My holiday back home so far…

Oh hey people =) If you don’t already know I’ve been back in Malaysia, my home sweet home for 11 days already. The past 12 days have pretty much flew by but they also feel kinda long, I don’t feel like I’ve only been back for 11 days though. It might be because I’ve been going out to catch up with all the lovely people I know so much that I needed to take a break in between sometimes, I’m not saying that I’m popular or anything which I am certainly not =) but its good to know that people want to meet up with you when you’re back from overseas. Good to know that you’re missed, yeah I never thought I’d be one to thrive for attention from people but I am… well sorta, it depends on where that attention is coming from, more so if it’s from your dearest friends.

I’ve been feeling lazy as usual to update the blog that Santi wanted to smack me when I said that I was too lazy to blog when she asked me to blog last week, has it really only been 11 days? I felt like I’ve been home for pretty long, almost everyday’s been pretty productive so far, my mom & friends won’t let me just rot at home =) I guess I should be thankful for that, please do keep it up people! I’ve still 3 months left to go and rotting is the worst thing I could do for my holiday… You’d probably want to know what I’ve been up to so far right? Let’s see if I can fully recall everything I did…

21st Nov

I didn’t really do much on that day, was pretty much recovering from the jet lag and tiredness. I was pretty much confused by the clocks in my house because both my phones showed 11.30a.m. which I think I had already set them to Malaysian time, I went downstairs to have brunch only to find that the clock on the tv on the breakfast table showing 9.30a.m while the other clock hanging on the wall was stuck at 7am, because it ran out of battery. As confused as I was I asked my mom what time it was & she showed me her phone which said 11.35a.m. It was really freaky when you can’t determine what time it really was but maybe it was just me that was confused =p had prawn mee for lunch that day.. dinner was boring as I had dinner with my family + dad’s friends & their wives.

22nd Nov

Got a haircut, yes I chopped it off… as a result my hair is curling out of hand now & it’s really annoying when the fan’s on =.= it’s super annoying to have my hair in my face all the time, it itches a lot. Had dinner with the gang (KC, Skyy, JN, Baezil ) and met Rebecca for the first time =) She was nice and laughed all the way when we were revealing all of Baezil’s embarrassing moments. It was nice to catch up with the gang =) Skyy came even though he had a paper the very next day >.< Kinda feel bad for dragging him out for dinner.

P.S to Baezil : Don’t Screw This One Up!

23rd Nov

Dropped by Ju-Laine’s house to grab some Pandan Coconut + Cempedak + Rambutans, my mom made me drive even though I haven’t been practicing and I drove all the way to subang & back without practicing first. My car smelled like the cempedak the entire way, we stopped by the pasar malam to buy ¬†asam laksa for dinner, then my car smelled like asam laksa + cempedak… sitting in it while waiting for my mom to buy more vege was pretty bad >.< oh the hunger ~ went to MV to shop a bit that night, had wind down the windows to air the car because of the smell. Since we transferred the cempedaks to my house… my entire house smelled like that for a week >.<

24th Nov

Played badminton with Gramps, dragged Sean & Daniel along. They were late for an hour or so, throughout the entire time we were playing they were talking & cracking jokes non-stop. Although I was already drained I followed them to the Curve to watch 2012 after much persuasion we tried to call Kelly but kept getting into her voicemail. They had lunch at TGIF while I just ate dessert because I already had my lunch at home. The movie wasn’t too bad, the effects were really cool but the main character felt abit too unrealistic. No one is THAT lucky. After that we really took super long to decide what to have for dinner, nobody wanted to make a decision. In the end we went to Italiannies, there was a couple probably having a blind date and we were eavesdropping on them =X

25th Nov

The day Sherlynn came to KL but we didn’t meet her, my entire body minus my left arm hurt like a bitch because of badminton the other day. So I rested at home the entire day, walking up & down the stairs was horrible =.=||| I felt like a disabled person ( no offense)

