Week 9 aka hell week

Hey people.. I decided to post something short because the poor blog has been sadly neglected by its two either busy or lazy authors. Let me summarize what hell week had in store for me ..

1. 3k word essay for management .. due May 6th . Academic Journals only

2. Economics tutorial test on May 4th.

3. Accounting Presentation, May 7th.

4. Accounting “class test” May 8th

I can confidently say that I screwed my economics tutorial test as I was sleepy and couldn’t write fast enough as we only had 15 minutes to finish the question and I wasn’t that well prepared. My management assignment is a gone case as well, last minute work never pays off… yes… I know.. after so many past experiences with last minute work I should know what I’m in for and yet I can’t seem to kick the habit…It’s crazy to write a 3k words essay in just two days…

I slept around 5.30 a.m as I still had Marketing tutorial exercise to complete after completing my management assignment and woke up around 8.40 a.m to go to my Marketing tutorial. After that I just spent the entire afternoon in the library with my group mate preparing for the accounting presentation which is only worth 5% … the preparation took extra long as we were both drained from the management assignment. Crazy as it sounds, we agreed to meet up at 7am the next morning to check our presentation.

After struggling to complete my accounting homework that night, with much help from my dear beloved friend Jasmin who helped me a whole lot because my brain wasn’t functioning well at all with just 3 hours of sleep. I went to bed at 10pm for the first time in months only to wake up at 11pm because my mom called my house phone, I was so drained that I couldn’t be bothered with answering her phone, I turned off my house phone as well as mobile phone for good measure. YES I’M A BAD DAUGHTER! According to my dad, because I didn’t call her back she phoned everyone she knew…


Apparently she called Kooi Chin to ask her if she saw me online earlier on.. =.=||| and luckily grandpa was there to tell her that I went off to bed already… I wouldn’t want to imagine what would’ve happened if he wasn’t there to tell her that…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. swei
    May 11, 2009 @ 17:39:57

    She’ll fly off to Aussie to wake you up just to say hi. LOL.

    JK JK.

    SMUN, it’s time to organise your time well. Poor you. You cannot go on without sufficient sleep everyday!


  2. slvr
    May 12, 2009 @ 15:32:12

    LOL Uhhhhz… >.<” I HOPE THAT NEVER HAPPENS! NIGHTMARE WEI! lol yeah time management has never been my forte


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