He was 36 years old, blessed with kids and a beautiful wife whom he married 10 years ago after successfully courting her for a year. He had a high post at the company which he has been working in for 6 years and was paid a good salary while his wife was a homemaker who took care of his children and not to mention his father who was 70 years old and living with them. He thought his life was perfect, if only his father wasn’t living under the same roof as him.

At 70 years old, his father needed help moving from one place to another as he had arthritis and the cane wasn’t sufficient. His wife was not too fond of the idea of having his father live in their house. She needed to care for him which added on to the workload of housekeeping and taking care of her children. Every single day she would complain to him about the things that she had to do for his father. He became frustrated and was sick of listening to the complains from his wife.

So, he decided to send his father to an old folks home with medical assistance. He thought that it would settle his problem once and for all. His father would be cared for and his wife would not complain to him. So then he started looking for a suitable home and even brought his father to visit the home. When his father saw the home, he had a sad expression on his face. His father enjoyed having the company of his children but agreed to his son’s decision because he thought that he was being a burden to them.

Tomorrow was the day which he will send his father to the home, his wife was happy that evening anticipating the days where she had less work to do. He decided that he would visit his father at the old folks home every weekend with the kids, when he voiced it to his wife, she wasn’t too fond of the idea. Her reason was that it was cutting into her shopping time. He then decided to come up with an idea the next morning and went to bed.

Now, he was 70 years old, had back problems and needed a cane to walk. His wife had left him a few years ago and he just moved in with his daughter a few months ago. He felt like a bother to his daughter everyday, she had to take care of him after work while his grand children took care of him during the day. He was interfering with their lives. Then, his son-in-law voiced his opinion on sending him to a home where he would be taken care of by people. It was then that it hit him, how it felt to not be able to live with your family or see your grand children frequently. He didn’t want to go to the old folks home but he had to because he didn’t have a choice.

He woke up that morning, finding himself still at the age of 36, feeling grateful that he wasn’t 70 yet and about to be sent to a home.  He told his wife first thing in the morning, ” Honey, I’m going to employ a maid and dad is going to stay with us.”


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