26th Nov

Jasmin came over to sleepover so we could go watch New Moon the next day, I intro-ed her to Sean & Daniel as I wanted to go see Sherlynn and she was in Sunway Pyramid. So Daniel (the Driver) drove us all over after that. It will always remain a wonder to me how guys can stuff so much food down their throats, its like a bottomless pit down there that its just plain scary. After eating abit at Sakae Sushi, Sean was chanting to go to McD’s for the prosperity burger. He continued chanting hours later and we finally gave in & had that for dinner =.=||| The prosperity burger looked so much smaller compared to last year’s burger and they didn’t have the chicken one yet which was kinda sad. I don’t like beef that much. Oh did I mention? My legs still hurt like crazy that day, thank god for escalators & elevators.

27th Nov

Had lunch with family, pork ball noodle soup which took 1 hr to come =.=||| we had char kuey tiaw while waiting. My bro kept going on & on about the new guys he’s been hearing about, interrogating me like crazy about every guy he’s heard about. It got so annoying that my grandma couldn’t stand it & scolded him saying that when he’s older he’ll be an insufferable nag. After that I went to pick up KC & JN to go to 1U.

New Moon was disappointing, I felt so sleepy watching that, the only thing that kept me awake were KC & Jasmin who were sitting next to me gasping & nudging every time Jacob & Bella were getting intimate. Oh that & the wolves, they have nice bodies ūüėČ That I can’t deny. Robert Pattinson on the other hand =.= was SO GROSS EWWWWW I wish he didn’t ever take off his shirt on screen & that scene was too damned long. I can’t stand his hairy body.

After that we went to Vietnamese Kitchen, they refurbished the restaurant, it looked great but they also changed the menu, that was not so great. They did away with the individual noodles & introduced set meals and they don’t serve the pork ball noodle anymore but it’s still non-halal. I personally like the previous menu better >.<||| The rest had to put up with my reckless driving on the way to Puchong to send my Wifey (Jasmin – we’re married on FB XD) home, I went pretty fast down some u-turn like curve & went “WHEeeeee~!” Gramps must’ve been pretty freaked out & exclaimed “You can WHEEEE Some more!” LOL. It was also raining =X

I was already pretty tired on the way back but we made a spontaneous visit to Aiman’s place & stayed till 11PM, any later & I would have passed out in the car =.=||| Oh my legs still hurt abit >.<||| Luckily they dun hurt while driving & I’m not driving a manual car so it wasn’t torturous.

28th Nov

Mom made me get up early saying we were going out for brunch but instead we were having brunch at home =.=||| I could’ve slept in man!!! GAHHHH… went to view the Pavillion Residence for fun, the lady showing us around looked so shocked when I told her I was 19. She probably thought that I was 15 or something. Sigh, when will that ever stop? Maybe not for another good 10 years. We stopped by the food court for some Lobak Gou & Rojak . That night was the dinner with my bro’s gf’s family to discuss wedding customs & preparations. The restaurant we ate at was having a wedding function, they were a pretty noisy lot with the karaoke & the YUM SENG’s. The older generation had good voices & could really sing all the oldies but that gene clearly wasn’t inherited by the younger generation because all the recent songs were out of tune & pretty hard to listen to >.< they were so loud the door didn’t really block out the sound.

29th Nov

I went to Pyramid to celebrate Chee Shan’s Bday =) haven’t seen her in so long & she said I got even skinnier after coming back from Melbourne. She asked me what was wrong with me, who go there get fatter not skinnier! LOL We sat at Starbucks catching up with each other while waiting for Kah En to arrive >.< Then, we went to Amp Square for karaoke, they’re pretty new & they have quite a large selection of Korean & Japanese songs there =) Must go try with the gang, their food ain’t too bad either but the toilets are pretty dirty & the flushes don’t seem to work >.<. Oh well there’s always a downside to something…

30th Nov

I reluctantly got dragged to renew my IC by my mom, waited 4 freaking hours because little 12 year olds were getting their ICs done. It’s the school holidays after all >.< bad time to renew ur IC.

