Happy Easter Holidays!

It’s my long awaited break… or not… I’ve lots to do during this “holiday” but I hope I’ll get them done ASAP! Santi gets 2 weeks off while I only have a week which is rather… well… not enough for the workload I have and stuff. So anyway, I was craving for sashimi for a while and I finally went to have some yesterday *drools*.

I slept kinda late the night before it and set my alarm clock to 8.40 am… when it rang.. I turned it off and fell asleep holding it =.=|||. When I woke up again it was 9.50 am, I jumped into the shower to get ready so I wouldn’t miss the bus. Kelly and I ended up taking the bus to Clayton station instead of Huntingdale as the bus we were waiting for didn’t turn up, and the next one was in 23 minutes. We would miss the train if we waited for that bus, so instead of taking that bus we went to Clayton to catch the train and met up with Junko on the train.

We were too caught up with talking that we forgot to get off at South Yarra station to switch trains to get to Prahran. We got lost looking for Tsukiji and ended up going in the wrong direction along Chapel st. We asked someone for directions and finally got on the right track.  While we were walking to the restaurants we saw so many obedient dogs, the people here really train their dogs well. T.T I want a pet! *sobs*


Black & white photos of the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo

 The smell of vinegar in Tsukiji really makes you hungry, because I think they only have one chef in the store… the food took a while to come =p but it was worth the wait. They also, sell sashimi, frozen gyoza and a lot more. If I weren’t planning to walk around in the city I would have bought some back to eat =p.


Looks mouth watering doesn't it?

 We were drooling while looking at this poster on the wall…


Sashimi Set for $12


Unadon *drools* Oishii!


Takoyaki Umai!


Snacks, sauces and wine =p


Kelly & Me


Junko & Me after the food came


Junko & Me before the food came


Kelly & Me & my sashimi set

As you can see in the pictures above… I still don’t like appearing in photos…After we finished our meal, we walked back towards Prahran Station to head to the city, on the way there we saw this shop selling awfully weird shoes… mostly gothic and these really painful looking shoes… It’s a wonder how people actually wear it.


Just looking at it makes me think of the pain!

We went to Melbourne Central and walked around… I went in every shop that had sales that day but didn’t buy anything. They’re finally selling winter clothing and some shops even have pre-winter sales. A|X had sales on jackets and knitwear, of course the clothes looked nice the same could be said with the price. I could never afford that nor would I risk spoiling it with the way I do my laundry. So what if I’m a cheapskate? XD I saw this really nice pair of boots in FCUK though… It’s suede and I didn’t dare to look at the price. I feel like getting a piece of thick knitwear, my hoodies are a little thin for certain days and my “raincoat” is too big. Hard to find something that’s just nice…

We were lucky to have stumbled upon this as we were walking around aimlessly… Two extremely talented street artists <– I don’t know what to call them please correct me if you know what I should be calling them. There was a crowd gathered around them, they just stood there and watched them work.


The one on the left was still working on his piece while the one on the right has just finished

 They used things like plates, bowls, cups and other stuff to  cover certain parts e.g the planets while they worked on the background. You wouldn’t know what they were making until they finish it. It’s amazing how it turns out really nice and all.


Drawing/scraping the plant like things.

They have so many layers of paint on that “canvas” that you would’ve lost count. He sprayed a mix of yellow and green paint before spraying on the shades of purple and blue. I just realised that I had forgotten to take a shot of the completed piece. Some one asked him how long it took him to complete one piece, he said about 30 minutes. The person then commented that he’d get nowhere near that in just 30 minutes. Another person said that it takes more than just talent to come up with stuff like that. It ended up to be quite similar to the piece below. The plants I meant.


The other piece from the guy on the left

By the way, if you were wondering how much they were selling these for, its $20 each. Not too bad a price I think if you stayed and watched the show as well as bought their art. 


My favourite piece from the guy on the right

I really liked the winter-ish feel of it and the colour =p I wonder if I’ll ever get to make something like this one day when I have the time lol. Some of you might start lecturing me about “what do you mean by you don’t have the time” and stuff… I guess my biggest flaw is the lack of motivation to start something and actually finish it. I’ve so many unfinished projects =p don’t ask what.



Again from the guy on the right

I really liked the detail on the black piece. Really makes you envious of their talent to be able to produce such beautiful pieces of art. I wouldn’t mind stumbling into them again and standing there to watch them work on their art any other day as long as I’ve the time.

On to another topic, I’ve put up posters on my walls recently along with another calendar. Its scary sometimes when the photographers are too good that the people in the posters look like they’re staring straight at you  from whichever angle you look at it >.<|||. Maybe it’s just my imagination gone wild but it’s kinda creepy sometimes as much as I love the people in the posters LOL. I’ll get used to it soon enough … hopefully.


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  1. kenwooi
    Apr 15, 2009 @ 05:01:20

    haha happy easter day too! belated? lol anything la.. lol


  2. How I Lost Thirty Pounds in Thirty Days
    May 04, 2009 @ 16:06:50

    Hi, good post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for sharing. I will certainly be coming back to your posts.


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