever change… Whenever I start on something the voice in my head keeps telling me… there’s still plenty of time… only when I’m really out of time will that voice shut up.

Procrastination has always been my biggest problem aside from the lack of motivation to do anything at all. I give up to easily in almost everything I do, I’d be a much better person if I had the motivation. I admire people who are determined, motivated towards their goal. How am I to follow them when I can’t find a goal to achieve? I can’t seem to plan for the long term… Maybe I’ll succeed one day.

I noticed that I’ve been drifting off a lot during tutorials and lectures. Somehow when I’m paying attention to the lecturers or the tutors, certain keywords will trigger my imagination and thoughts. From that point on I’m practically day dreaming and their voices turn into background noises which is really bad because I don’t want to be wasting my parents hard earned money to send me here. Even when I’m playing a card game I’ll suddenly get lost in my thoughts and annoy the rest of the people who were waiting for me to play my turn. It’s funny how the direction of my thoughts are scattered each time in no relation to one another, I would love to find out the cause of it.

That aside… there are things that I’ve noticed in the month that I’ve been here and living alone. I’LL NEVER BE A GOOD HOUSEWIFE! I dislike housework but will do it only because I need to. I clean because I want the place to be clean, I cook because I need to eat, I do the laundry because I need clean clothes to wear. Guys out there… Please don’t find a wife like me if you ever want to be free of sharing the burden of doing housework or get a high paying job and employ a maid.

Facebook quizzes have been popular recently, I’ve been doing them when I’m bored. Most of my Ideal jobs and the what major should you be in quiz results all suggest that I should be in the health sciences. Weird isn’t it? Not really, I did consider studying that before but a few things made me change my mind and here I am today. I still love learning about science though.

My idol’s birthday is coming up soon, on the 9th of April. I even thought of sending him a handmade birthday card but decided against it. I’ve never been good at it anyway and it’s probably a waste of effort  to send it all the way there when you don’t know if he’s ever going to read it among all the other thousands of cards that he gets =). It’s funny how I can get motivated by that person’s diary, reading his thoughts in his diary can actually make people admire and want to be like him.

Here’s something I made before I got my internet when I was overly bored…



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