Drunk people are always interesting to watch..

So we’ve been neglecting the blog for almost a month now… A few people have been demanding I update it. So here it is! TaDaaaa~! Right.. Firstly, congratulations to Santi’s sister, Rasima for winning Miss Munchy’s & 2nd runner up in the Miss Cosmos competition. *insert loud applause*

Well, I can say that we’ve been busy with mid-semester tests, assignments and the like. I was down with some flu/ sinus infection for a few days, then spent a few Tuesdays rushing to the toilet when I was supposed to attend my lectures (but I can always listen to the recordings.. so no worries there) and then there was that killer business law assignment which thank god is finally over! I dread knowing what I got for that piece of crap I wrote along with my partner. Last week was a killer, accounting test on Monday, macroeconomics on Tuesday & business law assignment on Thursday.

Well, as you can see I have not been allocating my time well at all always ending up in last minute situations which make me want to kick myself. You’ve heard me saying this time and time again, procrastination will be the death of me.. it’s the one habit I can’t seem to kick. Well… maybe that AND my inverted sleeping hours which I am desperately trying to correct ( I had it all under control until last week ). I’ve also noticed that I have not been chatting with Santi for quite sometime.. she has always seemed busy with multiple assignments and the like, I hope she’s not stressing herself out too much.

You must be wondering about the title of this post, are you not? I went out with my high school classmates on Saturday, mainly Sasha, Shamila, Mei Yin and Daryl who was there for a short while. I also met Jinli, Sasha’s friend. We went to Lion Hotel in Melbourne Central. Sham came over from Sydney for a week and is still in Melbourne at the moment. It’s the first time I met up with them whilst in Melbourne despite being in the same city for 6 months, I always bump into them back in Malaysia but never see them at all in Melbourne.

Shamila had a goal that night, and the goal was to GET DRUNK. She dragged Sasha with her, they both got drunk. It all went downhill from there… I didn’t know the dance floor was such a happening place. Should’ve gotten a picture or video down as evidence. I doubt I’ll forget that night though I have this feeling it’ll be stuck in my head forever. They would probably kill me if I disclosed every single detail I happened to witness in that one night here on my blog so I’ll probably just keep it under wraps until their wedding day. Though I happened to slip that out and am officially off Shamila’s future wedding invitation list. Oh well, Mei Yin said that I could always just crash her party XD

I’ve never seen so much in one night before and I thought my journey to Melbourne central was interesting… It pales in comparison to what I happened to see later that night. We were supposed to meet at Melbourne central at 10pm, so I took the bus around 8.30pm and then hopped on to the train that arrived around 9.10pm after waiting for 20 mins or more. As I entered the train I saw that the floor of the train was wet, then I saw a beer bottle somewhere under the seat.

After a quick glance I saw 7-8 caucasian guys almost all holding a bottle of beer and so I walked all the way to the other door and sat down. Being under the influence of alcohol they were acting rather “silly” or so some one put it (that some one happened to be the Connex -Melbourne train/railway company- customer service personnel). Drunk people are always loud, laughing, joking, pulling pranks and prone to doing stupid stuff. A few of them decided to hang out at the doors, daring each other to get out at each stop and get back in at the last minute, delaying the train quite a few times and whooping at each others accomplishment of their dares.

As usual I had my headphones on listening to my favourite music, I could die of boredom if were to take public transport without music especially when it took at least 45 minutes to get to my destination. I heard the warning beeping sounds the train makes when the doors are closing, but the train was moving, there was no reason why I should hear those sounds while the train was moving so I turned in their direction. They had the train doors open, were sticking their heads and had one hand out whooping like they were having the time of their lives. The group of girls sitting near that door got up and walked all the way to my door. They changed cars at the next stop.

After two stops, four people dressed like they were attending some halloween party got into the train. They had makeup, one drew a fake moustache but all had one similarity in their make up, fake blood. Fake blood streamed from their heads/noses/ mouths and down the front of their shirts which looked a century out of fashion. They took their seats near the door the drunkards were dominating. At the stop after that, 5 Connex customer service personnel got on the train and started trying to talk some sense into them. Their talking looked friendly for 20 minutes then they asked them to get off the train. I heard them saying things along the line of ” if you’re gonna drink on the train then get off ” and ” you guys haven’t got a ticket you shouldn’t even be on the train”

Most of the group got off the train while a few others tried to delay as long as they could. “Awww man! When’s the next train??”. One of them was tall, taller than the train’s doors, while getting off he told the personnel ” You know, you guys should make the entrances higher, my head can’t get past it”. Another one had the ticket, ” What about me? I have a ticket?” The personnel decided that the entire group should get off so he made him get off the train too. Then, he pointed at the group of people dressed for halloween ” They’ve got MAKE UP ON!” which made them and other people in the train laugh.

Drunk people are interesting aren’t they? Any of you have any interesting stories you would like to share? That is if sharing the information won’t get you killed..


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