1st Dec

Yet again got dragged to renew my driver’s license. Yes, NO MORE P on my car LOL maybe that might minimize the accident prone percentage my car has. People just seem to love damaging that car. Also got dragged to check my nose, the doctor stuck the camera up my nose, despite the anaesthetic my nose was still sensitive. I sneezed like crazy after he took the scope out of my nose =.=||| and yeah they determined why my sinus was so annoying & I’ve medication to take again. Bro’s Bday today, we got him a cake from Alexis. It was huge.

That’s all for now =)




Drinking game

On Sat, I went out with Kelly, Zetty, Moses & Kent to the city to watch Ghost of Girlfriends Past. It was nice, entertaining & most importantly funny. Watch it if you have the time =) Though what I really wanted to watch was Angels & Demons T.T.


Anyway, it was 11am… I went to the bus loop to meet Zetty but she wasn’t there. Nobody was there so I tried calling her but her phone was off. It turns out that she was sitting for her college Math exam. We hitched a ride with Kent’s friend Safety (Yeah I know.. that’s really his name ), he went out of the way to drop us off at Lygon St and then drove all the way back to Clayton @@”. These people are just too nice. And so… once we reached Lygon St, we ended up eating Thai Food. Here comes the pictures again…


I sneaked a picture of Kelly Teeheheee~

I sneaked a picture of Kelly Teeheheee~

The reason why I did it is because every single time she sees me pointing the camera towards her… This will happen


This is What Happens Each Time I Try to take a picture of Kelly

This is What Happens Each Time I Try

¬†We went to a Thai restaurant which Kelly said her sister recommended, it was much better compared to the Thai restaurant I went to with my parents in South Yarra. That one had nothing Thai about it, at least this one looked & tasted like Thai food. However, its hopeless if you try to compare it to the Thai food we get in Malaysia. So, if you love Thai food & you’re leaving Malaysia for Melbourne… I suggest you eat as much as you can … either that or you learn how to cook the food provided you know what ingredients are available here. The Tom Yam paste I bought the other day wasn’t that good either.


Moses & Kent

Moses & Kent

¬†Moses & Kent were blaming each other & pointing at each other in a heated argument, by the time I got my camera out it was too late. So I asked them to pose like that – they were trying hard not to laugh-. They asked me what I was gonna do with the pictures I take… well, now you know.. I post them HERE XD.


My Bowl of Tom Yam Noodles (NOT SPICY 1!!!) *sobs*

My Bowl of Tom Yam Noodles (NOT SPICY AT ALL!!!) *sobs*

¬†I ordered Tom Yam & told them to make it spicy but it turned out to be the opposite… Totally NOT SPICY! Kelly ordered something else and told them to make it mild spicy, her mild spicy was spicier than mine T.T . We had problems getting the attention of the waitresses, keeping your hand up & waving it didn’t work at all.

Kelly's Spicy Beef ball + steamed rice

Kelly's Mild Spicy Beef ball + rice


Zetty's Cashewnut Chicken & Fish

Zetty's Cashewnut Chicken & Fish

 Zetty forgot that we were in Melbourne & not Malaysia because she ordered 3 individual dishes for herself alone. When the dishes came, the waitress also brought 4 other sets of cutlery for us. We laughed when we saw it and she rolled her eyes at us. We had doubts that she would be able to finish it at all. 

Moses & Kent's Green Curry

Moses & Kent's Green Curry

Fried noodles

Fried noodles


Before she started her FEAST

Before she started her FEAST




After the feast ( she couldn't finish it)

After the feast ( she couldn't finish it)

¬†As we predicted she couldn’t finish her food but she did a good job overall, I don’t think I would get that far if I were her. LOL


Famous Gelato in Melbourne

Famous Gelato in Melbourne

¬†Surprisingly she still had space for gelato. The gelato there was the best =) and its the only shop where you can get authentic durian flavoured gelato. It’s weird isn’t it? You wouldn’t eat durian gelato back home but when you come here you will definitely give it a try. We walked to Melbourne Central while eating our gelatos to buy tickets for the movie, there was a fairly long line that day. After the movie, we went to Max Brenner’s for some chocolate again =p Kelly & Zetty ordered the iced drinks while the rest of us ordered something warm. They had heaters out that day so it wasn’t that bad sitting outside & it wasn’t windy either.

