Do Not Install The Latest Sims 3 Update patch v1.7.9!

I’ve been somewhat taking a break from all the going out and all… just chilling at home, slowly reading a book, playing my guitar and FB games but most importantly I was looking forward to downloading the newly available custom content that other simmers have made and creating a new town with beautiful sims & houses.

Yes, more fun playing god when your creations are easy on the eyes! Since, the gang got me the Collector’s edition of Sims 3 for my birthday earlier this year and therefore I could access the updates and stuff. Unfortunately, I decided to update when the notification from the EA download manager said there was a new patch available. Now THAT, was a HUGE mistake!

Oh did I mention I conveniently left my game on my shelf in Melbourne? I installed the no CD patch to play the game instead. Here are the problems I had AFTER installing that stupid update:

1. the game takes ages to load. *read book for 10 mins*

2. the story/town takes even longer to load. *read book for 20 mins*

3. It ever so often crashes/exits to windows and usually happens when you’re happily creating an interesting situation which makes you so frustrated when it happens and you realise you didn’t save after making so much progress!

4. the game got so laggy that you had to wait a few secs after moving a book from your sim’s inventory into the bookshelf that’s just an example, creating sims took twice as long because it took ages to load the stuff each time I switched from one tab to the other.

5. my character’s custom content hair looks like one of the crappiest base game sim hair from afar, but if you zoom in close enough it turns back into its proper shape. That’s really sad cos’ it made Jas’ AJ & Nichkhun look super ugly instead of super hot. I made them twins btw =) they look nothing like the people we named them after.

6. the custom content clothing don’t look nice in the game, the patterns look blurred and nothing like the screenshots the creators put up.

7.  it also takes ages to SAVE and rotate a lot you’re trying to place on a plot of empty land.

8. the pool looks more like a glass surface similar to a mirror which is reflecting the view of the sky above even though you have a roof over it and you can’t see the bottom of it at all. I thought it looked pretty cool but then I also realised that I couldn’t place the ladder for my sims to climb in the pool. I placed it there but there was nothing there =.=|||

9. After managing to save before it crashed, upon loading back my sims were stuck in a black hole – Literally a black squared hole which was the shape of the plot of land my sim was visiting and I saw him walking endlessly trying to get out of it but he just kept getting deeper inside the hole, when he finally got out cos I told him to go home he went to some community lot and disappeared I couldn’t control him anymore.

10. After that I tried getting to edit town in hopes of getting the situation somehow fixed by not saving, this is what I got…

There is no way to play the game anymore =.=||| GOD DAMNED EA! FIX THIS freaking retarded patch ASAP!

11. I went to the sims 3 forums and there are loads of other people having the same problem too.

12. You should also probably wait a while to get the new Expansion pack World Adventures, which is reported to have a whole lot of bugs and also another screwed up patch by EA v2.2

13. If you are having this problem and want to fix it and are capable of fixing it -as in you have the installation DVD/file with you- backup all your game data & custom content and uninstall the game. When you reinstall it, DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT INSTALL THE DAMNED PATCHES until they come up with a fix for it. The new patch comes with new features such as the basement tool and also other good stuff but the sad thing is it completely screws the game up.



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruby-Mai
    Dec 26, 2009 @ 03:46:27

    i understand what your saying as i have the problem of it taking too long … i am installing right now but it takes agaes … I know for a fact it works though because my sister dowloaded it on gher laptop and it works fine , it DOES take a whilew though so have patients! and all thje problems on your disc , might be the laptop/computer not entirely EA’s fault. So where as you say DONT downlaod maybe say i suggest you dont download it as i had problems. Also if you still have a reciept go to the store you bought it from or complain to EA or your laptop/computer make! Hope i helped !
    Ruby-Mai x


    • slvr
      Dec 27, 2009 @ 05:25:07

      I get what you’re saying but I kinda found a fix for the blue/black lot problems from Delphy’s post in Modthesims. Apparently there was a problem with the custom contents which were screwing up the game(blue lotting) but they only recommended that cc creators use it to check their creations and reupload it. Of course the towns which blue lotted wont come back after that but you can create a new town after fixing all your problematic CCs. I also installed the new patch as well, the game is still laggy, takes forever to load and and crashes to desktop when I try to click on the basement tool on a ready made lot. It also takes really long when my sims go traveling.


  2. Lee
    Dec 26, 2009 @ 11:39:25



  3. phan
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 01:18:52

    i have the same pool and basement tools problem, it goes straight out to windows every time i click on them (on a downloaded lot which already has a pool or a basement), about the blurred patterns problem, that’s probably due to your graphic card (my friend has a onboard graphic card and he has the same problem), and EA is developing more patches that won’t let u install any custom contents downloaded on other mod websites =”=!, so i decide not to update any further patches from 1.7.9 because the clothing and hair, etc. of the base game are crappy, even those stuff in the store of thesims3 official website, i don’t kno if those ppl who’ve been working on this game have any common sense


  4. aaliyah
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 13:35:46

    I have an update problem i cant fix i really need help. EA games need to help people with there game system!!!!


  5. MichAel
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 09:09:55

    i already update, but i can’t play it
    somebody halp me!


  6. hlopes
    May 30, 2011 @ 06:31:28

    I play but today i have the same problem. I think its because of my downloads objects. i don’t no What is the objects I should delete. maybe, all. 😦


    Jan 23, 2012 @ 01:04:21

    I dunno if its this update thing but whenever i try to put a 60×60 lot on my world thing it takes like 45 minutes to load. IM SOOO ANNOYED WITH IT!!!


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