Porridge (my “favourite)

So I caught a cold some time between Monday and Tuesday (the symptoms showed up on Tuesday, freezing cold hands in a relatively warm room, light headedness, possible fever, the sneezing, running nose and most importantly the miserableness that comes with a cold) . So yeah I was feeling pretty miserable for the later half of Tuesday, and I was wondering why I felt so tired on Monday. I woke up with a killer sore throat on Tuesday, in an attempt to get rid of the bacteria I had in my mouth/throat I brushed twice. It helped a little bit – remind me to get some Listerine the next time I go grocery shopping – I drank some water,  swallowed a fish oil tablet and drank Redoxon but it was already too late to try to build my immune system.

The highlight of Tuesday was when my Macroeconomics lecturer caught someone taking a picture and promptly asked the person in front of the entire lecture hall , “Why are you taking pictures? I mean I know I look FANTASTIC and all but still …”

I certainly found it hard to sleep while trying to sweat my fever out for more than 50 minutes each time because I would rush to the toilet due to the intake of water and around 1 am, I woke up to my neighbour singing. It’s really rare that I am able to decipher what she’s singing most of the time, this time it was relatively easy… and boy was she loud! I really hope my other neighbours don’t mistaken her for me.

“What if I wanted to break
Laugh it all off in your face
What would you do? (Oh, oh)
What if I fell to the floor
Couldn’t take all this anymore
What would you do, do, do?

Come break me down
Bury me, bury me
I am finished with you”

-30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill

It was really loud, at the top of her lungs loud, and I might also add… out of tune at certain parts. The song finished and she launched into the next song…

“From the bottom of my broken heart
There’s just a thing or two I’d like you to know
You were my first love, you were my true love
From the first kisses to the very last rose
From the bottom of my broken heart
Even though time may find me somebody new
You were my real love, I never knew love
‘Til there was you
From the bottom of my broken heart”

– Britney Spears – From the bottom of my broken heart

I should also mention that I woke up on Tuesday to her singing, but couldn’t quite figure out just what she was singing. On Wednesday, I finally got rid of my runny nose and sneezing but my throat was killing me. It would be so nice to have my mom here taking care of me, not needing to do anything but just rest and get well. I also found this interesting article while randomly looking for interesting news articles.


What’s your view on transgender children? would you accept them or shun them and call them names?

I think Jazz is one of the luckier transgender children to have a family so accepting and supportive of her and just letting her be who she wants to be as long as it makes her happy, many other transgender children are just plainly ignored or opposed and punished and most of them are likely to commit suicide.

Oh by the way, I made porridge today. One more piece of info on me, I absolutely HATE eating porridge. I don’t know how it started, I used to like porridge (a long long time ago when my dad used to bring us to eat “tim kai chuk” ).

I do have one evidently scary incident with porridge when my relatively new maid decided to make porridge that day, she chopped up quite a bit of ginger into strips and instead of putting them in a bowl for us to add in if we wanted to when we were eating it, she added it in when it was boiling. Another important piece of info on me, I can’t stand eating ginger unless it’s fried or added moderately. She scooped 3 bowls of her ginger porridge for my grandma, herself and me. Looking at the bowl of porridge was already horrifying, it was even worse when I scooped it up with my spoon and what came up was more ginger strips to porridge. My maid was eating it though, when I say eating I meant for every spoonful of porridge she put into her mouth she was plucking the ginger strips out one by one and depositing them onto a tissue she prepared for it. I actually tried to eat the damned thing while trying to avoid chomping directly onto the ginger strips.. after a few spoonfuls I just sat there playing with my food. She being new was afraid of me in the food department as I was known to be a VERY PICKY eater like my dad, and asked me if I would like some maggi mee, that saved the day man.

I guess an incident like that would do something to you wouldn’t it?


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