About Us

This is a JOINT BLOG by Santi and Silver. Santi is the Official blog owner and I’m (sm) the freeloader =)


2nd meet up

San – Slvr 😉

This is a VERY blur photo taken on the day we first met up in Mid Valley .. Take your guess at which one we are =p

We’re good net friends who’ve got to know each other and communicate more than anything on the net, through the phone more than talking face to face. We decided to share a blog.. Why? you ask? Well.. for lazy people like us.. maintaining a blog, continuing it is kinda hard. Since we lose interest in things pretty fast and may not be so free to blog everyday or every week.. at least one of us would keep it going while the other takes a break.. So I think it’s a good thing to share =p

2009 christmas eve


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