1 Down 3 More to go!


I woke up just in time to catch this!

I had my first University exam today… I’ve had problems sleeping recently and so I purposely tired myself out yesterday so I would be able to sleep and wake up on time today. What you see up there is the view outside my window… Not the greatest view you’ll get but still better than nothing =) I’d like to ignore the lower half of the picture and just stare at the colours in the upper half ~ It wasn’t too bad waking up at 7 am cos I got the chance to capture that… I was super paranoid about not being able to sleep and wake up on time for my test today that I set 3 alarms to ensure that I did wake up and stay up long enough to get out of the warm comfy bed…

After I got out of bed the challenge was to make sure that I wasn’t sleepy during the test so I grabbed a packet of coffee powder my mom grabbed from the hotel a few months ago and added 3 sachets of sugar … Okay.. so 3 was kinda overdoing it but whatever it’s not like I drink that much everyday… If the coffee didn’t keep me up the sugar would have worked anyway… I kept sneaking peeks out my window to see if there was anything worth seeing and there was XD Lucky me ~!


I tried to capture as much as I could through my window but sadly it isn't enough

I tried to capture as much as I could through my window but sadly it isn't enough

 I sent the pictures to the “twins” Skyy & Jas and they commented that it looks more like sunset than dawn to them … In the picture above I tried to NOT capture the trees and the street lights but as you can see… I failed to do so.. oh well… One can only do so much with limited space through my window frame.. It’s kind of a drag when your exams are all the way in Caulfield and you have to travel there for them when it’s cold & windy outside, of course they have the shuttle buses which are free but the bus driver tries to squeeze everyone into the bus so they don’t end up getting late for the exam because they couldn’t fit on that particular bus…

As I walked from my house to the bus loop, freezing and all… I could see that the moon was still up in the sky and all.. It’s quite a common sight here but not in Malaysia.. the sky is usually so bright that you can’t see anything other than the clouds and it’s too sunny to stare up into the sky.. One thing about here is that the skies are always so blue ~ my favourite colour!

I bet I would have gotten a better shot of the sky if my room was one level higher...

I bet I would have gotten a better shot of the sky if my room was one level higher...

Earlier this week I was enjoying my sleep & dreaming about something that I cannot remember thanks to a call from Optus at 8 am in the morning… could they have chosen a better time to call? why not 11 am? or 10 even?! Sleepy as I was I picked up and was bombarded with lots of questions that I would have shot them down rather than just answered as I did because I was so damned sleepy…

For future students coming to Melbourne and considering getting a postpaid service from Optus and are living in the suburbs you might want to re-think it, going for 3 would be a better idea. Due to the trend in international students defaulting in payments and running away with their brand new phones, they have now tightened their requirements for post paid applicants who just happen to be international students. The locals only require to present their medicare card, drivers license as well as ID card… International students however need to present their OSHC card, bank card, student ID, Visa, Passport, bank statement to obtain 100 points of identification, they will also try to obtain your residential address in your home country just in case.

The question that annoyed me the most in that call was…

“Are you currently working ?”

“Not at the moment…”

“Then how do you plan to fund the service?”

“Funding from parents..”

“As in they send it over from overseas?”

That guy was damned lucky I was so damned sleepy that I didn’t shoot him with questions of my own…They already have my home address in Malaysia, what more do they want? As long as I effing pay their bills on time they have nothing to worry about right? ARGH I’m so pissed off with them! Don’t give us the fucken service if you want to extort information out of your customers like this because you don’t trust them and I’ve barely been using the service for a week… If you want more customers, please your existing ones and don’t piss them off because you’ll suffer the consequences.. word of mouth is the strongest weapon we have you know..

Sorry for the vulgarities above.. well… okay I wasn’t THAT sorry for using it because I HAD to use it or else I wouldn’t be happy… or less pissed off…

By the way… DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND STARBURST SQUIRTS IN MELBOURNE???! I can’t seem to find any… Do they even sell it anymore?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kenwooi
    Jun 15, 2009 @ 20:52:30

    wow nice colour of the sky =)


  2. slvr
    Jun 16, 2009 @ 16:03:21

    Yeah =) love it!


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