My holiday back home so far…

Oh hey people =) If you don’t already know I’ve been back in Malaysia, my home sweet home for 11 days already. The past 12 days have pretty much flew by but they also feel kinda long, I don’t feel like I’ve only been back for 11 days though. It might be because I’ve been going out to catch up with all the lovely people I know so much that I needed to take a break in between sometimes, I’m not saying that I’m popular or anything which I am certainly not =) but its good to know that people want to meet up with you when you’re back from overseas. Good to know that you’re missed, yeah I never thought I’d be one to thrive for attention from people but I am… well sorta, it depends on where that attention is coming from, more so if it’s from your dearest friends.

I’ve been feeling lazy as usual to update the blog that Santi wanted to smack me when I said that I was too lazy to blog when she asked me to blog last week, has it really only been 11 days? I felt like I’ve been home for pretty long, almost everyday’s been pretty productive so far, my mom & friends won’t let me just rot at home =) I guess I should be thankful for that, please do keep it up people! I’ve still 3 months left to go and rotting is the worst thing I could do for my holiday… You’d probably want to know what I’ve been up to so far right? Let’s see if I can fully recall everything I did…

21st Nov

I didn’t really do much on that day, was pretty much recovering from the jet lag and tiredness. I was pretty much confused by the clocks in my house because both my phones showed 11.30a.m. which I think I had already set them to Malaysian time, I went downstairs to have brunch only to find that the clock on the tv on the breakfast table showing 9.30a.m while the other clock hanging on the wall was stuck at 7am, because it ran out of battery. As confused as I was I asked my mom what time it was & she showed me her phone which said 11.35a.m. It was really freaky when you can’t determine what time it really was but maybe it was just me that was confused =p had prawn mee for lunch that day.. dinner was boring as I had dinner with my family + dad’s friends & their wives.

22nd Nov

Got a haircut, yes I chopped it off… as a result my hair is curling out of hand now & it’s really annoying when the fan’s on =.= it’s super annoying to have my hair in my face all the time, it itches a lot. Had dinner with the gang (KC, Skyy, JN, Baezil ) and met Rebecca for the first time =) She was nice and laughed all the way when we were revealing all of Baezil’s embarrassing moments. It was nice to catch up with the gang =) Skyy came even though he had a paper the very next day >.< Kinda feel bad for dragging him out for dinner.

P.S to Baezil : Don’t Screw This One Up!

23rd Nov

Dropped by Ju-Laine’s house to grab some Pandan Coconut + Cempedak + Rambutans, my mom made me drive even though I haven’t been practicing and I drove all the way to subang & back without practicing first. My car smelled like the cempedak the entire way, we stopped by the pasar malam to buy  asam laksa for dinner, then my car smelled like asam laksa + cempedak… sitting in it while waiting for my mom to buy more vege was pretty bad >.< oh the hunger ~ went to MV to shop a bit that night, had wind down the windows to air the car because of the smell. Since we transferred the cempedaks to my house… my entire house smelled like that for a week >.<

24th Nov

Played badminton with Gramps, dragged Sean & Daniel along. They were late for an hour or so, throughout the entire time we were playing they were talking & cracking jokes non-stop. Although I was already drained I followed them to the Curve to watch 2012 after much persuasion we tried to call Kelly but kept getting into her voicemail. They had lunch at TGIF while I just ate dessert because I already had my lunch at home. The movie wasn’t too bad, the effects were really cool but the main character felt abit too unrealistic. No one is THAT lucky. After that we really took super long to decide what to have for dinner, nobody wanted to make a decision. In the end we went to Italiannies, there was a couple probably having a blind date and we were eavesdropping on them =X

25th Nov

The day Sherlynn came to KL but we didn’t meet her, my entire body minus my left arm hurt like a bitch because of badminton the other day. So I rested at home the entire day, walking up & down the stairs was horrible =.=||| I felt like a disabled person ( no offense)

26th Nov

Jasmin came over to sleepover so we could go watch New Moon the next day, I intro-ed her to Sean & Daniel as I wanted to go see Sherlynn and she was in Sunway Pyramid. So Daniel (the Driver) drove us all over after that. It will always remain a wonder to me how guys can stuff so much food down their throats, its like a bottomless pit down there that its just plain scary. After eating abit at Sakae Sushi, Sean was chanting to go to McD’s for the prosperity burger. He continued chanting hours later and we finally gave in & had that for dinner =.=||| The prosperity burger looked so much smaller compared to last year’s burger and they didn’t have the chicken one yet which was kinda sad. I don’t like beef that much. Oh did I mention? My legs still hurt like crazy that day, thank god for escalators & elevators.

