Festival Hall 21.04.09

I totally wasted my Easter Break, didn’t do much other than sleep, eat and more sleep, not to mention completing my accounting assignment which I have been procrastinating. I had a Economics exam right after the break which was the same day that my accounting assignment was due. Luckily it was MCQ so it wasn’t that bad. Jason Mraz’s concert was on 21st, Tuesday and I had a marketing test the next morning but I went anyway.

Before the concert I was pretty worried about the test because I wasn’t really prepared for it but I managed to forget about the test during the concert XD. It was awesome, well I didn’t really like Lisa Mitchell’s music. She has a voice, she can sing but I didn’t like her type of music and she wasn’t connecting with the crowd. She kept looking down and anywhere but the crowd when she was singing. The first few songs she sang didn’t really hit it with the crowd but the last song got our attention because it was pretty catchy.

Next up was Eric Hutchinson, he was good and entertaining even though I’ve never heard of him or any of his songs I liked his songs. He first started his performance with a jacket on, the venue wasn’t cold at all, it was pretty warm and after that it was pretty hot, I wondered how he could stand wearing the jacket at all. After 2 songs he took it off though… It would take too long for me to post the pictures one by one and caption all of them so I just posted them in a gallery, you can take a look if you’re interested.

Finally Jason Mraz came out, he made us wait quite a long time… his sound checks took the longest. The girl in front of me was pretty impatient and said ” why won’t he just get off the stage and have Jason come out already?!” Oh one important thing I forgot when I bought my tickets were that this was Melbourne and most people were at least A HEAD TALLER than me. I ended up struggling for a view most of the time. There was this super tall guy in a leather jacket, but he was pretty nice to let the shorter girls stand in front of him =). Too bad for Kelly though, she was blocked by this tall & big sized woman who loved to move about. I was lucky to not have my toes stepped on when the people in front of me started jumping and to be on the safe side I stepped a few steps back to avoid it, Kelly wasn’t that lucky and according to her, that happened in every single concert.

Jason Mraz really interacted with the crowd, he made us do a unified dance for those standing and in order to make those in the stands not feel left out, he made them do a wave. He also did the normal I-sing-something-and-you-guys-follow-me thing which was fun when he pitched different sides against each other. He also made the ladies sing parts with deep voices and the guys parts with high pitched voices LOL. The crowd sang the most for the song “I’m Yours”. I enjoyed the concert a lot because there was a lot of interaction, he was funny and he can really sing.

He also said that his favourite quote was ” TAKE IT FUCKING EASY” and held up a cardboard with that written on it. I didn’t manage to get a picture of that though. Here’s a video of him singing Mr.Curiosity & fooling around towards the end. Sorry about the shaky video and the singing you hear is not from me but from the 3 oz girls in front of me who were tall and love dancing. When they started moving their bodies I had to move my cam so their hair wouldn’t block the view. So much for being short. Sigh.

I was hoping that he would sing “If it kills me” but he didn’t, he didn’t sing “the remedy” either. He sang (not in order) “only human”, “i’m yours”, ” a beautiful mess”, “the dynamo of violation”, “Please don’t tell her”, “butterfly”, “make it mine”, “love for a child”, “mr.curiosity”, “details in the fabric” (maybe), “did you get my message?”(maybe) and I can’t remember anymore lol.

you’ll probably be able to see bigger versions of the pictures if you go to http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=78085&id=704802897

 I didn’t manage to get a t-shirt, regret not buying it when we first went into the hall.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cheryl
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 01:12:14

    woot woot! guess who! saw the link from your msn. anyway… OMFG i love eric hutchinson!!! he was the opening act?! dammit! but anyway gawd i wished i went to jason mraz’s concert! DAARGH!


  2. slvr
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 11:18:46

    LOL hahahaha! why didn’t you want to go then? Eric Hutchinson was pretty good live =) but not as good as Jason Mraz haha!


  3. Cheryl
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 17:36:35

    haha my email was a total giveaway wasn’t it… i wanted to! but nobody i knew wanted/could go! 😦 and i didn’t know you or kelly then… aww yes jason is an amrazing singer. 😀


  4. Cheryl
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 17:37:12

    oh and i’m already going for another concert… so i’m waaaaayy broke at the moment D:


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