Just Friends


Entirely a jobless 17 year-old’s creation.

Credit goes to Kimberly & Swei who helped create this story =p


Sitting on a swing alone at night in the park, again, for the third time this year. Everytime I do this, I have the word “DUMPED” printed across my forehead. It’s my senior year in high school and I’ve got only two months left to prom. Just when I thought he’s the one, I get dumped. Known for my record of getting dumped at least 5 times a year, I shudder to think about my future love life. The longest relationship I’ve had lasted only two months and the shortest lasted two days. The bastard made a bet with his friends, he got a hundred bucks for being my boyfriend for two days. I felt hurt not because I had feelings for him but because they thought that I was THAT desperate. I mean I don’t get into so many relationships just because I’m desperate, I just can’t falling for cute guys with a killer smile.

Oh crap, my phone’s ringing. I struggle to keep my voice even, as though I haven’t been crying for the past half hour sitting here. As usual it never works, my voice, to my dismay came out as a crack. Over the phone, my dad’s voice went from thundering to consoling. It wasn’t the first time this happened, he could pretty much guess what was up. He told me he was sending my neighbour Dylan to come and get me and hung up. Poor Dylan, dad always sends him to do his dirty work. I wonder what he gets out of it, maybe he gets paid or something.

“I told you he was a jerk but you went ahead and fell for him anyway”, Dylan said, suddenly appearing behind me and pushing my swing like he always did.

“sorry for not taking in your advice pops, my stupid heart just can’t help getting itself broken.” I said sadly.

“Maybe if you stopped checking guys out everywhere you go, you wouldn’t get yourself into this shit each and every time. Think about my feelings for a change, I have to pick you up when you get dumped.”

“It’s a good change once in a while, you get to look at something other than books or the computer.”

“Yeah, a girl with no sex appeal, smudged makeup and hair like Medusa’s? Get real, girls in video games make better eye candy.”

“I thought you were here to console me not rub salt on my wounds. Besides, keep looking at those girls in your video games, you’ll definitely get yourself a loving wife and children.”

“Har har har.. That was really funny. Come on, your dad’s getting worried.” Dylan offered me his hand like a gentleman would when asking a lady to dance.

On our way back, I thought, sometimes I do pity him, every time I get dumped he has to come and take me home instead of my dad. When I got home I took advantage of my dumped state and went to ask my old man why he couldn’t just come and get me himself instead of sending poor Dylan all the time. Apparently, Dylan volunteered to do it and to call him whenever he was needed. I was really shocked and couldn’t stop thinking about it that night and made up my mind to ask him first thing tomorrow.

Dylan was my best friend, my tutor, my brother and my neighbour. It wouldn’t be odd if he wanted to help his best friend would it? We practically grew up together. The first time I met him was when my family moved into the house next to his and that was when I was five years old. We’ve gone to the same school and shared most of our classes, well except Arts which I take for fun. My grades have been pretty good thanks to him. He has a near genius IQ and currently holds the highest GPA in the school. The best thing is, he gives me free tutoring. Thanks to him, I managed to place in the top 20 for highest GPA in school. If you have to know, I’m currently holding the 20th place.

Every morning, Dylan and his sister, Ashlyn will come over for breakfast and every night for dinner. Since half a year ago, his parents started a major project over in another state. They come back once a month to check in on them. So, my parents make them come over for their meals every day, afraid that they won’t eat proper meals. My parents are health freaks, they also happen to be best friends with Dylan’s parents.

Toying with the broccoli and boiled sausages on my plate, I asked Dylan.” Does my dad pay you to tutor me and console me every time I get dumped?”

Dylan raised his head with a meaningful look on his face. Then he smirked playfully, ”What do you think? Of course not. I’m just doing it for him ‘cause he’s so nice to me and my sis.”

I gaped, “ Nice?”

Dylan raised an eyebrow. “ Yeah. Your parents invite us over for meals every day.”

“Oh, yea! ”, I said and continued eating my breakfast silently.

We climbed into Dylan’s Mini at 8.00 a.m. and he drove us to school. I lowered my head in shame as we pulled into the school’s parking lot. I saw my most recent ex-boyfriend at the other end of it. His name was Andy. Andy the jerk was with his friends, all who laughed when they saw me. Andy turned his head and just gave a real long smug look. My heart started beating really fast.