My Mint Chocolate *hugs mug*

My Mint Chocolate *hugs mug*


Heavenly Chocolate Souffle

Heavenly Chocolate Souffle

 I wanna learn how to make this one day ~ too bad its not that popular in Malaysia. My kitchen is way too small to get creative =p

Candid - forgot what she was talking about

Candid - forgot what she was talking about


Candid 2

Candid 2


Max Brenner paper bag

Max Brenner paper bag

Moses & Kent picked out some chocolates for their friend I think. I was feeling pretty tired after that, barely had 3 hours of sleep. I got caught up with reading my e-book again, once I start I just can’t stop until I finish it. Another BAD BAD HABIT. After that they went to buy some liquor & mixers & headed off to Zetty’s place. We got off at Huntingdale & walked to her house. We played guitar hero for a while & then they started the drinking games.

It was the first time I joined in when my friends drank, one thing I’ll say first… I don’t think I wanna do it again =p I didn’t like the taste of it but tried it for once to test my limits. My family can’t drink, neither can I =p. When your head feels heavy, you can’t walk straight, can barely stay awake & you can hear your pulse in your ears it’s time to stop. So I sat out of the last few games they played. Here’s a video of the last game they played.

Happy Valentines

I would like to thank all who came to my party the other day, thanks for your time, gifts and for being my friend.

Belinda, Li Wei, Aiman, Nawwar, Jasmin, Skyy, Jyun Narn, Jia Le, Baezil, Kooi Chin, Alex, Sasha, Sham, Mei Yin, Min Feng, Yuan Xiong, Johnson, Amelia, Lydia, Siew Mun, Kenny, Ju-Laine, Ikram, Lynn Shane, Kah En, Chee Shan, Wen Dee, Jia Yi, Chiew Vien, Tze Herng, Tze Haur, Shaun, Danish

I will be flying off tomorrow morning to Melbourne.

Most probably would not be back until November or December =p

I’ll definitely miss you people, and of course my favourite Malaysian food.

Special Thanks to

Li Wei,

for the laundry hamper and helping me fit in in 5U when I transferred in. You’re a great friend to have and I’m really grateful to have met you. Keep up your excellence in everything you do and don’t forget to take a break sometimes. Hope to see you when I’m back =p


for the scarf and the treat on Friday, it’s been enjoyable knowing you for years and years. I missed being in the same class with you for the last 2 years in high school but a year in Taylors kinda made up for that. Looking at the hardworking you always finishing your work and revising in class made me feel guilty all the time, it made me study and want to be like you too but my laziness isn’t fully curable sigh >.<” That I really thank you ! ¬†Also, don’t stress yourself out too much, your face has always been so clear compared to mine and suddenly I meet you after a while you have pimples popping up because of stress.¬†You better remember to turn your skype on whenever you’re on =p


Thanks for the photo & note >.<” which I really really think I look horrible in… Come to Melbourne for a visit someday!


WOMAN! Your dated letters are making my hands so itchy that I feel like opening them before the dates actually arrive! LOL Thanks for the surprise, pretending to change your foreign currency and stalking guys just so that I wouldn’t realise it. Though you did slip out some stuff lol. Thanks for the bear and the picture!

Jyun Narn,

Thanks for the card and the super long message you wrote in it, though the part “shower you guys with wonderful gifts from Aussie” part I may not be able to fulfill LOL. Though because the card didn’t have an envelope almost everyone who saw it read it. I DO NOT appreciate the fact that I am soooo very light that you guys have to lift me up at any given chance you have. Thanks for the badminton sessions, the bear and for being yourself =p


Thanks for being such a good pet bro, fetching me to JN’s place for badminton, the bear and for being blur sometimes =p I wonder why you wanna have such a weird sis in the first place. Also, =.=” I’ll say the same to you about the lifting part, I’m gonna try my best to gain weight!!!

