Counting down the days

(Slvr )My final exams are over for this semester ! YAY!!! but on that very same day the router needed reseting and my neighbour who did not realise that went to the city to stay for two days . I share my internet with her so yeah.. I didn’t have internet for two days after my exam hence I had NOTHING TO DO. For the first hour I strummed on my guitar to pass the time, then my fingers started hurting n stuff which made it hard to continue, I haven’t been playing much when the exams were around the corner so naturally my calluses softened which made playing the guitar for more than 30 mins hurt like hell. That was on Friday btw…

Then I felt lazy to cook for dinner so I started calling people out for dinner, Zetty didn’t pick up her phone because it was on silent and in her room, Kelly’s phone battery died while on call with me, Sherlynn picked up & was out probably in the city at that time but promised to be at our building around 11pm+. Then, I called up Santi just to complain to her about having nothing to do and being bored to death which made her want to kill me talk to her but not for long because she had to study for her exams.

After hesitating for a bit I finally decided to go to chadstone alone, First thing I did was buy a box of 6 doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and then I walked around looking at stuff, JB Hi-Fi had a sale on certain CDs buy 2 Free 1 at $9.99 each so I snagged some. I stuck around there until closing time before I went to pay for the CDs. After that I bought honey lemon ice blended + Jelly , didn’t wanna eat dinner alone (feels so sad man! JASMIN!!! U BETTER MAKE SURE U COME HERE NEXT YEAR!) so I went home after that.

More Dirty Minds

So around 11.30pm + Sherlynn, Sean & Daniel knocked on my door so we went to Daniel’s room to play Dirty Minds . It’s a game she just bought, each player is given a book and they have to read out 3 clues for other players to guess what the clues are about. The answers are innocent but the clues make it sound dirty… or I suppose it sounds dirty to dirty minded people so playing it with kids would defeat the aim or difficulty of the game =p It was funny when the clues were read out loud sometimes you can’t help but laugh… cos it sounds dirty to us =) We played for quite a bit because it took us quite sometime to figure out the rules & stuff.. but  I have to say that the person who came up with the game is a genius! We were up until 5 the next day LOL but it was fun and I really needed & enjoyed their company.

The next day we went grocery shopping for the “feast” they decided to have on Sat night. They decided to use my kitchen because Sherlynn & Sean were flying off on Sunday night & already packed most of their things. Sherlynn did most of the work with the chicken, mixing the sauces & chopping the herbs (we bought a whole chicken & made Sean clean it because he didn’t follow us to buy groceries) we had a private concert because it seemed that once Sean gets his hands on a guitar he just keeps playing with it and he’s darned good too *envious*. I let Daniel look through my movies + videos and they decided to watch night at the museum 2. The chicken tasted alright lol after finishing it the guys reluctantly washed the dishes =p took a lot of arguing to get them moving lol but in the end they did it anyway.

I was really glad to have them as company, don’t know what I would’ve done without them. I feel really sad sometimes not having people I can just call out spontaneously for dinner & stuff, which makes me miss you people back home even more! I survived most of the time because my internet was working & you guys were online. I may be a loner sometimes but I generally don’t enjoy going out alone… well going out alone isn’t that bad eating alone is really sad though. I start remembering the times we go out & have lunch/dinner together as a group & how fun it was made eating out alone even worse.

I should really be trying harder to make more friends over here but yeah it’s easier said than done, to find people who click with you isn’t as easy as it seems. BUT I won’t have to think about that from next week onwards because I’ll be back home where I can go anywhere I want and disturb people all I want LOL Looking forward to badminton with the guys and taking a crash course in Japanese amongst other stuff… but I’m also kinda dreading the fact that it’s such a long holiday, I would definitely be kicked out of the house to get a job. My mom would never let me rot at home.. I wonder if I should be thankful for that? LOL


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