Annoying spam comments

I’ve always wondered what the purpose of those spam comments/mails we always receive are for.. well other than the fact that they annoy the hell out of us who are trying to maintain a proper blog… on youtube, you get annoying ringtone advertising comments, sex services advertisements.. etc etc.. and some kind souls are willing to filter the spam comments for you by clicking mark as spam for you =) I’m not saying nobody actually clicks on them.. a certain group of people surely do.. they’re either naive (the ringtone ads) or they’re just plain perverts (sex ads) especially those with celebrity names like “Paris Hilton” & the words “sex tape” on them..

According to that.. the currently popular celebrities to see naked are Daniel Radcliffe, Rihanna & Kim Kardashian.. They are also aiming at pedophiles who are interested in teens having sex… Thank god people actually bothered to create spam guards like Akismet so we don’t have to actually look at those comments on our blog.. but sometimes they do block genuine comments that may seem like spam >.<|||

Spam mails on the other hand.. seem to think that I’m a guy and that I need viagra.. or that I’m FAT and need to lose weight.. Other than that they think I’ll click on their fake banking emails or that they’re gonna sue me for god knows what reason.. Then again, there are also those imitation branded goods like watches or bags that they think I’ll even pay attention to.. What better place to get those other than Petaling Street back home? lol

Yes, I’m feeling very lame at the moment…

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  1. magnifique100
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 03:47:12

    I don’t understand the purpose of spam comments either. If I see them, I just delete them.


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