27th Nov

Had lunch with family, pork ball noodle soup which took 1 hr to come =.=||| we had char kuey tiaw while waiting. My bro kept going on & on about the new guys he’s been hearing about, interrogating me like crazy about every guy he’s heard about. It got so annoying that my grandma couldn’t stand it & scolded him saying that when he’s older he’ll be an insufferable nag. After that I went to pick up KC & JN to go to 1U.

New Moon was disappointing, I felt so sleepy watching that, the only thing that kept me awake were KC & Jasmin who were sitting next to me gasping & nudging every time Jacob & Bella were getting intimate. Oh that & the wolves, they have nice bodies 😉 That I can’t deny. Robert Pattinson on the other hand =.= was SO GROSS EWWWWW I wish he didn’t ever take off his shirt on screen & that scene was too damned long. I can’t stand his hairy body.

After that we went to Vietnamese Kitchen, they refurbished the restaurant, it looked great but they also changed the menu, that was not so great. They did away with the individual noodles & introduced set meals and they don’t serve the pork ball noodle anymore but it’s still non-halal. I personally like the previous menu better >.<||| The rest had to put up with my reckless driving on the way to Puchong to send my Wifey (Jasmin – we’re married on FB XD) home, I went pretty fast down some u-turn like curve & went “WHEeeeee~!” Gramps must’ve been pretty freaked out & exclaimed “You can WHEEEE Some more!” LOL. It was also raining =X

I was already pretty tired on the way back but we made a spontaneous visit to Aiman’s place & stayed till 11PM, any later & I would have passed out in the car =.=||| Oh my legs still hurt abit >.<||| Luckily they dun hurt while driving & I’m not driving a manual car so it wasn’t torturous.

28th Nov

Mom made me get up early saying we were going out for brunch but instead we were having brunch at home =.=||| I could’ve slept in man!!! GAHHHH… went to view the Pavillion Residence for fun, the lady showing us around looked so shocked when I told her I was 19. She probably thought that I was 15 or something. Sigh, when will that ever stop? Maybe not for another good 10 years. We stopped by the food court for some Lobak Gou & Rojak . That night was the dinner with my bro’s gf’s family to discuss wedding customs & preparations. The restaurant we ate at was having a wedding function, they were a pretty noisy lot with the karaoke & the YUM SENG’s. The older generation had good voices & could really sing all the oldies but that gene clearly wasn’t inherited by the younger generation because all the recent songs were out of tune & pretty hard to listen to >.< they were so loud the door didn’t really block out the sound.

29th Nov

I went to Pyramid to celebrate Chee Shan’s Bday =) haven’t seen her in so long & she said I got even skinnier after coming back from Melbourne. She asked me what was wrong with me, who go there get fatter not skinnier! LOL We sat at Starbucks catching up with each other while waiting for Kah En to arrive >.< Then, we went to Amp Square for karaoke, they’re pretty new & they have quite a large selection of Korean & Japanese songs there =) Must go try with the gang, their food ain’t too bad either but the toilets are pretty dirty & the flushes don’t seem to work >.<. Oh well there’s always a downside to something…

30th Nov

I reluctantly got dragged to renew my IC by my mom, waited 4 freaking hours because little 12 year olds were getting their ICs done. It’s the school holidays after all >.< bad time to renew ur IC.

1st Dec

Yet again got dragged to renew my driver’s license. Yes, NO MORE P on my car LOL maybe that might minimize the accident prone percentage my car has. People just seem to love damaging that car. Also got dragged to check my nose, the doctor stuck the camera up my nose, despite the anaesthetic my nose was still sensitive. I sneezed like crazy after he took the scope out of my nose =.=||| and yeah they determined why my sinus was so annoying & I’ve medication to take again. Bro’s Bday today, we got him a cake from Alexis. It was huge.

That’s all for now =)




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  1. sunnyrainbow
    Dec 03, 2009 @ 17:33:36

    LOL thats a hell lot of event for the past couple of days.. nowonder u need a break LOLX… 😀 I am happy that you are enjoying the holiday! I cant wait for my real holiday to start! 🙂 lovp!


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