August is here…

It’s been 23 days since my last post.. long enough for SOMEONE to consider me MIA =p I guess I am MIA in a sense that I’ve been feeling TOO lazy to update the blog while getting used to campus life again after taking a 3 week long break back home in hot and humid Malaysia. It’s become significantly colder when I came back compared to before I left for my holiday, it wasn’t as windy then.. not to mention the rain! It almost always rains and my umbrella broke.. I have yet to buy a replacement for it. The ones with the MONASH UNI logo on it costs around $26 with a tag saying “WIND PROOF”, while the normal smaller ones I saw in the campus center pharmacist sells for $8. I haven’t checked the prices elsewhere but will do so soon.. or maybe not so soon.

My electricity bill for the last quarter took out almost a quarter of my monthly budget. It’s a huge amount to let go off at one go. All that just for electricity, but being the stick thin me, I can’t help but blast the heater  when I’m awake and hibernating in my room. The subjects I’m taking this semester are rather … killing? I can’t seem to decide which I dislike more… Business Law “there is no right or wrong answer, all that we’ve discussed so far IS the answer” or Macroeconomics ” draw a graph and analyse taking into account the bla bla bla”. Another thing about this semester is the group presentations/ assignments. I absolutely hate those. Let’s just hope I survive it.

To update you about what I’ve been doing lately… I’ll use a few pictures…


This is the reason my fingers almost always hurt 7 days a week

or maybe 3 days a week this week because i was rushing my assignment 4 days of it. I was also making a horrible racket with it, I hope my neighbours don’t start hating me because I suck at guitar so bad… I got this the day I was due to fly back to Melbourne with my mom as my sponsor. Don’t like the gold colour on the casing.. but it was the only one they had that fit.

Other than that I was watching…







As you can see.. I was keeping myself busy with everything but studying and blogging. I still can’t dump the habit of doing last minute work.. perhaps my will to do so is not as strong as my will to watch all those shows when they catch my attention. There are still a few shows I have yet to mention but I guess u guys won’t wanna know anyway =p

There was a poster sale this week, so I bought 2 posters on Thursday after handing in my business stats assignment.



I’ve been looking for a decent poster of them for quite some time, so I got this immediately after spotting it. bet you can’t see Hayley’s nose ring in the picture -p Love her hair though.


This is what I see when I look up from my macbook =p

It’s a bit ripped at the bottom and it was the last one so i got a few bucks off it. Oh well =p you won’t notice it anyway. I can just stare at it when I’m super stressed and imagine I’m standing there taking in the view and relaxing. Good way to de-stress if it works for you =p There was a multi-cultural festival last week, they were selling fairy floss for 50 cents each, too bad the wind was blowing really hard. My friend tried to eat it out in the open and she got it on her face & hair. Oh and on Monday at 1pm everyone had to evacuate the Menzies building cos I’m assuming somebody pushed the emergency button. It was the first time I saw so many people out in the lawn freezing in the cold wind waiting for them to allow us to enter the god-damned building again.


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