Once a B*tch always a B*tch

Warning : this post will be completely uninteresting.. well that is unless you find people ranting interesting then go ahead and read it.

Some people just never seem to change… SOME PEOPLE (Bitches) just love ruining a perfectly harmonious/happy reunion dinner with just a few words or actions or just by showing up there. Yes, I’m angry because she was being a bitch. And after she was bitching around the more I looked at her the more yong sui she looked to me. What can I say? Some people are just so inconsiderate of other people. They are so self centered that it totally ruins my mood to be sitting at the same table as they are. Who the fuck do you think you are anyway? Would it hurt so much to just be considerate about other people? even a little wouldn’t hurt but I think that you just don’t have it in that thick skull of yours to even have such a thought.

After a year of not seeing her (THANK GOD) one would have thought that people would change… and hopefully for the better but no. She didn’t change at all, for all the drama she caused us in that one year we were classmates together, after all that trouble we went through she was still the same old bitch who only thought about herself. How can I not hate her? Fuck it! I’m not attending another fucking reunion if she’s fucking going. Oh and if you are reading this and you know who the fuck I’m talking about, I don’t fucking care if you tell her but I hope you hate her as much as I do even if you don’t show it.

And the worst part is she was thinking of going to the same place I’ll be in 2 months time. I pray to god I don’t bump into her anywhere. Even if I did I probably wouldn’t acknowledge her.

To those who were hoping for an update and got this instead… I’m sorry.


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