Then, a few girls came by. One of the was a pretty blonde haired girl. I didn’t know her name. She went up to Andy and both of them were kissing. They were practically making out. I quickened my steps, not looking back. Dylan saw me running and caught up with me.

“You know, you really should get over jerks like him. C’mon, he is not worth your tears!” He snapped.

I looked up at him. “You saw?”

He answered sarcastically, “ No, I didn’t see you stare at him and I also didn’t see you turn bright red when Julie was kissing that Jerk.”

I just stared at the floor wishing that I had more willpower. Dylan patted my head, “Look, I’m sorry that I’m giving you a hard time Carrie but I simply wish that you would not get upset over unfaithful jerks like him.” He then headed for his English Literature class. I went to my Art class.

I couldn’t concentrate in class. I simply couldn’t. My Art teacher Mrs Lee thought that I was ill. I reassured her that I was fine but she insisted that I went to the health room which was located in the first floor. I did feel a bit dizzy because I haven’t been sleeping well these past few days. I dragged my feet slowly to the health room.

Upon reaching the health room, I stifled a yawn. Man, I was really tired. I guess these breakups I had been going through lately contributed to my sleepless nights. Dark circles had already formed under my red bulging eyes. My fingers reached up to my temples and I massaged them gently. I pushed the heavy, green metal door to the health room with a heavy heart after a few moments of my procrastination at the corridor.

Antiseptic filled my nostrils instantly as soon as I took an unwilling step into the health room. My stomach lurched and I thought I was going to hurl. I just could not stand the smell in the little room that reminded me of my much dreaded places of the world – clinics and hospitals. My fingers reached up my nose as a reflex action. I squeezed my eyes shit and pinched my poor nose forcefully.

“Darling, are you alright?”

A sweet, velvet voice reached my eardrums. I fluttered my eyes immediately and I found myself facing a woman who aged probably around forty or so. She had the sweetest face I had ever seen. Her round face showed honesty and sincerity. Her button shaped nose creased up to a smile like a streak of sunshine. The fish tails at the end of her almond shaped eyes were the evidence of how much she had aged. I felt faint and was losing my vision of the clean and immaculate health room. Then, I felt a pair of gentle hands hold on to me and everything just blacked out.

The last thing I remembered doing was going to the health room and now I find myself staring up at Dylan’s face and his emerald green eyes. I admit that seeing his face this close wasn’t a everyday affair so I just couldn’t help but stare into his eyes. And then he snaps me out of it by saying, “ You pig! You practically slept half the day already!” Upon hearing that, I sat up abruptly and hit his head with him. “Ouch! You didn’t have to do that just because I called you a pig! Hey are you alright?”

My head hurt so bad I plopped it back onto the pillow seconds after it collided with Dylan’s. “I’m kinda dizzy right now, man your head is so hard! FYI, I didn’t do that on purpose and I’m sorry but it seem s like I’m in more pain than you are. By the way, what time is it?” Dylan moved his hand from his head to rub my forehead where it hit his and said in a as a matter of factly voice, “ You still have 2 bells till school’s out so don’t bother going, you still feel dizzy?”

“Well, I did mention that you had a hard head didn’t I? So what are you doing here in the first place? It isn’t like you to ditch class.”

“I heard from the school nurse that you fainted. So, I came to check on you.”

“Aww.. Dylan you’re so sweet!” I start battling my eyelashes at him. He starts grinning and I know he’s up to something.

“Of course I’m sweet, I’ve always been sweet, haven’t you noticed? Oh wait! I’ve forgotten about that long list of jerks you were too busy noticing to notice me.”

I start pouting over that remark. “That’s not true! I do notice that you’re always there for me when I need you.”

“Does that ‘when I need you’ refer to when you get dumped?”

“Of course not! I need you every other hour of the day.”

“For example?”, he says, giving me a sarcastic look waiting for my answer, daring me to tell him something he doesn’t already know. God! Why was he such a smart ass?!

“Uh.. like when.. when…Oh alright..I don’t know..You win.”