Kooi Chin,

If you call that writing messy… Then what do you call mine??! LOL Watch the drama till your eyes swell only syok mar =p Though your friends might think you got dumped and cried the whole night on Valentines day. Thanks for spending time with me, the prezzies and surprises.


My dear daughter which I never knew I had. Thanks for the card you almost gave me =p It wasn’t hard to guess which soft toy you got me… It was too easy to guess… only you would get something like that I guess LOL . Sorry for not being your valentine this year and also eating chocolate fondue without you but thanks for your time when you could’ve went out with someone else. Though I must say… you do look abit gay in the photo.


My dear future love novelist, thanks for being crazy about NEWS with me and entertaining me with your cute, funny, innocent but sometimes horny love fantasies. I hope to see you in Melbourne in the future. Of course there’s more I want to say but I guess I’ll just type it out in Skype!

Protected: His Name

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I have to admit that I am NOT the sharpest tool in the shed. God, how silly I can be sometimes! Thing is I made some mistakes and got my brother in trouble even though it had nothing to do with him… for making that happen..

I’m so sorry that you kena T for no reason when you were at work. ¬†

m( _ _)m

Anyway… that aside… My Visa has been approved today & my medical check up shows that I’m normal. Though the urine test wasn’t fun, I hope I never have to do it again lol. I met this really friendly JPA scholar there though, she was heading to UWA. I enjoyed talking to her while waiting to do the X-ray examination.

I went shopping today again, bought 2 pairs of shorts (one black one white), a cap, pencil case, and a packet of ginger snaps for my mom to appease her anger. Shopping seems to be much easier when you know what you want and need, or else I’ll be loitering around the shopping mall for hours and return home empty handed as I always have. I still haven’t found myself a good new pair of walking shoes which are essential since I’m going over there… I had trouble fitting my foot into a few pairs of shoes even though they were size 6 and I usually wear 5.

There was this clown who was excellent at his job working for Alliance Bank’s opening today at Pyramid. He made a flower for Ju-Laine and a Teddy Bear for Siew Mun upon their requests. We walked out of Roxy and were chatting there when he suddenly asked Ju-Laine, “you want my number?” lol.

On Wednesday, I went for my haircut – my hair is much shorter now compared to before- and after that my mom brought me to a boutique in Bangsar called Twisted Theory. They sell clothes, bags, shoes and accessories there. It’s a really cute store and most of their items come from Hong Kong, Taiwan and US. That’s where she got me my ring in the first place, they also sell some guy shoes & clothing.

Also that day was the day where I found out that Baezil didn’t know what CNY stood for.

It all started when he asked me why I cut my hair.

me: ¬†CNY’s coming¬†and I’ll be going over to the shorter the better

B : hus cny? but WHY cut ur hair?

me: cos its already kinda TOO long.. if I dont cut…

JN:¬†did you just ask “whose CNY”?????

me: omg he did!!! LOL

JN: hahah!!

B: i dnt see anyting funny by it… Seriously who is CNY?

so I unintentionally pranked him when he asked “who’s cny?” which I claimed was my fiance, that we were getting married on the 27th and our wedding anniverssary ¬†would vary each year. Then, I said we were eloping when he said he wanted to attend as best man which he objected to-. The rest played along naturally , we’re such great friends lol.¬†

JN:¬†she did really well to cover up that piece of info though, had to buy sm lunch, dinner and movie tickets to get that guys’ initials only.

KC : she wont even tell me till i call her every night, till she got so annoyed.

Skyy: ¬†¬†ive met him b4,¬†i caught them red-handed…¬†i saw them dating..¬†so she couldnt deny it.

We took him for a ride hoping he would realise what cny stood for by dropping super obvious hints which he did not take.

