Anybody thinking of signing up? Hahaha

100 Cempaka students to get iPhones

KUALA LUMPUR: One hundred students of the soon-to-be-opened Cempaka International Ladies College (Clic) are getting an iPhone 3GS each for free.

The Apple phone, courtesy of local distributor Maxis Communications Bhd, will be used by the students as an education tool and a communications device.

Clic, which is to be a private college in Sepang, will open its doors on Sept 26.


Anybody thinking of signing up now? Sure I’ll be jealous of them but I’d wager the fees they’ll be paying will be many times the price of that phone they get for free, not too bad a deal and great way to promote the product as well. Such a privilege though, to enter private/ international schools or colleges =) . Of course as they say “the grass is always greener on the other side”.

Note to Santi : I thought you said you’ll be posting something =p Where is it???? =X

Anyway… I can’t seem to get rid of this irritating cough, sure my cold’s gone and so is my fever… but the cough remains and it only seems to be getting worse each day =.=||| . I long to eat my chilies and spicy food! It’s also rather ironic how I get two dinner invitations on a Saturday when I’m sick. They don’t seem to come when I feel perfectly fine T.T. Yes… I’m an extremely sad person…

What am I doing blogging here anyway =.= I better get back to rushing my assignment.. sorry.. super short post today.. but at least it’s an update right? RIGHT??

Edit : News Flash! Centurian thinks Malaysian Prime Minister Najib is HANDSOME!

Muse’s new album is OUT! It’s called The Resistance

Muse - The Resistance [Front]

Muse - The Resistance

My favourite tracks on the album so far are Undisclosed Desires, Uprising and Resistance.

this video’s abit shaky but the audio’s the best I could find.. (live)


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  1. swei
    Sep 23, 2009 @ 00:11:27


    Resistance is sooo siiiiick I got it playing over and over again for a whole week. I’m gonna be honest, if it wasn’t for Adam Lambert, I won’t be listening to Muse. Not much anyway. 😛

    & omg, our PM as handsome! I cannot look at him the same way now. What’s a 37 yr old doing with a 107 anyway?! It’s for the money I bet. Poor woman! She’s so happening la. RESPECT! A new husband at age 107. Meh. I’d like to listen to her love stories. It’d be interesting. Makes a very good drama show. 😀

    And eh, I also want iPhone lah. It’s time for swei to get in touch with the techy stuff! =P


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