So then he sat beside me making jokes the whole time till the last bell rang. Then, he drove us to Kimbee’s Pizza Parlour for lunch. Ashlyn and I had a great time ganging up on Dylan. We fought for our pizza and garlic breads. Dylan got unlucky ‘cause I accidentally flipped some cheese on his glasses and he removed them to clean them. It only ended up getting all oily and smudged.

“Aw man! How the hell am I gonna drive us home like this? I can’t wear this till I get it cleaned properly. Carrie you’re taking over the wheel whether you like it or not.”

“Sure! No problem there! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Mini. Not all parents are that generous you know? But then again, you totally deserve it dude! Unlike some people I know.” 

Then, we chatted away and continued to eat our meal. While we were at it, I couldn’t help but notice this pretty blond staring at Dylan the whole time after he took off his glasses.

So I whispered to Ashlyn, “Hey do you see that blondie there? Just opposite of Dylan. She’s been staring at him the whole time he had his glasses off.”

And she still was well, staring at him. So I gave him a nudge and said, “Dyl! Blondie at 12 O’clock thinks you’re hot.” She saw him look her way and smiled her most flirtatious smile. “ Like wow, is she into you or what?”

He turned to look at me and said, “What? You jealous? Is she hot? ‘Cause I can’t see a thing but big blond hair and what I think is her makeup, everything else is a blur.”

Hearing him say that, I felt very much relieved though I wasn’t too sure why. Dylan paid the tab and I got behind the steering wheel of the Mini and drove us home. When we were leaving, I caught the blondie in the act of blowing a kiss in Dylan’s direction and saw him turning to look elsewhere at that very moment. Maybe I’m just acting weird ‘cause it’s the first time I saw a girl flirting with Dylan, a relatively pretty one too. Good thing he couldn’t see how she looked like, or could he?

Around 3, I popped in for another tutoring session at his place. He was in the shower when I got there so I made myself comfortable on his bed and started first. When he came out, his hair was wet and got even messier as he towel dried it. I thought he looked pretty cute without glasses and messy hair.

My eyes were no longer concentrating on the history book in front of me. Instead, I was staring at him. My cheeks flushed when I came to my senses. Dylan, dripping wet hair, washboard muscles – WOW , a great combination indeed. I never knew he could look like THAT. He looked EXACTLY like Seth Cohen. Seth Cohen from the OC. “Adam Brody is such a dreamboat”, I thought dreamily to myself.

After what seemed like an eternity to me in my own version of New Port Beach, California bubble when suddenly, a vision of Adam Brody snapping his fingers in front of me appeared.

“Seth…”, I murmured.

“Dude, what are you talking about? You’re NOT thinking about your OC crush again, are you?”

My bubble burst and I found myself staring into Dylan’s green eyes. The water from his still wet hair dripped onto my head. Ugh! I smacked Dylan’s face using the pillow within my reach. He laughed, the kind of infectious laugh he always had with him. Eventually, I joined him and he tousled my hair while sitting at the edge of the bed I was already lying on with both hands propped on each side of my face for support. I grinned. I loved it whenever Dylan does that. I turned to lie on my back and looked up at him. Dylan already had his spectacles on with his damp towel around his neck.

He looked at me and our eyes met. I stared into his emerald green eyes his intense gaze reminded me of Seth. Gosh, his smile reminded me of a ray of sunshine. His gaze melts me like butter under a hot sun and I feel sparks under my skin.

How could I have not noticed that emerald green before? It’s so beautiful that…

“ I could get lost in your eyes…”

Oh my goodness! Did I just say THAT out loud??

Dylan looked surprised. His eyebrows shot up immediately.

“Why? Do you need a map to get out of it?”

I rolled my eyes.

“LAME, Dylan, L-A-M-E.”

Dylan laughed again, this time louder than before and I started blushing. Words splattered out of my mouth and I could hardly understand anything that I had said. Dylan stopped laughing and put his index finger on my lips. The sides of my lips curved upwards. We stared at each other for a moment. Just as our faces got closer, I puckered up my lips slightly. Dylan brushed my lips with his thumb and watched me with intense eyes. My heart skipped a beat. Our lips almost met when all of a sudden…

“Dylan! Where’s my “My Chemical Romance CD? You kidnapped it again…”, she paused when she saw us and quickly said, “ Uh…Sorry to disturb! I’ll come back another time!” before she slammed the door shut. The look on her face when she saw us almost kissing with Dylan still shirtless was hilarious. Unfortunately, things got awkward after that. When we turned our heads from the door to face each other, our lips were almost touching again. Neither of us moved, we just sat there staring at each other until the phone rang. We both jumped and Dylan quickly picked up the call.