The first one was from KC who suddenly had a boyfriend by the name of HAJI 

B: erm kc, haji is a title not a name… liar

 Next was Skyy who recently got together with a girl named VALENTINE,

B: omg! such a nice name!

and Skyy suggested a group name called HOLIDAYS.

me: so how can we get to see HAJI, VALENTINE , CNY together on sunday?

Skyy: we shud name our group HOLIDAYS

B: y would we name ourselves that?

sounds like something form the happy days gang

Then I suggested that JN’s girlfriend be called DEEPAVALI in another convo.

KC:¬†i think JN likes a girl’s name DEEPAVALI !!!!

B: huh? isnt that a celebration??? =.=”

KC:  noo thats her name..they are from the same condo apparently

Skyy: very multi racial here….


B: wait…



He went “OH!!!!!!!!” so many times but those were all false alarms while me & KC were groaning over it on skype. He finally got it when I typed it all out in one line…


He even asked ” have they kissed? omg u hv??!!!!!”

To certain people who want access to the actual conversation, send me a pm on msn (applicable to close friends only)

Sleepover Day 3~ Last Day

I set the alarm at 7:30 am…the chosen song was ” Famous Last Words”. I hit the snooze button at least 4 times and continued to sleep. Jasmin got up first, after washing up she went to the comp and turned on “AMIGO”… =.=”

“COLD HEART BABY! COLD EYES BABY!” urgh the cheesy lyrics! *shivers*

Then, she pulled my blanket and tried to wake me up. I barely slept 4 hours or less and I’m gonna have to drive them to Taylors to get our results. She didn’t want to bathe first and played pet society.. So I went to bathe first and was ready by 8.20. Jyun Narn messaged me and said that he would be ready soon. So when Jasmin was ready, we left to fetch him and went off to college. We had to go to the admin office to get our results, then stopped by IDP. The lady told me that I couldn’t do anything but wait, so I submitted my results.

Went to Mac centre to fotostat my results, told the guy I wanted 3 seperate papers, he gave me 3 sets of the 3 seperate pieces… Sigh.. nevermind.. I would need it later on too.. I think.

After that we went to Jasmin’s favourite place.. Little Taiwan for brunch, she ate the tan-tan mee and I ate spicy chicken chop rice. Our pearl milk teas were huge.. Mine tasted funny though, the peach taste was horrid… Jasmin’s one was better tasting. When our drinks arrived, we both drank a sip of our own drinks and then exchanged to try each others. Jyun Narn was puzzled and asked us.. “did they get it mixed up?” Jyun Narn only ordered a bowl of wantan I think and iced water.

We sat there talking about random stuff, it was quite nice hanging out there. After we were done, Jasmin went to AusEd to submit her results and then off to home. I KIDNAPPED Jyun Narn to my place because I forgot to use the overhead bridge which goes straight to his place and went down instead… He had fun playing Resident Evil alone again. Jasmin was dancing to Mirotic again and playing pet society. Then, we showed Jyun Narn the funny moments of NEWS’ concert documentaries.¬†

He especially enjoyed the part where Ryo gives a flying kiss to the fan which he watched twice. Then time passed and Skyy arrived. We hadn’t even changed or packed for badminton yet. So I told Jyun Narn to go down to welcome Skyy in first while we got ready. Jasmin borrowed my t-shirt because hers was white = see through when wet. When we were done, I opened the door to find Jyun Narn teaching my otouto how to play Resident Evil. Then, off to Jyun Narn’s place we went.

We arrived around the same time Jia Le reached and went up to the court together. Jasmin & I had a rather long warm up =p Skyy and Jia Le were done with theirs and already finished a game and we were still warming up. Jasmin was rather lazy to run, but at least she played. It took sometime to iron out the weird things her body was doing in response to the falling shuttlecock. She could catch the fast shots but not the slow ones, weird. Then, we got Hong Shen sifu to teach her =p. She was getting better and better.

