Home Sweet Home (The Oven)

Hey people ! So I’ve been too lazy to update the blog recently, that’s mainly why you haven’t seen any posts from me for the past few weeks… I flew back to Malaysia the day after I finished my management exam which was my last exam paper for the semester… Thankfully I didn’t catch swine flu though wearing a mask is pure torture.. I can’t breathe in that thing! and I look ridiculous wearing it.. The Australian masks look like beaks… they aren’t flat like the ones you see in Malaysia…

Some of you are probably gonna be horrified to know that the night I touched down in KL I went to Devi’s Corner for Tandoori Chicken & Garlic Naan. The very next day I went to get a hair cut and had Nyonya food for dinner at Ah Tuan Ee’s. The day after that I went for a “jog” with six other people in Bukit Kiara. I just walked up & down the hill… I’m not fit at all… Then, mamak after that! I was starving after the walk.. Woke up around 6.20 am that morn.. It was my B’day .. The gang gave me Sims 3 Collector’s Edition ^ _ ^ v Soooooo Happy lol!

I had a heavenly Japanese dinner at Xenri, it costed a bomb! but it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD! The Sashimi ~ Yummmmmmmmm~ *drools* I want more LOL! My mom got me a cake from Cake Sense, Mango Mousse cake. It was quite nice ^^

My self-quarantine comprised of only 3 days ( the days I was completely absorbed playing the sims 3) My character’s a Rock Star with bright pink hair and married to a International Top Secret Agent with blue hair, Jasmin’s a Chairman and she’s married to David Archuleta who’s a World Renowned Surgeon. We’re sisters & both have a pair twin girls each. A family of 8 is HELL to take care of in the game… especially 4 babies/toddlers/children. They live in a glass house.. Everything’s surrounded by glass.. except for the toilets =p Other than that I was practicing my guitar, my fingers still hurt from it.

On Thursday, Aiman & Gramps came over to play sims 3. Aiman created both herself & Gramps. Aiman’s character is a Goth aspiring to be Master of the Arts while Jyun Narn has dark blue hair aspiring to be a Celebrity Cook lol. She took really long creating her character & their house is still under construction. When Aiman was creating her characters she kept turning around to stare at Gramps’ face & then tweak the character’s face in the game. We took a break mid-way & had Dominos for lunch. After that we practiced our driving around my area.. by “we” I mean Aiman & me. It was really funny when we were trying to get Aiman to park my car. After several tries she managed to side park! Though in the process we saw a horrified old couple who wanted to drive out standing there staring at us while Aiman tried to side park outside their house… Then, I tried to teach Gramps a few chords on the guitar, he was pretty persistent to get C right.

Friday came & we went out to One Utama to watch Transformers 2, it was funny but most of the time it was the seven of us in the corner at the back there laughing throughout the movie while the rest of the cinema were silent. I think they didn’t quite get the jokes. I’m probably gonna watch it again when I get my hands on a copy of the DVD, Malaysia censors too many parts in movies! You feel lost cos you don’t see the censored part.. one can only guess what happened. There was one part that I was surprised they didn’t censor though.. Jas & me went “yerrrrrrr”. We had dinner around 8.40 pm because the show was at 6 pm .

Saturday was another rest day, I spent the day making a racket with my guitar while my bro took over my comp dota-ing all day long. Then went for dinner with relatives. Nothing much happened that day…

On Sunday, I dragged my bro over to Jyun Narn’s place to play badminton with the guys. My bro was cracking all sorts of crude jokes on the court, luckily they didn’t catch most of them. I enjoyed seeing him tease Baezil all the way…Baezil’s Jedi MOVES are back XD . We had fun ^^ but sadly our muscles are still aching now.. That night we went to MV, I went shopping for some stuff with my mom while my bro persuaded my dad to buy me a 1TB external HDD! XD

Monday was spent playing Little Big Planet at Baezil’s. I went overboard with the decorations & they were horrified when they got back from KFC with our lunch! Mmmmmmmm CHEEZY WEDGES!!!  Grandpa’s character went from Super Zebra to Zorro with a skeleton torso as a shield , Baezil’s from “Romeo” to Flower boy ( I covered him with flowers), Aiman’s corpse bride (fangs & skeleton) just got scarier cos I accidentally painted her tongue black, & my character wore a voodoo mask & a hat with a flower on top & my dress had a picture of a blue monkey.We watched LOTR 3 while eating lunch, Aiman got the hobbits names wrong lol. She was drooling over Elijah Wood & Legolas (Orlando Bloom) . We continued our nonsense after that sticking skeleton hands, eyeballs , clam shells & leaves all over each other. Baezil stuck sun flowers all over his character, I made my char into a cute cat with blue hair lol, Aiman’s char still had fangs but red hair & striped body. We laughed our asses off playing the game.

Today I went to Pyramid to meet up with Siew Mun, Tung Herr & Lydia. Tung Herr was afraid that I had swine flu =.=|||. I almost forgot that there were so many assholes on the road.

Sorry guys, no pictures =p For some reason I kept forgetting to bring my camera out … There are a few things I noticed though.. Premier Facial Tissue is super ROUGH compared to Kleenex in Aussie. As always nothing can beat Malaysian food IN MALAYSIA =p In the right restaurants that is.

Things I don’t Miss about Malaysia

1. The HEAT

2. Mosquitos

3. Cockroaches ( There was one that was pretending to be dead in my toilet welcoming me home the night I flew back)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karman
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 20:33:49

    Girl, you are back! U din tell me that… Home…warmest place!
    The sim 3 should be a lot fun…. wish to have that too!
    It’s been long time not hanging out at ur blog… anyways stay in touch ya girl… and dun lazy in updating ur blog! (Although me myself keep lazy to do so XP)


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