After he was done with the phone, I asked him what I missed in class today. So, we got started with our normal everyday tutoring session. I was relieved and slightly disappointed when he pulled a shirt on. Bad thing was, our tutoring session today wasn’t so normal. I couldn’t help noticing how big Dylan’s hands were and how strong they looked. Basically, the tutoring session didn’t go too well ‘cause my mind was somewhere else. Oh it was there alright, just not on the books but the person holding them.

“Hey! Earth to Carrie! Did you even listen to a word I’ve said?”, Dylan said looking agitated and oh! SO HOT! WAITT! I did not just think that Dylan was hot. Then, he went waving his hand in my face and got closer while I was panicking in my mind. He put both his hands on my shoulder and violently shook me.

“WHAT?!”, I screamed, snapping out of my own world only to see his face very close to mine again.

“What? You’re not paying attention to me that’s WHAT!”, he snapped.

“That’s not true! I was paying attention to you!”

“Oh yeah? What was the last sentence I said about German History?”

“Uhm… Hitler was…he was..killing off the…”, I stopped when I saw the I thought so look on his face.

“ I said I was paying attention to you not what you were saying. In fact, it’s you who’s distracting me from your tutoring”, I mumbled. Then, I noticed his eyebrows shoot up in surprise followed by a big grin. Oh god save me! He heard that?!

“What was that you just said? Something was distracting you from my tutoring?”

“No..Nothing! I didn’t say anything at all … You must be hearing things!” I felt the blood rush to my head that very moment and stared down at my hands hoping he wouldn’t notice.

“Some one’s blushing!” I could feel him grinning down at me.

“ Who is?! A..and why are you grinning like that? It’s giving me the creeps!”

“Is it?”, he teased, bending his head to look at me, looking insanely cute with that mischievous grin on his face. I used my hand to pull my hair down to cover my face but he put it back behind my ears again. I turned my head to face another direction but he pulled it back. With his hand on my face I blushed even more. Suddenly, I felt a hand behind my head push hard and my mouth collided with Dylan’s really hard. It hurt A LOT!

“Ouch that hurt!”, we both shouted. I turned around to see Ashlyn standing there with both her hands on her hips.

“ I just did u guys a HUGE favour! Gosh! Watching you guys flirting around like that for half an hour was revolting. Why couldn’t you two just get on with it? Dylan you’ve been in love with Carrie since like forever and you haven’t made a single move on her. Carrie you’re so DENSE! How could you not realise it?” She finally stopped ranting when she found us staring at her like morons and added, “ Do you know where he happened to hide my The Black Parade CD?”

“On the third shelf in Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight CD case. The CD case is in between your yearbooks.” Dylan was staring at me with this sarcastic look on his face. “What? How do you think she finds all the stuff you hide so easily?”

“You know, you guys should just hurry up and get married already. It’s not like you can’t, marriage is legal at 16 and you guys are way past that already!” She said hurriedly as she ran out the door to dodge both the pillows we threw at her.

“So…” We both said at the same time.

We kept insisting that each other go first but because I kept insisting he said, “Well, if you say so.”He pulled me towards him and before he kissed me he said, “That painful bump just now wasn’t a kiss, this is a kiss.”

I don’t remember doing anything else other than kissing Dylan that evening. If we cared to look, there were quite a few disturbances while we were at it. Dylan’s parents paid a surprise visit home and caught us at it, then somehow my parents came over too. They probably spread the news to my parents. I think I heard the click of a camera too, it must have been my imagination.

Several years later…

I walked down the aisle in my gown alongside my dad who lead me there. As I stood next to the handsome emerald green eyed hottie in the tux, he turned to whisper in my ear, “I finally approve of your judgement when it comes to picking guys.”



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  1. Mel
    Sep 01, 2008 @ 00:14:44

    My first love was just like the story in the first paragraph. Lasted for 3 months.


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