Though the sifu was a little blur as he didn’t hear me say ” Left handed sifu teaching left handed student” because about 6 mins into teaching her, he said.. Eh? ur left handed too! We played a few games of doubles , I played one game against Baezil and won =p. I was dead tired after that. Baezil sent us home after that, and stepped into my house for the first time. Though he took over my comp and loaded some sick video on youtube which we rather not mention or even think about.

He tried out Wii, played Resident Evil, Raving Rabbids and re-designed his own Mii and KC’s which he named Kuching. He complained about the dark skin and the huge mole on his left cheek XD. Also, the ugly hair and eyes, fat and short body and pink coloured shirt which he changed to purple instead even though we told him it looked gay. He left around 7+ and it was dinner time. I slept around 10.40+ that night shortly after Jasmin left.

Sleepover Day 2

We woke up around 12-ish after staying up to watch NEWS’ concert videos till 4-ish. The day before we had somehow managed to bug Baezil to go shopping with us in 1utama because grandpa said that he may or may not be going to 1u. The first thing Jasmin did was turn on MIROTIC upon leaving the bed and danced to it. Since lunch was ready we had to eat first before going so our plan to leave around 1+ was delayed to almost 2+.

We reached 1u around 2+… had to go to the highest floor for parking. We went to mph to scare grandpa and then the rest of them spent around an hour or more reading their birthday books while I was browsing interior design books, kitchen, toilet and penthouse designs. I saw this really nice Japanese themed bathroom which looked really relaxing. I wonder when I can have a house like that XD. Jasmin bought a magazine from Mph you can see it in her new blog.Then, the real shopping started.

We stopped by Roxy, I took a really long time looking around before actually deciding to buy some stuff. Then, I saw this really nice ipod cover which I’ve been looking for quite some time and bought it. Of course there were loads of places we stopped by, the guys were going on and on about Batman, Iron man and what other superheroes whose names end with “man”. I guess that was a good way to keep themselves entertained while we bore them with our shopping because neither of us understood their conversation.

The Jazzband performing that day was pretty good. They had a nice stage too =p.


We had this sudden urge for chocolate fondue and begin our search for it. We went searching high and low for¬†H√§agen-Dazs in the old wing but it had moved to the new wing. Then, I spotted a takoyaki stall and dragged them there. The takoyaki wasn’t as good as the one I had in Takashimaya in SG a few years ago but it was ok. Then, we went to speedy to pick up some stuff. I saw Kurosagi the movie DVD there.


Jasmin bought some Korean drama and Mamma Mia! for her parents to enjoy =p. She was the one who bought the most that day. Finally, we went for dinner in Sakae Sushi. I gave them a Japanese trivia to see which one of them understood more Japanese. Baezil kept blurting out anything he could remember.

Me : How do you say you’re welcome?

B : Tadaima( I’m home!) ! Irashai (welcome!to the store.. ) ! Ittekimas (I’m going out now!)! Okaeri( welcome home!)! (this fella.. tembak only pandai)

Me : How do u say I love u?

J : Aishiteru!

B : No! That’s wrong!

J : It’s correct la..

B : Oh really? What was it again?

And so the convo goes on and on.. I don’t really remember that much already. After dinner, we went walking around for a bit too. We walked to Sasa to get some stuff which I prefer not stating what it was =p and the guys were standing outside talking about their superheroes again. We finally found where¬†H√§agen-Dazs was. It was directly above us when we were looking for it yet we didn’t realise it at all. And then we stood there contemplating whether or not we wanted to eat chocolate fondue.. The votes were, a NO (grandpa) , a “anything you like” (baez), a definite YES (jas) and me another anything… in the end we decided against it because of the price. It costed around 65+, we tried to force grandpa to join in so it would be cheaper but he didn’t want to.. =(

We watched Resident Evil Degeneration in Baezil’s car on the way home. I felt kinda dizzy after a while. We didn’t do anything interesting after that.. but I slept around 3 while Jasmin snored her way shortly after announcing that ” I don’t think I can sleep now lah.. do you?” 10 minutes after that I heard her snoring.. then coughing and rubbing her nose all this while staring at the ceiling wondering when I was going to fall asleep.

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